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Mark Ramsey
North Delta
British Columbia
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"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky
Thanks to a FLGS opening in my neighbourhood a couple of years ago, my passion for boardgames has been rekindled. Prior to that, I had a long drought in which AD&D was pretty much my only foray into gaming (not that that's anything to sneeze at).

Now, I'm probably a bigger gamer than I ever was before. In the old days, we would play things like Axis & Allies, Supremacy, and even the occasional Star Fleet Battles scenario. Now, (aside from SFB) that stuff would be considered pretty light weight compared to some of the heavier fare that we are treated to thanks to the current fantastic resurgence of well-designed games.

My collection has ballooned over the last couple of years (but is still quite modest compared to many here on BGG). And I have to admit that, at times, the temptation to just pick up new titles is too much. As great a resource as BGG is, it certainly has the potential to wreak havoc on my pocketbook! cry

Some of my current favourites are (in no particular order) Arkham Horror, Cosmic Encounter, Merchants & Marauders, Dune, Fury of Dracula, Hammer of the Scots, Hannibal: Rome v. Carthage, Die Macher, Imperial, Ra, and I could go on...

Another thing that has come as a bit of a surprise for me as I have rediscovered this hobby is that there are a lot of closet gamers out there! In just about every aspect of my life, whether it be work, the kids' school, or just regular friends - I seem to be having no problem finding people who want to game! Here's a tip that I kind of stumbled across accidentally: when you have guests (and you don't know if they're gamers), even if they're just dropping something off, leave a board game out on a table or a shelf somewhere that's not too obvious, but still in a place that they are likely to see it after a few minutes. The results may surprise you as much as they have me - I have made several new gaming friends exactly this way.

Well, I've spent enough time typing here. I'd rather be gaming!
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