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Mrs. Kristin L. Johansen
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Mountain Grove
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Happy Thanksgiving!
I swear on my pretty floral bonnett...
Very happy newlywed with a new laptop as well so I can finally check BGG again! Also, touch-screen laptops? Wow! Finally being married to my sweetheart and best friend? One of the four most amazing things in the entire world.

Also? Shiny! Let's be bad guys...

About my family and I. Well, my sweetheart and I finally tied the knot after being together for over six years. We have three wonderful children (the kids consider him theirs and vice versa despite having a different biological father) ages 16, 14, and 12. Yes, that makes me old. We also have a wonderful 11-year-old nephew and 3-year-old niece that are pretty much 'my kids' as well. I love them the same, and we have them over all the time. We game with all five kids, but the oldest is definitely not a gamer. The rest of us are, though.

Currently I am homeschooling the children due to some medical issues, but I am a certified teacher for my profession, as is my wonderful husband. I teach at church, and I am a musician as well (vocalist and pianist my primary 'instruments') I love board games, video games, and RPGs. My husband is the best GM I've ever known, and if you need to get your RPG itch scratched, I recommend for PbP (better than play by forum because you literally post as your character with your character's name showing, not your website handle, and each character gets their own avatar, and GMs have tons of options), and/or Google Hangouts for VoIP (or Google Hangout + roll20 app), and of course the RPG side of The Geek for a copious amount of great info and PbF as well. For RPGs, my favorites are Serenity (Cortex system), Pathfinder, DnD 3.5 (preferably in The Forgotten Realms), and if I have to play Star Wars then Star Wars Saga Edition.

My favorite video game system ever is still my good old N64. Next best is my 360, then my awesome touch-screen laptop, then my original NES. I love playing games through Steam, and because of my ADHD I usually play on Steam while waiting for my turns to come in in games and/or my iPad while watching TV, so my 360 doesn't get used as much as it used to.

On, I use the same ID as I do here. On my iPad/iPhone, I am MJsBabyGirl (MJ = my husband's initials and a longtime nickname given to him by his friends and RP buddies). On Steam, I am DarthPrefect'sGirl (because his Steam ID is DarthPrefect).

My husband is
Marius Johansen
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I am so very blessed and lucky to have such an amazing man in my life to help me raise the children right. And he has made me the happiest I've ever been in my life. He makes me want to be a better person, and he makes it easier to be better. Unfortunately, he doesn't like this site yet as much as others, and he isn't as into talking about board games as much as I am, but he loves to play all games with me, and we have a great time together.

I am a lifelong, die hard St. Louis Cardinals fan. My daddy taught me to love board games with Battle for Germany when I was a child, and he taught me to play and love baseball in our backyard. He is a pitcher, I'm a second baseman. Ozzie Smith, Stan the Man Musial, Dizzy Dean, Bob Gibson, and so on, are some of my biggest heroes. Some of my current favorite players are Yadier Molina (Yadi!), Chris Carpenter (Carp!), Adam Wainwright (Wain-o!), and...well if I don't stop now I'm going to list the entire 2013 roster! Way to go Cards! We own the NL Central AND the entire National League! Champs 2013; league winners more than any other NL team. Now let's go sew up another Fall Classic, boys!

My favorite book is The Princes Bride for the comedy and action. I love action/adventure movies more than any other type, and I think Firefly was the best show on television ever, so I will leave you with the following bit of Firefly goodness:

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