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A little about me:

I am in my early late thirties, and despite playing games with my other half a lot, just few years ago a tragedy happened to our gaming when I had to move away for work.

One day, I hope he will follow me and we can return to our little gaming paradise of a quick game before tea and then, maybe a game after tea, and then, perhaps a game before bed... But until then, I look at our lovely pile of games and just have to make the most of it when he visits or I go home for the weekend.

And worse is in store, because if/when he does move, we may well have to give our game collection a serious pruning. The comments preceded by **** indicate the status of games as we go through our collection and begin to decide their fate.

2015 Secret Santa:

9) Hi Santa,

Ok, so I think it's Friday.

I've added your generous gifts to the GeekList - I'll add pictures later.

Thanks for every thing,


8) Hi Santa,

I really love these! This is what I've got:

1) Agricola
2) Alhambra
3) Caylus
4) Trajan?
5) Shogun
6) Carcassonne (couldn't work out the first picture so this had me stumped for a while)
7) Macao?
8) Catan?
9) Rococo
10) Belfort
11) Archipelago
12) Spyfall
13) Pandemic? Friday
14) Cuba (really liked this one for some reason!)
15) Madeira

I'm not much good at celebrities, so I struggled a bit with them, otherwise the only one I'm really unsure of is Pandemic. Can I put them in the GeekList again?


7) Hi Santa,

Once again, thank-you for everything, you've been really great! I posted on the Geeklist below because I thought it might be easier for you to subscribe to it and then you wouldn't have to keep coming back to check my profile...

Hope you have a good weekend,


6) Hi Santa,

Thank-you so much, it is very kind of you. I hesitate to ask, but I know you are a busy chap and it's that time of year so I'm sure you could easily be confused, so... When I got home today, I found a box from Shire Games with a picture of Santa on the label. Now, I have used Shire Games, but I don't think I've bought anything from them recently, so I wonder if you could possibly be mistaken as to who you subcontracted deliver to?

Thank-you once again,


2015 Secret Santa:

5) Hi Santa,

OOOOOO! How exciting!!! I'll make sure I'm done by the end of next week and I'll try to make sure that everything we've got has been added to our "own" list (just to be on the safe side).

The tea towel certainly isn't mundane - we like balloons! As for Christmas dinner, yes, we do have a meal, but we all go round to my aunt's. I might take it along though...


4) Hi Santa,

It was really kind of you to think of me while you were away. The parcel arrived yesterday and I added an item to the GeekList for such things.

In the meantime, I've been asked by a relative what game they should get us for Christmas - I was going to suggest Cuba, would that be OK, or have you already ordered something?


3) Hi Santa,

I'm sure you are really busy, so it is great that you can take a little time off before it gets really mad. I so wish you were going to be in the Oxford area, then we could entertain you here! It is really sweet of you to think of us while you are away and I look forward to trying to work out where your family are. If you are only going to be away for a couple of days, does that mean you are travelling by supersonic sleigh, or are you staying local to the UK before the winter sets in?

Yes, my other half and I really enjoy playing playing together, and hope Mrs Claus is as good a match for you as my other half is for me. We really appreciate the effort you are making, and I'm sure it will be a wonderful gift.

I have a little confession: we have bought a couple of things off our wish-list. blush It is up to date now and I promise it won't happen again, well, except that perhaps you might want to avoid getting Elfenroads, as I was going to suggest another family member gets that, or I may get it for my other half...

Thanks again,


2) Hi Santa,

Thank-you for getting in touch so quickly - of course you may call me Susie!

We haven't really started getting into Christmas yet, though we did receive our first Christmas card this morning...

You asked who we play games with. Well, we play a lot of games with just the two of us, but other than that we also attend two local game groups - boardGOATS and Didcot Games Club. We have quite a few games as you have no doubt seen, but we do try to share our enjoyment of them with as many other people as possible. We like to have a good game for every occasion and spend quite a lot of time thinking about what games we take to meetings. We try to bring a mixture of light games to cover a range of player numbers so that everyone can join in, but also heavier games too so that those of us that like meatier fare can play them when we get the chance.

Thanks again,


1) Hi Santa!

Thank-you very much in advance for this, we really appreciate it especially when money is so tight. We know a lot of things on our wish list are difficult to get, and if you were able to source a second hand item we really wanted, that would be great (despite the rules). Alternatively, if there is a game you think we'd like and we don't have it we'd love a surprise. In terms of Uk sellers, I can recommend Boardgameguru, Shire Games and Gameslore. I also use the local games shops, Thirsty Meeples and The Gameskeeper, so if you wanted to use them, I'd be happy to collect and save you the cost of postage. Finally, if you could ask your elves to wrap it, that would be fantastic as we like to save our gifts for Christmas morning and open them with family (who think we're mad by the way!).

