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Jacco Versteeg
United Kingdom
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About me: Dutch librarian who moved to the UK in 2003. The things we do for love..... However, three months later that ended, and I still decided to stay in the UK. Haven't as yet regretted it.

Currently working as a Credit Officer, a whole new line of work for me. Well outside of my comfort zone, but my colleagues are utterly lovely and at the end of the day I still go home feeling like I've done a good job, instead of thinking 'I need a drink!', which has happened before with a job, although that was a long time ago and the job didn't last long.

Discovered the whole new range of board games in early 2006. I went to a friend's house, for a weekend of fun and watching the Eurovision song contest and having a laugh with all that. In the afternoon, they pulled out some Cheapass games. I was blown away: new boardgames that I'd never heard of? By this time I had heard of and played Settlers of Catan, but this really kicked things off for me. So, I went out to search for a bit, and found too much to comprehend! So many games!

In June 2006 I started a boardgame group, because at this time I was working in a job which paid me crazy money, and a lot of it went on new games. But I didn't have very many people to play with! The group became London On Board, and was a great success. When I moved from London to Oxford in December 2007, I handed over the management of the group. It is still going, and drawing in large crowds every game evening. I still feel slightly proud of that. However, with a bit of pressure from other interested parties, I started a new gaming group in Oxford in January 2009. To keep with the theme, Oxford On Board became the sister organisation of London On Board, and is currently running quite succesfully. In 2013 I handed over the reigns for that group, as I found that the organising started getting in the way of my enjoyment of gaming.

In October 2014 I found myself leaving good old Oxford for Cheshire and ended up in Crewe. Where I did start Crewe On Board, but it turned out to be a pointless exercise as there already was the Cheshire Boardgamers there. I just hadn't been able to find them.

Sofar, my collecting of games still outdoes my playing of them. But I'm catching up.

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A picture from 'The Killing Joke', a Batman comic. It is, of course, the Joker, and this is the moment where we first see the emergence of the Joker as he is currently known. I find it a really suitable image for me. I often question my own sanity, as my mind has a habit of playing tricks on me. Also, I express myself through laughter, which is very confusing for people. Even though every laugh is different (my laugh when I'm angry is different from my laugh when I'm happy), nobody ever understands it. Even so, where ever I am my laugh (my really enjoying myself laugh) will be famous.

Have a look in my gallery if you want to see what I really look like.

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Registration Date: 2006-08-22
Last Profile Update: 2015-07-26
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Country: flag United Kingdom
State: Cheshire
Town/City: Crewe
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