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NIPPON - the boardgame
Dear Santa

Another year has passed, I would love to say i've been a good boy but in fact I think I was just okay.

I've played some boardgames and met some people and vice versa. Also created some boardgames. Not people. All in all, I did not start a war or destroyed a planet, at least in real life. Board game wise I also didn't do both. I planted a game, made a mechanic and read lot's of rules.

So, a bike. I would love a bike. People say it's good exercise for you. If not a bike, maybe a game, a board game, forget the bike, I'll exercise next year.

I like my games like I like my books, heavy, with metaphors.

Thank YOU for the lovely message,


p.s. more about my top games here:

p.s.2- English rules are perfect, taxes apply (sometimes) when games arrive out of the EU, but don't let that be an issue.

p.s.3- Do surprise me, don't feel limited by my wishlist has it is constantly changing...

p.s.4- Sorry for the late reply, lazy winter mood...



#About Me#

1- Before your first game…

Portugal. The eighties. A young shy kid likes to play. Hates to loose. Get’s lost, a lot.
Games, never board games, mainly soccer, video games, floppy disks, 1 of 3, competitive, insert coin, release the anger, small town, friends and family, first.
History. Books, old books. Journalism. Old news.
Wrong generation complex. Beer. Pearl Jam.

2- Carefully remove the tiles from their frames…

Paulo invited me over for a Saturday of games. Play Station, PES. With some friends. Home.
Routine. Strange “games with pieces and rules” emerged. Handle with care. Frustration. Overthinking. Dreams. What’s next ? There’s more ? Game on.

3- Place the game board on the center of table…

Write. Study, blog. Play !
Rules. Research. There’s more ? Play, play.
“Spiel” - Portugal - the perfect circle.
There are more ? Convention, Leiria(Con). Geek. Geeks, Board Game Geeks.
Game of the Year, choices, opinion, Play, play… play !

4- Advanced rules only…

Essen. The World. Home. Designers. Friends.
Smile. Play, play… wait ?
Why not… Design ? Beer. Books. Old books, research. Overthinking. Dreams.
Prototypes, words, numbers and words.
Madeira… Panamax… Nippon… Shower mechanics.

5- It all goes back in the box…

Board Games. Geek. Community. Friends. Family.
“Look, there's no metaphysics on earth like chocolates” and boardgames.
Play. REC.

* Geek of the Week #495 - Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro (Sentieiro)


#My Boardgames#






#My Site#


#My Convention#

#My Plays#

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