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Update: April 2013

I'm pretty worn down by being a member of 'the cult of the new'. It finally struck me in the last number of months that I don't enjoy learning game after game after game when it comes at a cost of rarely getting to revisit those games. What's the point of going through the rigor of learning a game like Vihnos if you're never going to get to play it again. Also, when you're spending so much time learning you're essentially limiting the amount that you can actually socialize with the people around you. Quite simply, I'd rather play one good game 5 times in a row than play 5 new games in a row. I don't really even consider a first play a real play. It's a learning game. It's the 2nd and 3rd plays that are real plays.


Please Note: I'm not very big on trading. I prefer selling locally on Kijiji.com. Also, shipping costs makes non-local trading a losing deal. All games listed as "For Trade" reflect my Kijiji postings. Also, my games tend to be in fairly immaculate condition unless specifically stated. I've never received a game in trade in as good of condition as I've given which is why direct selling is my preference.

I used to do video reviews, written reviews, blah-baddy-blah-blah, and news. My abandoned site is located at:


My archive of work can also be found at


and a geeklist of my written reviews at


About Me:

Around October '09 my eyes were opened up to the world of board games. From there I bought 20 games in 2 months - and that was just the beginning. I just love opening up a new game and learning the rules from scratch. I get great joy from then teaching them to other people in a manner that they'll (hopefully) understand.

I'm also a PC gamer. I enjoy board and PC gaming equally and am just as prone to do either. The only problem with board gaming is finding people to play with.

P.S. I'm 37 years old.

"Owned" = Games I actually own right now
"Previously Owned" = Games that I've owned and sold
"Want to Play" = Games that I've played but don't own.

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