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I live in Melbourne, Australia along with my wife and two kids. Loved boardgames as a kid and owned several games that I now regret misplacing. Played home-brewed RPG with friends and computer games for years until I recently re-discovered boardgames via games like "Settlers of Catan" and "Ticket to Ride: Europe".

My family now regularly play games together, and we've started a blog that reviews some of the Games We Play:

My avatar is a modified portrait of a warrior-type hero from an old PC game called "Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Simulator". Some time back, at the expense of sleep and a social life, I developed an online RPG game called "Heroes of Ardania" based off that PC game. Although it was quite popular, I decided to shut it down after a couple of years because of a lack of time and server resources. However, a bunch of dedicated players decided to resurrect the game and asked me for the source-code which I then made public. Now, it's still a popular game, and as a surprise to me, they erected a pigeon-dropping-covered statue of my in-game character in the game's capital city. I consider this a great honor and thus use the portrait of my statue as my Avatar. You can check out the game at:

I love witty movies and TV series, fantasy/sci-fi books, and boardgames with clever mechanics, although sometimes I feel the need for a good ole' monster-bashing dungeon-crawl. I like writing fantasy fiction and occasionally get an outbreak of writer's muse which results in many half-cooked stories in Notepad.

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