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While I loved games all my life, it was upon receiving Puerto Rico for Christmas in college that really got me into modern board gaming. I like a variety of games: European, American, word, party...

What I've found to like most in a game is a mix of strategy and psychology. Hidden role games intrigue me, but often have too little strategy (Shadow Hunters, BANG!). Solitaire-ish Euros deliver for my strategic side but leave me longing for higher interaction. Oddly enough, two genres that deliver this mix the best are pretty different: quickly learnable perfect-information games (like Blokus Duo) and strategy games with hidden or partially-hidden goals (like Metropolys and Nexus Ops). Party games with strategy (like Inklings and Wits & Wagers) are also good for this, but are rare.

Two other things I love are Cards That Do Stuff™ and variable player powers. These are also some of the hardest elements to balance. Games that combine these things well are some of the most fun to play, probably because of my CCG roots.

I'm a game designer. My game Malta! has been published by Z-Man Games and is now available, and Awesome Bots is on its way to publication. Other games are always being tested and created, with The Golems of Ymhet in late beta testing and other games (XYZ, None of the Above, others) in the middle of their creation cycle.

I'm a definite Vlaada Chvatil fan. He makes games that are just so FUN, while being innovative and solid designs. While they run the gamut from the heavier Through the Ages to the lighter Sneaks & Snitches, they never fail to disappoint.

I love logging my plays. Stats rock. I only log face-to-face games, and not solo plays. I started logging May 12, 2008. Check out my Friendless Stats Page: http://friendless.servegame.org/dynamic/result/TimMierz

My Top 10 are my favorite games. My Hot 10 are games I want to play right now.

Last games played:

"Every game is somebody's favorite." - Roger Dobkowitz, former The Price is Right executive producer

"Even if you read the rules thoroughly, sometimes you will miss something or forget about some rule. This is not a big problem. It's only a game and you learn from your mistakes." - Vlaada Chvatil, in the rules for Arena
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Top 10
#1: Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
#2: Nexus Ops
#3: Ascending Empires
#4: Summoner Wars
#5: Galaxy Trucker
#6: The Golems of Ymhet
#7: Space Alert
#8: Neuroshima Hex!
#9: Sticheln
#10: Metropolys
Hot 10
#1: Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
#2: Runewars
#3: Automobile
#4: Mage Knight Board Game
#5: Montage
#6: Summoner Wars
#7: Graenaland
#8: Masquerade
#9: Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
#10: Space Alert
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