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Van Willis
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Random games from my collection:

I love board games and it is all my wife's fault. Since my wife doesn't care for video games she got me a board game, Pirate's Cove, for our 1st wedding anniversary. (Looking back on that gift I sometimes wonder if she would have changed her mind knowing how cardboard crazy I would become!) We wrangled everyone we knew into playing whenever we could since it was a 3+ player game. We had a great time and I still love the double-guessing involved in that title.

Fast forward to now. After years of cardboard evangelism I find myself the owner of a modest (i.e. small by BGG standards) collection of board games and the host of a small biweekly game night. Most of my gaming is with three different groups:

1) my wife- she is my main gaming partner. She is up for trying any game but leans more toward the medium/light weight euros.
2) a regular game group of friends that appreciate games with depth but probably have more fun with medium weight games (usually 5-6 players).
3) Coworkers that are up for some occasional lunchtime gaming (3-4 players).

After an initial sprint into acquiring and playing Euros I have found that my tastes are settling much closer to the thematic end of the spectrum. Even though my gaming time and budget is fairly limited I have found I would love to play a longer game as long as it is fun, thematic and immersive over a shorter Euro that is mechanically sound but lacks soul (whatever that means- I'm still having trouble defining it, the best I can do is give you an example, Mykerinos, great gameplay but I was always left feeling empty and a bit mathy at the end).

I am just about out of shelf space for my games and I really like the size of my collection-it is manageable and full of titles that I love. As far as game acquisition philosophy goes- these days I am looking to round out my collection rather than specialize in any particular genre or category. This may be the result of having been in the hobby long enough to start seeing most new games as like some other game I've already played.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly I am a proud father of three daughters, the oldest just starting to like to play games occasionally. I love music, poetry, photography and the outdoors (in addition to games of course). I work as a scientist/consultant by day and father by night, striving to rid the world of game geek aversion. I love my patient wife very much and love that gaming is a way for us to spend more quality time together.

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#9: King of Tokyo
#10: Terror in Meeple City
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