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For those who don’t know me, I’m Brandon, a 42 year old guy from Missouri. I’ve been here most of my natural born life and I love it here right in the middle of the country. I am a Reader Advisor for the Wolfner Library, a library that serves those who cannot read standard print materials due to a visual or physical disability. I’ve been with the library now for about 13 years.

Growing up, I was probably as far from the prototypical geek as you could be but I came around. I loved sports and played them most of my adolescence, football, baseball, basketball, soccer were played most days in our backyard with all the neighborhood kids. That isn’t to say, I didn’t grow up a gamer though. But like a lot of people of my generation I grew up playing games on the Atari, Commodore 64, NES, Sega Genesis and N64 more than playing board games, but even as a kid, we always had the typical board games around the house, the Monopoly’s and such and occasionally we would have a family board game night. Predominantly though, my gaming was done in the digital world as opposed to the tabletop world. I carried that affinity for all games digital well into my 30s even after I was married and we started having kids, but eventually I started to slow down on gaming that way because I started to feel like I was excluding my family. So when my sister gave my daughter a copy of The Magic Labyrinth for her 6th birthday, I knew what I was going to do, and like any prototypical geek, I jumped in headfirst and have been trying to absorb as much about this hobby as I possibly can in the last 3-4 years. From The Magic Labyrinth to Tragedy Looper, our collection has grown, as has our time spent together as a family face to face instead of just staring at a television.

My wife Kerensa and I have two daughters, Gabby our 10 year old and AnnaBeth our 4 year old. Gabby, Kerensa and I have been gaming together at the table steadily for 4 years now and AnnaBeth is starting to join in with us as well, but her games are a bit different and usually involve her making up the rules as she goes. But she’s starting to request playing things herself, I can’t believe it, we’re raising gamers! We’ve even been to GenCon once and been to Geekway to the West the past two years and we hope to never miss a year from here on out. I don’t know if you’ll find a better Gaming Convention around, if you get the chance you should attend. Someday I’d love to attend BGG Con, but we’re gonna have to wait till our oldest is old enough to attend. Locally I’ve been involved with a small game group that meets monthly and through gaming I’ve made many new people who I now consider friends that I would not have met otherwise. I’m trying my best to grow the local board gaming community, I host a quarterly game day at our public library, would love to do it more often, but time is a commodity that we don’t have a lot of. Someday I’d love to have a gaming gathering here in Mid-Missouri, nothing huge, but something that we could call our own.

BGG is such a great resource for gamers, I love being able to contribute here through the Forums, Blogs and Geeklists. I took over the reigns of the What Did You Play This Weekend(which we recently changed to the What Did You Play This Week) geeklist about a year and a half ago from Jon Gilmour, who had something he just had to work on, and I’ve loved chatting with everyone that contributes to it. I love talking about games, I’m not the big analytical person, but I love talking about the experiences we have while playing. I love the community here on BGG, I’ve talked with many on here who I would love to sit down and share a beer and a board game with and someday I’ll hopefully get to do that with a few of you all. I am a huge board game media consumer, I think at last check I had 30 podcasts in my subscription feed, and I know for a fact that my wife is tired of me falling asleep as Rahdo runs through another game.

I am still new to the board gaming world, but if pressed to give an absolute favorite game, my cop out answer would be whatever game my family wants to play together at the moment. But if you want the definitive favorite game I’d have to say Terra Mystica. It’s such a unique puzzle each game. I think part of my reason for enjoying it so much is that I am not very good at it, and each time I think I understand what exactly I am going to do, something changes that plan and I have to adapt. But honestly, any game in my Top 10 or so could be number 1 at any given time. Right now I am plowing through W. Eric Martin’s Essen geeklist and the winner so far to me has to be Deus, really looking forward to seeing this here in North America.

So a tip of the glass to the Tabletop community near and far and GO ROYALS!!!!!!!!!(I hope they are still in it when this gets posted)

I am irregularly keeping up with a blog here on BGG A Guy, three girls, a few friends and a shelf full of games

So here's to many more years of gaming! Cheers!

Kickstarters I am awaiting(as of 4/9/2016):

Hands in the Sea
Forged in Steel
New Bedford
Avalanche at Yeti Mountain
Fantasy Fantasy Baseball
Kingdom Builder: Marshlands + Big Box
Thief's Market
Vinhos Deluxe Edition
Wok on Fire!
House of Borgia
The Butterfly Garden
Fog of Love

Currently Backing(as of 4/9/2016):

Bottom of the 9th: Clubhouse Expansion Executive Suites

Hello Santa!!!

We opened the gifts!

Thank you again for being a fantastic Secret Santa, we're going to have a lot of fun playing these. Already played all three last night to be honest.

Brandon, Kerensa, Gabby & AnnaBeth

Hello again Santa!!

Just wanted to let you know that the package has arrived safe and sound on our doorstep today.

And against my better judgement I let the girls open it, hoping that the stuff inside was wrapped and it was!!! So now they have to wait patiently for their mom to decide whether they can can open without her or wait until Friday.

I will update to the geeklist shortly but I wanted to let you know that everything is A-OK.

Brandon, Kerensa, Gabby & AnnaBeth

Santa, the girls want to open them as soon as they arrive which according to you and the elves at UPS seems to be tomorrow, but part of the family is out of town till Friday afternoon, so I think we'll wait and open everything on Friday evening or Saturday morning, if the girls can stand to wait. I'll try to get a photo of them looking sad and depressed with the unopened box and we'll post that over on the geeklist and then we'll update it after we open.

We have chocolate by the door, tell the delivery elves to take as much as they like, it takes a lot of work to make these deliveries.

Thank you!!

Brandon, Kerensa, Gabby & AnnaBeth

Santa, the girls now know their power and hopefully they don't let it go to their head. I think it's a fantastic idea and I have given them the choice to make whether to open upon arrival or to wait until Christmas. Kerensa has suggested waiting until St. Nicholas Day on December 6 but we'll ultimately let Gabby and AnnaBeth decide.

By the way, there was no bad news in that geekmail you sent, we all thought it was awesome!!

Thank you.

Brandon, Kerensa, Gabby & AnnaBeth

Wow, Santa, your elves are pretty sneaky, but if AnnaBeth would have caught them, you may have never gotten that one back, he'd have been a new member of the family I have a feeling.

Nope, lighter fare does not bother us one bit, a big reason we started board gaming so much was that it brought the family to the table.

As for the other question, no allergies, phobias or religious things to be aware of here, it's all good.

Brandon, Kerensa, Gabby & AnnaBeth

Seems that I had forgotten to update my page here to say Hi to Santa, let's remedy that by saying, "HELLO Santa!!" We've been pretty good around here I think, we've worked hard and we've played hard, but we've been a pretty good family I think. I do want warn you though, I think you may have one elf who has gone a bit rogue, I'd keep an eye out if I were you, he may be spreading some unbelievable information.

You asked if it was okay to go off-piste, I'd say go for it, the trail less traveled is often the way to find things that you never knew existed!

We truly hope you and yours have a Great Christmas!!

Brandon, Kerensa, Gabby & AnnaBeth

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