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Hello Santa! Very pleased to be participating again this year. My wishlist is up to date, as is my collection...I play generally once or more a week, so "listed plays" is by no means accurate. My wishlist rankings don't mean that much...generally, if a game manages to make it onto the wishlist at all, I think it'll be a good fit (I have to balance gamelust with shelf space ninja ).

UPDATE 11-14-14: Thanks for your note Santa! Here are some answers to your questions...

I generally play games with friends...perhaps eventually with my new SO Usually I can seat three, four, occasionally five. Two-players are mostly wargames for me...I play a lot of these via Vassal, usually following along with my hard copy.
I tend to like gamers' games. Mid- to heavy-weight Euros, mostly, as my collection shows Interesting mechanics/designs, interesting questions to explore (typically economics, like Indonesia or Goa, or war, like Fire in the Lake) usually mean more than theme...but that said, I don't like abstracts much. Or party games--we usually like something a bit meatier if we can grab the time to play at all.
I have some Grails and other rarities on my list...mainly for my crazy family if they're feeling generous. But they also give a good idea of the sorts of things I like--Container, for instance, sounds exactly up my alley (interesting complex economic game). Take them as a guide, not a request.
I'll add a few more titles. Work travel has kept me off kilter for the past week or so. I'm also enthusiastically grateful for anything Santa chooses to send! Thanks Santa!!!

UPDATE 11-24-14: Thanks for your lovely note Santa! And the link to a holiday classic I haven't seen in faaaar too long! I'm thinking my SO (significant other laugh) and I will watch it the day after Thanksgiving...relaxing on the couch, nibbling on leftovers, and maybe sipping a glass of tawny port. What a wonderful idea! Thanks!!!

11-27-14: VERY EXCITING UPDATE: I received THREE GAMES! Kanban, a superstar on my wishlist; Planet Steam, which I'm very excited to try given what I've heard of the original; and Archipelago, which wasn't on my radar at all. I have to admit I was a little suspicious...then read up on the Geek about it...Santa I am BLOWN AWAY! This game looks EXACTLY like it's going to become a crown jewel in my collection! Thank you soooo much!!! Currently I'm rushing around the house getting turkey ready for this afternoon...and pausing every once in a while to admire the three new arrivals. Again, Santa, thank you for your generosity! Pics to follow on the Geeklist when I get a minute. Have a happy holiday!!!

UPDATE 12-3-2014: Pictures finally up! Thank you again, Santa! The post is at the bottom of p. 30 of the "Look What My Secret Santa Got Me" geeklist, #734. This has been a fantastic Secret Santa experience!

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