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Kārlis Jēriņš
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I'm a sheep.
A lovely, fluffy sheep.
Logging plays of my copies of games since Jan 1, 2013
Logging plays of all games played since Oct 14, 2014

In regards to expansion logging - I always log any expansions that are used, and do so at full play count. I don't enter any information other than play date and count for the expansions, though - that information is all kept in the base game entry. And in the text description in the base game entry, I always note which expansions (and which parts of them, if they're modular) were used for that particular play.


Favorite recent quote: "In Ameritrash games you attack someone to take their sheep. In Euro games you deny someone from receiving sheep." ( -- jaybeethree)

I'm stealing an idea from samus98 - why not publicly record my experience with play-by-forum?

Currently playing:
Board games:
Battlestar Galactica #477 - Noobs Galore - all expansions to Earth. I'm pilot Helo, and am a revealed Cylon.
Game of Thrones #292 - Everyone Wants Something - base game. Playing Martell.
Onslaught at Arda 1 - FFG's Star Wars: Age of Rebellion, with Edge of the Empire and Force & Destiny beta mixed in. I'm playing Doral, a Force-sensitive Chiss slicer who's had some years of Jedi training and is opposing the Empire on philosophical grounds.

Board games:
Arkham Horror #42 - Are ya yella? - base game + Dunwich Horror + King in Yellow. I played Mark Harrigan. We lost about one turn before placing the sixth seal - Dunwich Horror's movement awakened Tsathoggua, and we didn't even bother with the final fight.
Game of Thrones #96 - Our Blades Are Sharp - a Dance with Dragons game. I played Martell and won
Game of Thrones #135 - We Only Make Peace with Our Enemies - a base game. I played Lannister and lost
Game of Thrones #167 - A Dance with Drogon - a Dance with Dragons game. I played Baratheon, lost most of my army early in a conflict with Bolton and ended up dead last.
Game of Thrones #225 - Dance with Rhaegal - A Dance with Dragons game. I was initally dealt Greyjoy, but I don't like the Ironborn, so traded them for Tyrell. Then, Baratheon tricked me on turn 1, causing me to lose a good part of my army, and my attempts to make him pay never came to fruition. The game ran for the full 6 rounds, and in the end it was Greyjoy who won, with me placing fourth (ahead of only Lannister and Baratheon, both of whom suffered greatly at Greyjoy's hands).
Battlestar Galactica #362 - The Deeper You Get, The Sweeter The Pain - a base game. I played Chief, was human and lost
Battlestar Galactica #376 - Bad Body Double Trouble - a base game. I played Roslin, was human and won
Battlestar Galactica #396 - Dastardly Doom - an all expansions game to Earth. I played Gaeta, was human and won. Also, got to spend some time as Supreme Leader (President+Admiral)
Battlestar Galactica #440 - Arrest any suspicious person - a base game. I was Baltar, had my presidency taken from my by a crisis on the very first turn of the game and never got it back. Then I turned Cylon at sleeper, made the mistake of holding out for too long and eventually lost due to the humans getting a ton of luck with jump icons and only two CACs showing up in the whole game.
Argovia Strike - Star Wars D6 2nd edition game. I played a Zabrak urban combat specialist named Feral Zinn. This was my first play-by-forum RPG!
The Owlglass - Call of Cthulhu 6th edition game. I played a teacher named Theodore Tomkins, and actually managed to survive the brief encounter with the otherworldly dangers.
Tales from Wilderland - The One Ring RPG. I played Guilin Maedrandir, a Mirkwood Elf who thinks the Elves should do more to fight the Enemy than they already do, but decided to drop out of the game when I found I couldn't keep up with the other players - they're all very good, and it took me too long to come up with any kind of good IC posts. I need to greatly improve my roleplaying skills before playing with a group like that one.
Herathian Adventures - Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. I played Rylin Grond, a silversmith and gambler who's fled his hometown after landing in a big debt and, perhaps, accidentally killing someone. Sadly, the DM had to drop the game because of reasons.

Owned is games I, well, own;
Previously owned is games I owned but no longer do, for whatever reason;
Want to play is games I've never played (or played very, very little - like one play ages ago) but am interested in trying out;
Wishlist is games I've played (with a couple of exceptions) and want to add to my collection;
Preordered is games which I've backed on Kickstarter/Indiegogo and haven't yet received.
For trade is self-explanatory - games I'm willing to trade for others.
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#1: Battlestar Galactica
#2: 7 Wonders
#3: The Resistance: Avalon
#4: Dominion
#5: Samurai
#6: Mogel Motte
#7: Ergo
#8: Carson City
#9: Ticket to Ride: Europe
#10: A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition)
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