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I've enjoyed playing games for most of my life, and grew up with classic boardgames like Aggravation, Clue, Chess, Checkers, and Monopoly, plus a few standouts like Fireball Island, Dark Tower, The Omega Virus, and Thunder Road. During high school as I got busier with work and countless other activities (not to mention a lot of videogames) I drifted away from boardgaming a bit but it was never forgotten completely, and spontaneous games of UNO still occurred during study halls from time to time.

It wasn't until college that, thanks to a few friends (including a certain redhead), I discovered there were a lot more great games out there than what you could find on the shelf at Shopko, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, or any other big-box store. Guillotine and Carcassonne were the first two "Euros" I remember playing, but those quickly lead to countless others when my love of gaming really took off. I discovered Mage Knight Dungeons shortly thereafter, and to this day it remains my favorite collectible/miniatures game and the best dungeon-crawler I've ever played.

These days there are very few games I'd be unwilling to try and I enjoy playing almost anything whether it's a Euro cube-pusher, an Ameritrash dice-fest, a high-luck/low-strategy "Family Classic", or anything in between - even a Wargame or a Party game when just the right mix of opportunity, opponents, and time comes up.

Given a choice I prefer games that mostly favor strategy over luck but still have just enough randomness or uncertainty so that the outcome of the game won't be determined before you even start. Direct player interaction is often a plus but it's not always necessary, and some games are much more enjoyable without it.

I've really grown to love strategy games with deeply integrated themes more than those without. Merchants & Marauders and High Frontier take that to a level unmatched by any others, but numerous other games do it very well too.


My videogaming began early with a bunch of classic games on our Atari2600 (which I still own!), and soon after moved up to a Commodore64 with all sorts of great games, many of which have never been replicated in a modern version. We never owned a Nintendo or Sega system of any kind, but I still had plenty of time to try out the great early games for those consoles when visiting friends. As time went on and PCs got better, the majority of my home gaming moved to there. College saw a huge influx of console gaming, particularly with N64 and Gamecube stuff, but PC gaming was still where I'd find myself most, and even today it's where the vast majority of my video gaming occurs (I do own a first-gen X-Box and a Wii, but they don't get used much.)

Although I have played a few games online (most notably Interstate '76: Nitro Pack), for the most part I avoid that part and stick with offline play, or at most LAN/split-screen play with friends, so there aren't any obnoxious people to deal with.


Over the past couple years our daughters have really taken an interest in playing boardgames, and often we play two or three games in a single sitting. They struggle with some concepts yet, but have been very good at most of the games we've introduced them to so far. Every so often I'll pull out a slightly more complex game for the older one to try out, and while some aspects are still a little over her head she always puts up a very good effort.

The majority of my other gaming tends to be solo games using either existing solitaire rules (if they exist and are worthwhile), by using some solitaire I made up myself, or most often by playing two or more of the sides at the same time.

When I do get in the occasional play with other adults it's usually with my wife after our daughters have gone to bed, or two and three player games with some friends that live in the area.

Weekends will sometimes result in a few extra plays here and there during visits with or by family as most of them have been introduced to gaming through us; some have even proven to be quite good at it.

No matter where we are or who we're playing with, it's exceptionally rare for us to play games with 5 or more players simply due to lack of time and/or player availability.

We've played games many times on BSW and even some on VASSAL, but they're always with people we already know and always involve a Skype or Google Hangout connection. I have zero interest in the speed runs with random players that are apparently popular in online boardgames, so I never play that way.


I've been involved with a number of Play-By-Forum games at BGG, both as a player and as a moderator.
(The most recent games are at the top of each list.)

5) Werewolf - GQ WW 6
4) Merchants & Marauders - M&M PBF#2 - Buccaneers of Bluff Cove (Second ever PBF game for M&M. Ended about halfway through when some players had to drop out.)
3) Werewolf - GeekQuestions WW V (Using a custom ruleset I created that was inspired by the movie The Thing)
2) Merchants & Marauders - M&M PBF#1 - Coke or Piracy? (First ever PBF game for M&M. Fun, but a LOT of work!)
1) Werewolf - GQ WW 3.14: Werewolf Pi(e)?

