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Secret Santa 2015

UPDATE: December 16th 2015


Today a wormhole opened up on the doorstep and a large delivery emerged from it.

I eagerly opened the box, and was once again pleasantly surprised to find zero bobcats contained within. There were four items in the box, Above and Below, Traps, Stop Lights and Freyas Folly.

I am so incredibly grateful to you and your team for organising such an entertaining and wonderful Secret Santa experience for me. I have enjoyed reading your mails and taking part in the SANTA program. I would like to thank you for your extreme generosity and hope that you and your new addition to the team have a wonderful Christmas together! I would also like to express my gratitude to the multiple universes that have contributed to this wonderful experience!

I am still endeavouring to complete the Twilight Imperium task and given that the other universes know if I have completed it, then I assume that the arrival of the gifts implies that I will indeed meet this goal in the near future!

Once again, thank you so much for the fun, and I wish you a VERY Merry Christmas!



UPDATE: November 27th 2015


I have been attempting to engage in the task referred to in the return message from the alternate universe. However, I have been unable to achieve this at the present time. I had hoped to do this over the week but felt I should provide an update now so that you know that I am still endeavouring to further the testing of the bi-direction communications between universes.



UPDATE: November 17th 2015


Apologies for the delayed response to your messages, I have been extremely busy over the past couple of days. However, I did find time to remove the wrappings from the packages. I was delighted to find Roll for the Galaxy and it’s expansion carefully stored within.

Both items were in excellent condition and were a VERY welcome gift. As I mentioned on my wish list, this is a game I’ve played several times and enjoyed so I welcome it into my collection with open arms. I will play it with the expansion at my earliest opportunity and let you know what I think of the additional content added by the expansion. I’ve heard very good things about it so far!

I was sorry to hear about the explosive malfunction of the SANTA device and appreciate your efforts to bring the prototype device online. Please do not worry about any delays; I am already very grateful for the generosity that the SANTA Initiative has already shown me.

With the regards to the prototype device and any potential glitches with the system, is there an increased likelihood that any future deliveries will contain a Bobcat? If so, I will endeavor to wear protective clothing when opening future deliveries.

Thank you again for your generosity, and I look forward to hearing from you over the coming weeks.


UPDATE: November 14th 2015

Dear Santa,

During the working hours of yesterday, a short duration wormhole emerged outside of my home. The distortion appears to have been sustained by a Universal Power Source (UPS) and connected directly to a gaming universe known as The Shire. Thankfully the UPS failover system redirected the delivery to a local holding station where I retrieved it this morning.

The protective cardboard capsule in which the contents were protected from damage during universal transit was in excellent condition and upon opening there were two presents within. There was also a delightful box of Bitsa Wispa from the people of The Shire.

I haven't removed the presents from their protective festive wrappings as I wanted you to confirm that you are happy for me to open said presents and enjoy the contents (bobcat or not) before Christmas Day.

Thanks and kind regards



Dear Secret Santa 2015/SANTA Team

Thank you for contacting me about my acceptance on to the Simultaneous Aggregation Non-Newtonian Transuniversal Acquisition (SANTA) initiative. I very much look forward to joining you in revolutionising the yuletide gift-giving experience.

I believe outsourcing the labor and shipping via other universes by using very short duration wormholes is a fantastic timesaving idea and look forward to receiving something via one of these distortions. As requested, I pledge to ensure that the beta test runs smoothly by opening all packages as soon as I receive them and reporting the contents and condition of the package to my profile.

I would also like to acknowledge receipt of the automated alert about the first round of requests being sent to your associate universes. I will check for packages on a regular basis.

Thank you for your correspondence.


Hi, I'm Tom and I'm a board game addict...

I've always liked playing games but it wasn't until 2010 that I really got into hobby gaming. Five years on and I'm totally hooked.

During the day I work as a humble instructional designer working on training for organisations such as Microsoft and the Royal Navy. Whilst in my spare time I play, test and review loads of games.

I'm the lead blogger over on the GamesQuest blog - http://www.gamesquest.co.uk/blog/ where myself and a team of game fanatics review and report on some great titles.

I was a playtester for the amazing Mice and Mystics: Downwood Tales and am currently testing a new Fleet game called Fleet Wharfside.

I regularly review and report on various games through the GamesQuest Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvnJbWae0ICMSLEhPubUW7w

Each year I set myself ten game-related goals, I accomplished two of the ten from last year which I think is totally appalling. This year I'm going to try and do better...

d10-0 Go to Essen
d10-1 Spend less money and play more of the games I already own.
d10-2 Create more YouTube content.
d10-3 Paint ten more of my Malifaux Neverborn minis. (0/10)
d10-4 Play War of the Ring.
d10-5 Play a full campaign of Risk Legacy.
d10-6 Play Twilight Imperium with all the expansions.
d10-7 Play Carcassonne with ALL the expansions.
d10-8 Design my own game (No matter how trivial.)
d10-9 Take part in a public tournament/competition.
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