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Wim Leenaerts
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Started logging plays since september 2013.

Some years ago... (2004)
I got introduced to boardgames when my parents bought me 'Settlers of Catan' in 2004. I hadn't heard of the game before (or any 3rd generation game for that matter) and my parents got it after a tip from the owner of the local toyshop, who's a friend of my parents.

Eagerly I opened the box and started reading the rules. And again. And again. When, after three times reading through the rules, I still hadn't a clue about what the game was all about I kinda gave up. Until I mentioned this to the owner of the toyshop and he told me there was a gaming club in town and I should pay a visit. 'Bring the game along', he said.

So there I went. The box of 'Settlers...' under my arm, on my way to a local 'pub' where the gaming club came together. When I went home again, I didn't sleep that night. Adrenaline pumping through my veins. Really. I couldn't wait to introduce this game to my friends. It was a mind-opening experience and I'll never forget it. 'Settlers...' will always have a special place in my gamers heart. cool

Since that day I slowly but surely became addicted to games and started buying them myself. I had the luck that my group of friends also enjoyed my obsession.

Although I like most Eurogames, I find 'theme' and graphic design the most important aspects of a game. I really love 'Pirate's cove' for example, just because the theme and the graphics are so perfectly designed. Yes, there's is a lot of luck involved and not that much strategies can be worked out, but man, what a beautiful game!
Another important aspect for me is interaction. I play games because it is fun and because my friends have fun when playing too and just like when reading books I love the escapism a game offers me. Just forget about the daily problems and immerse myself in the game. Playing a game where you mostly have to think and is more like 'multiplayer solitaire' can be nice too from time to time, but interaction between players is a very important aspect to me.
I think my preference lays with so called 'hybrids', combinations between the mechanisms of Eurogames and the theme and interaction of Ameritrash like Cyclades and Kemet.

I'm a member of 'De Spelhamels', a local gaming club in Beerse and play with them every third Friday of the month (visit our guild!) and first Saturday and often more on other Fridays too... I also play with my wive and one or some friendly couples, which can vary a lot but with children everywhere the eye can see those game sessions are getting more and more of an exception. My girlfriends sister and her boyfriend also enjoy games. Some of my colleagues enjoy a game from time to time (although more from an occasional gamer-view) and are willing victims once in a while.

That's about it. Search my collection if you'd like to know other games I like/own.

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