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Well, I got to the post-office today, thinking some old boring thing made it's way from Ali-Express, perhaps some scarf or gloves, but boy - I couldn't be more wrong! Nothing old or boring made it's way to my post-office !

After peeling parts of the cardboard with excitement of a kid in a candy shop, I found out that I got, not one, but two great-great games from my wishlist!

One was very high on my wish-list, that's Castles of Mad King Ludwig, I heard so many good things about, and was very existed to see it and now I am existed to play it with my friends !

The other is a very solid, good and simple game that can be shared by players of all ages and preferences. that's Ticket to Ride: Europe obviously!

I am so exited about this gift package, thank you again for spending the time and effort and money to send me great games this Christmas

Have happy holidays, Dear Santa !



1db This is the first time for me on Secret Santa and this is an existing and new experience for me

1db First of all, thank you for being my Santa, so I'll make it easier for you to be my Secret Santa ...

heart My Wishlist : http://boardgamegeek.com/wishlist/tnemadkow

I'd probably be very very (very) happy with games on my top wishlist, other that those on the list I enjoy both Euro and Ameritrash games, but leaning more towards the Euro games with some tactical element.

I really like games with some interesting mechanic - like bumping dice on Euphoria, Using dice as votes on Dark Moon, moving on two different plains on Black Gold and using card parts on la Granja.

I also like games that are "smart" in my books, where the mechanic and theme comes together seamlessly like Viticulture or Scoville.

I would really want to try something I haven't tried yet, something new, that'll be very intriguing.

I always like "Area Control" games or "Worker Placement" games, possibly with some new idea or twist to them - such as Hyperborea or the good old Tigris and Euphrates.

Probably the best length for for a light games is up to 90 minutes, and for a heavier games around 2-4 hours. I used to play a-lot of Twilight Imperium but I don't have the time for such long games noways

I think I'm less likely to play a new Co-Ops or Party Games at this time, I have some Co-Ops and Party Games and many competitive friends

I don't like games where a player can stay out of any major decision for multiple turns, such as Catan (without expansions), unless it has one hell of a story and theme with it.

cornsugar My Collection: https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/TneMadKow?own=1&su...

blacktrain Shipping:
Some shipping options may be expensive when shipping to Israel, but there are some solutions to that.

E www.365games.co.uk
This is a great site with a lot of games at good prices and shipping is at 0.5 GBP per item, so it's the best option when I buy for myself.

E www.philibertnet.com
This is a great site with very good prices and manageable shipping fee for Israel.

E www.amazon.de?tag=article-geekdo07-21
Amazon Germany too has better shipping prices to Israel.

E www.bookdepository.com
Book Depository offers free shipping to Israel but have some limited stock availability, mostly holding FFG games, and some other companies here and there. The following GeekList offers links to their invetory: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/71514/buying-board-games-... .

E If everything else fails, I've got a USA address I use to ship stuff from USA to Israel. If it's a better alternative for you, such that you wouldn't need to pay shipping to Israel just to New Jersey, please let me know and I'll give you the address. But there are two issues with this:
1. The service that does the reshipping for me requires the invoice for the contents of the shipping + shipping costs inside the US. So, I would need you to send me those and -
2. It would be difficult for you to remain as a SECRET Santa if you use this method, since you'd need to contact me about those details.

On Amazon.De or on Philibert there are games in German and French in addition to games in English. I do prefer games in English if the game is Text-Depended, I don't know any German or French ;-). If it's not text-depended, feel free to select any version of the game - I'll download the rules on PDF

coal And Finally,
Thanks again for participating this year, and for being my Santa - I wish you all the games you wish for yourself, and lots of fun for Christmas/Holidays/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Etc ...
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