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Dear Mr. Claus,

I received your note today and was so very excited to get it. My excitement quickly dwindled as I realized what a bad boy I had been. As I am only on my lunch break, and on my phone, I cannot write much at this time...but I will try tonight to start working my way back onto your nice list. First off I will make certain to exclude any treats that I would have intended sharing with my daughter...how could I be so naughty. As for the drink, I make wine for fun, but I can definitely find schnapps if that's what keeps you going while up in the sleigh.

Apologetically naughty peasant Josh,

Dear Santa,

I feel like I've been put through the ringer today. It's been a while since I've read/watched so many reviews in an effort to determine what I would really like to get next...such hard work. After doing so I have come up with a much better idea of what I'd really like and thus have noted items with comments in my wishlist.

My Christmas list is broken down by tiers, and I specifically noted Secret Santa next to many of the items in the first two tiers. Tier 1 is just a few games...the ones I want the most. The ones I'd really prefer over stuff I'd get to play with my daughter. Tier 2 are games I think I'd really like, but are just not quite as desired as the tier 1 games are. Beyond that, Tier 3 and 4 as ranked by BGG wishlist ranking are all games I would play, but find myself unlikely to get soon. If you need me to break it down further then this just let me know.

As for my daughter, small sack...say 30-35 lbs nearly 3 years of ripeness...but a clever little potato that one...as for myself, I might be able to fit in a laundry hamper...if it was tall...and I spent more time doing Yoga in the mornings instead of hitting snooze like I have as of late...on second thought this whole line of questioning seems rather ominous. What were those rattle and click sounds I heard?

Also I snagged something for you this evening while I was out per your request...and don't worry I have learned my lesson. No sharing with my daughter.

Optimistically not so terrible peasant Josh,


I've been re-reading your messages and I'm starting to get this feeling that somebody let Krampus out...and that maybe he hacked your network.

I doubt that is the case, as I know you have a wonderful team of IT elves on staff but I thought I'd bring it up.

Nervous peasant Josh,

Mr. Kringle Claus,

I apologize for the moment of weakness. I was just getting some mixed signals, but I feel much more comfortable now. In way of apology I've gathered some more schnapps for you.

I will keep an active eye out for your package (that's what she said) and let you know right away once it has been received.

Reassured peasant Josh,

Dear Santa,

I just wanted to let you know the temptation package did not arrive today. I just mention it because I figured you're wondering. I'm certainly eager for it to arrive, but not impatiently so. I am a little nervous though as you called it a temptation gift yet you also told me to open it right away...but then also told me my actions would show how naughty I am. I don't know if this is a temptation that I should (1)immediately put under the tree and not open, (2)open and share with my daughter, or (3) open and taunt my daughter with. Santa, if you aren't to busy would you mind offering me a little more guidance for when the package arrives?

PS - I added a couple more things to my list, sorted by tier as described before to offer a broader range of options. I felt like a lot of my stuff was out of print and or on the high side price wise.

Temptation troubled Josh,

Dear Jacqueline Kringle,

I received your gift(s) today and as you can see my daughter does not love Pinkie Pie because she was not allowed to play with her.

Thank you so much for the promos to Francis Drake, a game that as you clearly noted, I do not own. Thank you for Hey, That's My Fish!, I'm sure my wife and I will enjoy not playing it with our daughter Finley for years to come. Also thank you for Lost Cities that is one I've nearly bought on auction many times for my wife and I, but just never found the right deal.

As a side, my package also arrived with a very nice set of lightweight wireless headphones, a can of Bob Ross white oil paint, and a couple Bob Ross paint brushes...I am not sure if this was an intended gift or not, but if it is I can only imagine some sort of challenge/task will soon be assigned to me. If per chance this was sent to me in error, I would be glad to forward these items on to their intended destination for you. If not, I've actually been thinking about trying to get a headset to use on my bike trainer so I can watch movies in the AM without waking up the family. It seems these might be perfect for that. If these aren't for me, thank you for giving me the idea

As for your question about what else do I expect might be coming... On my way home, in a very giddy expectant mood and expecting to get about a quarter of what I did receive this evening, I would have responded that something small like Qin is all I would receive (while not so secretly hoping Francis Drake might still be coming. Now I'm starting to wonder if I even deserve to receive anything else at all.

Thank you very much Santa...you've outdone yourself...and so I have left out more treats.

Tickled "Pinkie Pie" Josh,

PS - Seriously let me know about the headset/paint. It is no trouble at all to pass along if this was an error.

