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Carcassonne is the game that started it all for me. At least my renaissance of board gaming. Games like Monopoly, Life and Clue have long been untouched, and are still untouched. There are so many good games out there!

After I got back into boardgaming I quickly amassed quite the collection of mostly lighter, family style games. Then two things happened: Nowadays my gaming preference has moved more towards the heavier Eurogame. I also no longer like having such a big collection of games; at its height I almost owned 90 games, but I sometimes felt anxious to get them all played on a regular basis. Both these trends led to me to cull my collection quite radically and I'm now down to about 30-40 games. This doesn't mean I will never add any new games: I like playing new games, how else am I going to discover new favorites? But I'd prefer to keep my collection at less than 40 games. That means adopting higher standards; I now own only games I rate a 7 or upwards.

With my ideal collection I own at least all the games I rate an 8 or higher and those are considered staples of my collection (I should get my own copy of Terra Mystica and A study in Emerald, soon), rounded out with some other games I enjoy playing now but can see myself parting with in the future. My collection should reflect my gaming tastes, so I can no longer bother with trying to build a so-called well-rounded collection.

I'm not sure if my culling was the cause or the effect, but for the last couple of years I'm also consciously trying to get a lot of plays out of my favorite games, instead of playing all the new stuff only once or twice. I was shocked when I saw the number of new games I played only once and only a handful of games that got some repeat plays. So far, this decision has paid itself back in spades: my gaming time is much more enjoyable as a result.
In 2014 I'll try to get at least 10 plays of these 10 games:
Item for Geeklist "2014 Challenge: Play 10 Games 10 Times Each"

These past years I've set myself some goals to limit my game purchases and that went over quite well. Nothing too strict, it's all for the fun of it of course. Being conscious of what I play alone already offers plenty of motivation to limit my spending. So I came up with some new and probably even more challenging goals:
- Get to 20 games in my collection with 20 plays each;
- Play every game in my collection at least 3 times in 2014 or strongly consider parting with it;
- No more than 10 new games in 2014 that only get played once.

For the first two goals I only need time. The last goal requires a bit more thought as I regularly visit gaming conventions. Ironically, that's where I play most of the worst games. I should adopt the same high standards for trying different games at a convention as when it comes to owning them.

Nevertheless I do really enjoy my time spent at game conventions. I'm already looking forward to Essen 2014 (my fifth time!) as it's time well spent with good friends. The convention is almost an afterthought and that says a lot.

I'm fortunate that my friends are fellow gamers. Our gaming tastes may differ slightly but that probably only makes it even better.

My favorite games tend to be worker placement games or area control games. I'm also fond of blind bidding and don't mind a healthy dose of direct interaction. I also think cards are a great way to make a good game even better. The three games I rate a 10 make heavy use of cards, and so do 4 of the 6 games I rate a 9. It adds variability and an extra layer to work with when you're familiar with the game.
I'm not drawn to any special theme, like some people seem to be when it comes to Cthulhu or Zombies; the gameplay always should come first.

My top 10 are my ten favorite games.
My hot 10 is for games I look forward to the most to play.

My recently played games are:

Random games from my wishlist:
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Top 10
#1: Magic: The Gathering
#2: Ticket to Ride: Europe
#3: 7 Wonders
#4: Steam
#5: Le Havre
#6: Twilight Struggle
#7: Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
#8: A Few Acres of Snow
#9: Carson City
#10: Dominant Species
Hot 10
#1: Magic: The Gathering
#2: Tammany Hall
#3: Terra Mystica
#4: Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
#5: Moongha Invaders: Mad Scientists and Atomic Monsters Attack the Earth!
#6: Vanuatu
#7: Glory to Rome
#8: A Study in Emerald
#9: ZhanGuo
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