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I have been playing boardgames for all of my life (I was born in 1965).

I remember buying my first game (before that I played the games of my family) from my personal savings at the age of 11. The game was Diplomacy.
I was totally fascinated by that game, although we played it as purely tactical game with 3 players. The actual diplomacy part did not get to me at that time.

Later I started playing Chess and entered a Chess club. Soon I increased my playing strength, culminating in several championships and titles, the best being the runner-up at the German National team championships for juniors in 1983.

When I went to university I started learning about Avalon Hill games and other (wargame) manufacturers. The first non-German games I played were Conquistador and Rise and Decline of the Third Reich.

At that time I knew little to no English and I had to translate the rules word by word using a dictionary.

Over the years I tried about all genres - RPGs, sports replay, wargames, etc. One of my favorites of that time was Up Front which I must have played more than 1,000 times. I actually became quite good at it, winning a couple of tournaments at wargame conventions.

Then a totally new game entered the gaming community: Magic: The Gathering

Almost all my other games slid into the background when I started to take Magic: The Gathering more and more seriously. I entered tournaments, played at German nationals and finally made it to the Pro Tour, where I played in 14 different tournaments over a period of 5 years. My best season was the 1999-2000 season, when I finished each Pro Tour including the World Championships in the money (= Top 64) which no other player accomplished that year (not even Jon Finkel or Kai Budde).

I stopped playing Magic: The Gathering at the Pro Tour level at the age of 36, when I could not justify the huge amount of time taken off work anymore.

My next love was Paths of Glory. Once again I perfected my play to top level, winning the World Board Gaming Championship Email tournament and going undefeated for about 2 years. But eventually, I grew tired of that game, too.

Nowadays I still play most of the Eurogames, a decent selection of wargames and the old classics. My favourite game is Magic Realm which I rediscovered using the brilliant Java application Realmspeak. With the help of this tool, Magic Realm is in my opinion the best game ever invented.

Participating in boardgame championships with my team "Aachen Fantastics" from 2010 to 2015:
Feb 2010 Regional Qualifier - 2nd place out of 17 teams
May 2010 German Nationals - 2nd place out of 36 teams
Oct 2010 EuropeMasters - 5th place out of 31 teams
May 2011 German Nationals - 1st place out of 36 teams
Oct 2011 EuropeMasters - 2nd place out of 32 teams
May 2012 German Nationals - 6th place out of 36 teams
Mar 2015 Regional Qualifier - 3rd place out of 14 teams

I started recording my daily plays on BGG in the fall of 2005. Earlier playings (1989-2005) I had not recorded by day but by year, so I have entered all of these as played on January 1st of that specific year.
Furthermore, "plays" in these times rather meant "sessions", not individual games. So a session of 12 Up Front matches would have been recorded as "1", not as "12".
On the other hand, games lasting longer than one day (mainly wargames) did get one entry for each session, meaning each different day I had played that title - even if it was actually the same game.
Unfortunately, no plays before 1989 have been recorded.

Furthermore, I only record face-to-face games, I do not record Brettspielwelt, Play-by-Email or other PC and Internet games.

My largest collections by publisher (all BGG entries):
140 Avalon Hill
112 GMT Games (including C3i magazine inserts)
109 Spielbox (all of them magazine inserts)
68 XTR Corp. (most of them Command magazine inserts)
48 Hans im Glück
44 Heidelberger
36 alea
34 Lookout Games (including Promos)

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