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Kārlis Jēriņš
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I'm a sheep.
A lovely, fluffy sheep.
Logging plays of my copies of games since Jan 1, 2013
Logging plays of all games played since Oct 14, 2014

In regards to expansion logging - I always log any expansions that are used, and do so at full play count. I don't enter any information other than play date and count for the expansions, though - that information is all kept in the base game entry. And in the text description in the base game entry, I always note which expansions (and which parts of them, if they're modular) were used for that particular play.


Favorite recent quote: "In Ameritrash games you attack someone to take their sheep. In Euro games you deny someone from receiving sheep." ( -- jaybeethree)

I'm stealing an idea from samus98 - why not publicly record my experience with play-by-forum?

Currently playing:
Board games:
Game of Thrones #292 - Everyone Wants Something - base game. Playing Martell.
Eldritch Horror #21 - Glimpse of the Void - base game with the focus rule versus Cthulhu. I'm playing Diana Stanley.
Onslaught at Arda 1 - FFG's Star Wars: Age of Rebellion, with Edge of the Empire and Force & Destiny beta mixed in. I'm playing Doral, a Force-sensitive Chiss slicer who's had some years of Jedi training and is opposing the Empire on philosophical grounds.

Board games:
Arkham Horror #42 - Are ya yella? - base game + Dunwich Horror + King in Yellow. I played Mark Harrigan. We lost about one turn before placing the sixth seal - Dunwich Horror's movement awakened Tsathoggua, and we didn't even bother with the final fight.
Game of Thrones #96 - Our Blades Are Sharp - a Dance with Dragons game. I played Martell and won
Game of Thrones #135 - We Only Make Peace with Our Enemies - a base game. I played Lannister and lost
Game of Thrones #167 - A Dance with Drogon - a Dance with Dragons game. I played Baratheon, lost most of my army early in a conflict with Bolton and ended up dead last.
Game of Thrones #225 - Dance with Rhaegal - A Dance with Dragons game. I was initally dealt Greyjoy, but I don't like the Ironborn, so traded them for Tyrell. Then, Baratheon tricked me on turn 1, causing me to lose a good part of my army, and my attempts to make him pay never came to fruition. The game ran for the full 6 rounds, and in the end it was Greyjoy who won, with me placing fourth (ahead of only Lannister and Baratheon, both of whom suffered greatly at Greyjoy's hands).
Battlestar Galactica #362 - The Deeper You Get, The Sweeter The Pain - a base game. I played Chief, was human and lost
Battlestar Galactica #376 - Bad Body Double Trouble - a base game. I played Roslin, was human and won
Battlestar Galactica #396 - Dastardly Doom - an all expansions game to Earth. I played Gaeta, was human and won. Also, got to spend some time as Supreme Leader (President+Admiral)
Battlestar Galactica #440 - Arrest any suspicious person - a base game. I was Baltar, had my presidency taken from my by a crisis on the very first turn of the game and never got it back. Then I turned Cylon at sleeper, made the mistake of holding out for too long and eventually lost due to the humans getting a ton of luck with jump icons and only two CACs showing up in the whole game.
Battlestar Galactica #477 - Noobs Galore - six players (with cylon leader), all expansions to Earth. I played pilot Helo, started as a human but turned Cylon during sleeper. I revealed when it became pretty clear I was the only cylon, and used my super crisis to spawn two centurions (though my real goal was killing Starbuck and getting another cylon). The humans then had terrible luck with armory rolls, and those centurions eventually overrode the decompression safeties and vented everyone aboard Galactica into space, scoring me and Athena (who, despite her pro-human plays, had two cylon motives) a win.
Argovia Strike - Star Wars D6 2nd edition game. I played a Zabrak urban combat specialist named Feral Zinn. This was my first play-by-forum RPG!
The Owlglass - Call of Cthulhu 6th edition game. I played a teacher named Theodore Tomkins, and actually managed to survive the brief encounter with the otherworldly dangers.
Tales from Wilderland - The One Ring RPG. I played Guilin Maedrandir, a Mirkwood Elf who thinks the Elves should do more to fight the Enemy than they already do, but decided to drop out of the game when I found I couldn't keep up with the other players - they're all very good, and it took me too long to come up with any kind of good IC posts. I need to greatly improve my roleplaying skills before playing with a group like that one.
Herathian Adventures - Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. I played Rylin Grond, a silversmith and gambler who's fled his hometown after landing in a big debt and, perhaps, accidentally killing someone. Sadly, the DM had to drop the game because of reasons.

Owned is games I, well, own;
Previously owned is games I owned but no longer do, for whatever reason;
Want to play is games I've never played (or played very, very little - like one play ages ago) but am interested in trying out;
Wishlist is games I've played (with a couple of exceptions) and want to add to my collection;
Preordered is games which I've backed on Kickstarter/Indiegogo and haven't yet received.
For trade is self-explanatory - games I'm willing to trade for others.
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