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Hi there,

I'm a 34 year old gamer from Brussels, Belgium. My gaming life started playing games as a wee lad with my 5 year older brother - who of course mostly won, yet still I always came back for more. An omen of things to come... At first the basic, more mainstream stuff like Scrabble, Rummikub, Yahtzee and Mah-Jongg. Back in 1994 I picked up Magic in the local games store where I liked to ogle at miniatures I couldn't afford. It was all downhill after that.

About five years of intensive Magic, including tournaments followed. I had a lot of fun, even had some success winning a few tourneys and going to New York to play in a Pro Tour. When I was about 18 years old I had the wonderful idea of getting an army of Dark Elves with the money I earned on a summer job - which started the age of Warhammer.

When I started my higher education, gaming was put on the backburner as I was too busy having fun with fellow students and chasing girls. Contrary to what you may believe, this actually turned out to be a good thing as I met and fell in love with a fantastic girl, who is now the awesome gamer's wife any bachelor BGG'er would kill for. Before you do any rash things: you'll have to get past me first, and I'm 6ft10 with a black belt in taekwondo*. EDIT 2008/04/08: She now also has a BGG handle:
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While still in that same higher education, I stumbled across and got fascinated by this amazing game called go. I will probably still be playing this when I'm old and incontinent. In the same period, I started to grow a collection of more 'quality' board games.

January 2008 to present. I discovered BGG and have up to here if not exactly definitely expanded my collection, and improved it a lot by getting new great games and getting rid of old, little liked ones.

Anyways, I'm a happy gamer, playing games with my wife, my best friend whom I started to play warhammer and go with but who's really my gaming brother, and anyone else who's willing to, both on- and offline.

Here I am. Game on.

*Actually, it's my brother who's that tall and the last time I practiced, I only had a green belt. I'm sure you got the message though.

On my avatar

May '15: Yup, changed my face for the first time after more than 7 years on the geek. It used to be the cover of a Tool album, but now it's a picture of the common swift. I like this bird because it heralds summer's coming each year and its cries take me back to blissful summers way back. Also, spechtje is a passionate birder and now our avatars match a lot better

On my ratings

10 Outstanding. This game has given me countless hours of fun.
9 Excellent. Still good after hours of play.
8 Very good game. I love to play it.
7 Good game, will gladly play. Favorable first impression.
6 Ok game, will play sporadically if in the right mood. Neutral first impression.
5 Average game, some fun or challenge at least but nothing standing out. Negative first impression.
4 Not so good, it doesn't get me but could be talked into it on occasion.
3 Bad. Likely won't play again.
2 Extremely annoying game, won't play this ever again.
1 You won't catch me dead playing this. Boring, broken, brainless, the opposite of fun.

I don't rate games I haven't played.

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#8: Concordia
#9: Ra
#10: Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
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#2: The Palaces of Carrara
#3: Spyrium
#4: Patchwork
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#9: Trajan
#10: Ginkgopolis
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