Thanks for reading,


Old stuff...

2014 Secret Santa:

4) Dear Santa,

Thank-you very much for your kind message. I hope those pesky elves don't make too much mess with the packing chips...!

We are really looking forward to your "magic"!


3) Dear Santa,

I have now updated my wishlist, although I will continue to tinker with it until I hear from you. To be honest though, anything you send will be very welcome (well, not so much a dirty pair of socks, or reindeer dung, but anything game related). In fact, some of the gifts you've sent that we've most enjoyed have been the surprises. For example, remember that copy of Bison you sent a few years ago? Well, as I'm sure you will remember, we'd never heard of it, but played it to death over the following six months. Actually, that's a good point, we should get it out again soon...

Hope this finds you well,


2) Dear Santa,

Thank-you for your kind message, I really appreciate your patience. One thing I can assure you of is that it will remain game related and there will be no ponies on my list. Well, not unless they are game related anyhow...

Thanks again,


1) Dear Santa,

I am really busy with work just now and haven't had time to update my wish list. I will do so as soon as I can and will comment here when I have done so.

Best wishes,


2013 Secret Santa:

Dear Santa,

Thank-you very much for your note, yes, penguins only fly underwater and we live some way from the sea. My profile is a little out of date, as we get in much more gaming than we used to, but it is not so out of date. These days my other half comes down to visit mostly every other weekend and all holidays now, and there is another gamer in our village and we set up a small gaming group (http://boardgoats.org/). At the moment we are mostly four or five, with the occasional six as you will see. The link should give you an idea of what we play; with my other half we play mixture of medium-heavy Euro games and some much lighter things, for example, we love Flash Point and Escape!

As for the sellers I recommended, we usually use them because they are helpful and have a "face" if you know what I mean: they contribute to the community in the UK and therefore we support them. There are plenty of others and I do buy from them if they have an irresistible special offer, is there one you were thinking of in particular?

Take care with those evil lawyers,


Dear Santa,

Thanks a lot for your message; we're looking forward to it!


Dear Santa,

I'm afraid nothing had arrived by Wednesday and I am away until tonight or tomorrow. Sadly, this means that if the elves have not been clever and either left it in a safe place or with a neighbour, I may be unable to collect it before next weekend. However, this is not so bad as it makes it easier for me to resist opening it before the Big Day...! I will of course keep you posted.

Thanks again,


Dear Santa,

I have now collected my parcel and added it to the GeekList. While I was there I had a look through some of the other entries - you have been so generous already and I am thrilled to think that I have not one, but TWO parcels waiting for me on the Big Day.

Thanks so much,


2012 Secret Santa: We appreciate the economic situation makes things difficult, so, if you want to go "off-wish-list" we would be delighted to see what you come up with...

2012 Secret Santa - UPDATE: Thank-you so much for your note - it is greatly appreciated and I will look out for a parcel. Could you please tell me whether it will be wrapped internally? I would prefer to keep the parcel to go under the tree on Christmas morning (if that's OK with you), but would like to check the parcel has arrived OK and dispose of the outer wrapping if possible. Thanks again (I'm so excited!!)

2012 Secret Santa - UPDATE 2: Oh WOW Santa - Thank-you so much - now, how am I going to resist until Christmas?!?!?! I will post a comment on here and on the GeekList once the parcel has arrived. Thanks again!

2012 Secret Santa - UPDATE 3: Hi Santa! A large Amazon.co.uk box arrived yesterday addressed to "Susie Cat" - could this be it? I am asking because I opened it carefully and as I lifted the lid I could see what looked like a game in a dark box with what looked like light writing on it. I only caught a quick glimpse before I slammed it shut, but it definitely wasn't wrapped...

2012 Secret Santa - UPDATE 4: Please don't moan at the elves too much, I am sure they are very busy just now. There's no harm done as I didn't see anything. I will either get a work colleague to wrap things, or just wrap the whole box...

2012 Secret Santa - UPDATE 5:

2012 Secret Santa - UPDATE 6: A bemused work colleague opened it for me and has wrapped it - it'll be safe now for the next month!

2012 Secret Santa - UPDATE 7: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! You are so generous Santa - I'll get my work colleague to open it up when it comes, just in case! Oh, and she said she wants to play the one I have when I've opened it...

2012 Secret Santa - UPDATE 8: The second one has also arrived (apparently unwrapped) and is now sat on my desk at work after my friend from work wrapped it. I've also added it to the 2012 Secret Santa GeekList with a bit about the story, hope this is OK.
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#9: No Thanks!
#10: Court of the Medici
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