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There was something about boardgaming that was always drawing my attention, but never really had a chance to put a little more emphasis on that. I raised as a standard-deck-of-cards player, mostly because back in '80 there were no great possibilities to play something more than chess or some variations of Monopoly. Oh, and Yahtzee of course, how can one forget that!

Anyway, it was really great pleasue to discover this new world, maybe not in the way that Columbus did, but certainly it was more than experience, because once you're in it, you do not want to come back at all.

Back in high school I was pretty much involved in maths, and as we all know, boardgaming without maths is just... well, I don't know what it is or would be, but definitely not gaming, that's for sure. Typical AT games are based genuinely on an adventure (and that's fine), euros have their pure mechanics with some random theme pasted on it (okay, maybe not exactly like that, but we all know how it is) and war games are trying to find this unique balance between playability and realism, which is not easy at all, but fortunately there are plenty of games to choose from, so we can adjust it to our personal taste.

It is hard to point out 'my best game' - I do not have one, because the diversity of them (in terms of mechanics, theme and many more) doesn't allow me to put one over another. Different players need different games, so I choose carefully amidst them. But I'm also trying to encourage people to spend some time far away from their computer, and no matter if it is for Carcassone or ASL or take-that-box-and-put-it-on-a-shelf, the more they get into it, the more chances are that they'll be introduced and finally interested in games I like the most.

ps. I'm actually a great fan of FF designs. Keep up the good work!
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