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Sterling Babcock
United States
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Winkles is here to help!
Please let me know how I can help you.
Trading Games: Communication is the key to good trades. I respond quickly to all email. My only neutral is due to a user giving me feedback before bothering to let me know that I forgot to post my positive feedback to him! It was a math trade so I wasn't even sending him a game! Go figure.

I am an active trader, but lately I have fewer items on my want list. Handy hint: If you want to trade me something new for something I have for trade, consider getting it from www.timewellspent.org. It is the least expensive place around, and I can pick it up at the warehouse for no shipping cost!

Family Gift Giving: Items I am interested appear on my Wishlist. You can order from www.timewellspent.org and pay no shipping. They are local, so just mark warehouse pickup and put "Pick up at Tuesday games" in the text box. Note that many of the items on my wishlist are not in print yet, so you may need to check a bunch of them.

My Recently Played Games

My Most Wanted Games

Check this thread by DKanht to see how to do this

About my Avatar Winkles: My avatar has been named Winkles. The idea is that all you see is a green background, and you are told to try to find the giraffe in the background. Just about the time you start to see something in the fuzzy green background, the giraffe pops up and raises his eyebrow, as it was not apparent until then that it is an animated gif! Winkles is a mascot for BGG to represent people who want to keep BGG a positive place to interact on games. If you want to help, ask for a Winkles microbadge, and help by keeping a positive attitude here on the geek! A few Winkles Facts:
* Winkles is running for President!
* According to that GL, Winkles was born in a log cabin in the National Zoo of Washington DC, on the Fourth of July, 1970.
* At BGG.CON, Winkles is represented in minneature by Yoga giraffe:

Personal Best Contributions: Geeklists my contributions so far logged:
- Page 1
- Page 2

Some of my best:
- Space Dealer Card Catalog
- Space_Dealer_Optimizer
- Lost Valley Player Aid
Roads and Boats Contributions:
- R&B Full Color Player Aid
- R&B Wonder Score Sheet
- R&B Complete Contents
- R&B Turn Phase Marker
- R&B Storage Labels
- R&B Splotter Scenarios
- R&B Splotter Single Player Solutions
- R&B My Scenarios
- R&B Desert Flood Scenario Silk Painting:

- Tales of the Arabian Nights: Translation of the German Edition with Patrick Korner.
- FAQs for many games: Lost Valley, Puerto Rico, Railroad Dice, Primordial Soup, Fearsome Floors, Sucking Vacuum, and Power Grid.
- Game Improvements: Railroad Dice 2 City Markers, Ticket to Ride - Märklin Map Clarifications, Scepter of Zavandor overlays, Trias Game Map, Nautilus Reference Maps, St. Petersburg card reverence, and Werewolves of Millers Hollow card aid.
- Contents lists: Roads and Boats, Antiquity, Return of the Heros, Space Dealer
- Coins used for Puerto Rico and Caylus, Age of Steam Action Cards

BGG Admin Activities: Mostly file submission approvals: File_Submissions, but also error corrections, and image fixing. Very little forum moderation.

BGG.CON Activities:
Support and Administration.

Colorado Area Gaming: North to South:
Please see the Wiki Page for Western_US. I am the Longmont, CO entry.
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Registration Date: 2002-11-24
Last Profile Update: 2015-01-05
Last Login: 2016-02-05
Country: flag United States
State: Colorado
Town/City: Longmont
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Board Game
Owned   494
Previously Owned   472
For Trade   37
Want In Trade   2
Want To Buy   2
Want To Play   26
Preordered   8
Wishlist   17
Commented   808
Has Parts   5
Want Parts   11
All   1398
Board Game Expansion
Owned   194
Previously Owned   103
For Trade   1
Want In Trade   2
Want To Buy   1
Want To Play   5
Preordered   3
Wishlist   8
Commented   124
Has Parts   0
Want Parts   2
All   364
Board Game Accessory
Owned   25
Previously Owned   7
For Trade   0
Want In Trade   0
Want To Buy   1
Want To Play   1
Preordered   0
Wishlist   0
Commented   4
Has Parts   0
Want Parts   0
All   36
Board Game 2
For Sale 2
Sold 74
Rating 40
Board Game Plays 1872 Total | By Month | Last 30 Days | Chronological
Board Game Expansion Plays 24 Total | By Month | Last 30 Days | Chronological
Board Game Accessory Plays 2 Total | By Month | Last 30 Days | Chronological
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Board Game Ratings 662
Average Rating 6.63
10 14   (2.1%)
9 36   (5.4%)
8 146   (22.1%)
7 221   (33.4%)
6 163   (24.6%)
5 61   (9.2%)
4 18   (2.7%)
3 3   (0.5%)
2 0   (0.0%)
1 0   (0.0%)
Board Game Expansion Ratings 81
Average Rating 7.17
10 2   (2.5%)
9 9   (11.1%)
8 34   (42.0%)
7 21   (25.9%)
6 12   (14.8%)
5 2   (2.5%)
4 1   (1.2%)
3 0   (0.0%)
2 0   (0.0%)
1 0   (0.0%)
Board Game Accessory Ratings 3
Average Rating 7.40
10 0   (0.0%)
9 1   (33.3%)
8 1   (33.3%)
7 1   (33.3%)
6 0   (0.0%)
5 0   (0.0%)
4 0   (0.0%)
3 0   (0.0%)
2 0   (0.0%)
1 0   (0.0%)
Top 10
#1: Roads & Boats
#2: Tigris & Euphrates
#3: Genoa
#4: Tichu
#5: Ticket to Ride
#6: Puerto Rico
#7: Chinatown
#8: Goa
#9: Lost Valley
#10: Tales of the Arabian Nights
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