Dear Santa,

I have been bad...so so bad. I was sent emails from you, well I thought they were you, but they turned out to be from Krampus. Well Krampus, remember I thought it was you, kept telling me to open my gifts right away and to not share with my daughter...and so I did...and I didn't. I should have known better. If it makes you feel any better the photos of me taunting my child were all staged. Immediately afterwards I gave Finley the pony (her name is Pinkie Pie btw), and then we jumped on the bed for a few minutes before playing a less rule intensive version of "Hey, That's My Fish" (I know it's hard to imagine a less rule intensive version of that game).

Anyway, I just want to apologize for being so naughty, and hopefully in the future I won't be so easily duped by Krampus. Looking back there were some pretty clear signs he probably wasn't who he said he was...and now I'm going to bed.

Exhausted and in the doghouse Josh,

Dear Awesome Claus,

I will respond in full later. In short I received your gift, I have been running non stop since I left work yesterday...in fact I'm typing this on my phone while playing Luna as our Saturday morning game, waiting for another player. Needless to say I am ecstatic with the gift. I'm so excited to paint the minis I don't even know if I'll do that or play the game first.

Thank you so much! I hope your Santa is at least half as good as you've been to me because that wouldn't be half bad at all.

Francis Drake Giddy Josh,

Dear Secret Santa,

I apologize for the delay in my response. I had to work late last night, got home to my daughter crying because she took an accidental doorknob in the head while my wife was getting her jacket out for our date night (random musings, I heard Vancouver (sub level random musing - that is in Canada...just in case you know anybody who lives there) is requiring levers to replace doorknobs going forward). After we consoled Finley for 20 minutes she stopped crying, I let her open the gift you sent...and I smiled a gleeful smile. After my gleeful smile my wife and I immediately left, we were very late at that point, took Finley to her grandma's and we met our friends for couples date night. As it was date night it would have been in poor form to try and write a worthwhile response on the phone, so I figured I'd wait until I got home. Well when I got home I almost immediately fell asleep because we do Saturday morning games at 7am, and it was already late and I needed to get up early (it was also my week to get donuts) and thus needed a little bit of sleep. All of this being said, I'm sorry for the delayed response and short one at that.

Enough excuses! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THE COOLEST SECRET SANTA EVER!!! That may sound a little over the top, but it's true. I had a pretty good one last year at work, but that now pales in comparison to what you have done.

This is the first year I've participated in Secret Santa, and it was a relatively last second decision, as I honestly hadn't even noticed signups had been occurring until about 11:30pm the night of the deadline. I had no idea people did the whole taunting thing, I didn't have much of anything I was all that interested in board game wise (obviously that changed between my sign up and my first real response to you) but I felt like I needed some Christmas spirit. Enter my secret santa.

From the first message you sent I knew I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. I read up about the taunting, and then thought..."Oh no I've got myself a seasoned taunter...this is gonna be so much fun!!!" You inspired me to do something creative to my target, and gave me exactly what I was looking for...a shot of Christmas spirit to get the season going! I had no idea who Krampus was before this started, but your messages had me googling up a storm. Also you gave me more a lot of presents which is also awesome! I'm sorry they didn't all make it in the order they were supposed to but I had an absolute blast during the whole process. I couldn't stop talking about to all my nerdy friends. One of whom, like myself, had no idea it could be so fun, and thus will likely participate next year along with me...and that is all because of you!

I'm so excited to play all of the games you sent...
Francis Drake looks awesome and right up my alley. This afternoon while my wife was using the computer, keeping me from writing this, I broke the box open, and the board is absolutely massive. I will definitely be painting the ship and supply counters to add some more flavor to it. The promos are great as well...I'm a bit of a completionist and if you hadn't sent them I would have had to get them.

Lost Cities
I am totally looking forward to playing as well. I keep looking at it thinking it would play well with my wife. She doesn't mind playing games with me, but she typically doesn't like the longer ones...at least not lately, she's been very busy trying to finish her masters. This should be a perfect fit until she finishes.

Hey, That's My Fish! is perfect. The rules are so simplistic that Finley will easily be playing this before she is 8. Right now we just make up rules and she likes placing the penguins on the board. I can only imagine how many plays this will get.

Pinkie Pie...thanks again for the fun on the messages and getting me to taunt my daughter. She had a blast joking around with me and loves having a pretty pink pony to go with her other stuffed animals when she is playing Doc McStuffin's or doing a tea party.

As for the headphones and paint brushes, I really hope you didn't get dinged/charged for those things. Again I'd be glad to send them back if you were charged in error for those. If there was no cost to you and Amazon said no worries...don't worry they will find a use, but after all of your generosity I'd hate for you to have lost out more to a simple shipping error.

If you haven't fallen to snore by now, then let me just say THANK YOU one last time. I am so grateful for your time and generosity and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Josh, Anna(my wife), Finley,

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