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Dear Santa (2012),

Wow! You blew my socks off! Quite possibly the best Santa ever!

Thank you so much! I'm super excited about the games as I'm doing a "Game Retreat" before Christmas with friends and family and all the games will *definitely* get played.

Thanks again!
-Nathan K.

This bit below is for Secret Santa 2011. I'm keeping it here as I don't want to lose it.

Dear Santa,

Here's an update based on your latest missive.

Thank you for the update, but I want to come to my defense. Last year, Santa didn't appraise me of the situation and so I decided to open the box. My thought was that if the gift was wrapped, I would be patient and wait until Christmas Morn. If not, then I had a new game to play over Christmas break!

Alas, it was not wrapped, so I posted as such.

If I were to receive instructions to either not open a box, or open it to wrapped presents, I would follow such instructions as I don't want to make Santa mad.

But, as usual, I am entirely in your hands and at your mercy.

-Nathan K.


Dear Santa,

Thanks for sending me your wonderful messages. While I'd be okay if you see fit to give me the X-Men Trading Card Game, I'd really rather get something good (or even not-terrible ).

Please feel free to not be restricted to just my wishlist. I like just about any games. I'm enthralled by euro-trash games, but I'll play anything that's fun.

As for my wife, I'm going to give a rundown of games she's played.

Played and liked:
-Vegas Showdown: We both love this.
-Blue Moon City: Loves this. She usually wins.
-Thunderstone: Really likes playing this with me. Not very good at it, but still wants to play (she has played Dominion, but likes this better)
-Power Grid: Haven't played it in a while, but she likes it
-Ticket to Ride: We haven't played it in a while, but she enjoys it
-Settlers: Not our favorite, but she doesn't mind playing
-1313 Dead End Drive: Fun little game where thinking isn't really required
-The Ark of the Covenant: We really like this version of Carc. I'm not really interested in regular Carc because we have this
-Get Bit: Fun little filler
-Lost Cities: When we first got it, played it constantly. She loved it. Eventually we played it too much and got tired of it.

Played and didn't like:
-RoboRally: Couldn't wrap her head around programming her actions (hence I've never tried to get her to play Space Alert)
-Notre Dame: She didn't "feel" it
-HeroScape: It was "okay" but she doesn't like direct conflict
-Hollywood Blockbuster: She didn't really like the auction aspect
-Sucking Vacuum: Big "bleh"

Won't try:
-Runebound: Because it's a hack 'n' slash
-Twilight Imperium: I mentioned it and she just laughed

Overall, she seems to like games that are easy to learn, play fairly quickly, and don't have direct conflict.

If she were to find a gift in the box, she would be blown away, but please don't feel like you have to.

-Nathan K.
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