11) Two Rooms and a Boom - 2R1B PBF#114: GeekQuestions Boom - Blue Team wins!
10) Werewolf - GeekQuestions 7 - A town called Malum
9) High Frontier - PBF#11 - Nowhere to go but Up (I played as ESA and managed second place, despite a really stupid mistake about halfway through and then die rolls kicking my ass for the rest of the game.)
8) High Frontier - PBF#9 - For All Mankind (I played as ESA)
7) High Frontier - PBF#4 - Up, Up, and Away (I played as the PRC and won!)
6) High Frontier - PBF#2 - Get It Off The Ground (Joined as a PRC sub near the end; scored 1 point)
5) Werewolf - GeekQuestions 4-c
4) Werewolf - GeekQuestions 4 (Evil won too quickly, so we went straight to a rematch. Suck it, village. We kicked your ass!)
3) Werewolf - GeekQuestions III
2) Werewolf - GeekQuestions II
1) Werewolf - GeekQuestions I


My "Top 10" list (over on the right side, if you're under the "Games" tab, or the banner immediately below) are the games I consider to be my favorites. They're roughly in order of my overall preference, although any of those listed can shift up or down a few spots depending on how recently I've been able to play them, the likelihood of playing them again in the immediate future, and sometimes just the way the wind is blowing. Regardless of their exact order in the list, those are the games that I will never turn down an opportunity to play and will often suggest when the question of "what to play?" comes up.

Top Ten:

If you're really poking around in my details you might notice that the list doesn't directly correspond to my full list of rankings. The reason is that while I do generally stick with the rating system provided by BGG, there are some games that get a slight nudge up (or down) in their rating simply because of their technical merits (or lack thereof). If one game has a particularly brilliant set of mechanics I might rank it just slightly higher than another that has some flaws, even if I personally might enjoy playing the latter more. My ability to get certain games to the table also has an influence because even the greatest game ever made in the entire universe is going to drop a bit if no one else ever wants to play it. Some games even get a slight boost because they've generated so many plays and so much enjoyment in the past, even if my actual desire to play them now is much lower than it once was.

My "Hot 10" list for board games are some that I really enjoy but for one reason or another simply haven't had the chance to play in a very long time. BSG has a permanent place in this list even when I do get to play it because for a game that good it's never often enough. The rest are in no particular order. If you're looking from the VGG side, this list is what I've been spending most of my time on lately. I usually like to play through most/all of a game before switching to something else, so this tends to be a pretty short list.
Hot Ten:


I rotate through avatars every once in a while, but here are the ones that have appeared most often.

This is my "standard" avatar, the classic G1 Transformer and King of the Dinobots.

Baby Charlock
An exceptionally awesome variation on Grimlock, created by the amazing Tony Baker to honor the birth of my first daughter. I've brought it back out for the births of her two younger sisters, and again when the youngest went through heart surgery.

Hank Scorpio, from the greatest episode of The Simpsons ever ("You Only Move Twice"). The upper one of the two (with the flamethrower) was my very first avatar here at BGG and it even appears on the box for the BGG Game, but since then a few other people on BGG have started using this one or slight variations, so it's doubtful I'll return to it anytime soon.

"Proper Dave"
This one served double-duty between the 2012 Halloween Avatar Contest and High Frontier PBF #4 (which I won). If you're a fan of Doctor Who, you should recognize it. "Hey, who turned out the lights?"

Milwaukee Admirals Logo (First used this for Halloween 2010)

Milwaukee Admirals Logo - Christmas 2010 Version

Below are two flag counters. They serve no practical purpose but they're neat to look at, which is reason enough for them to be here:

If you happened to come upon this page because you were looking for info on Pirates of the Spanish Main and my username looked familiar, yes, I am that Woelf, the Official Rules Arbitrator for the game... at least up until Wizkids shut down and production of the game ceased. If you have any questions about the rules of the game, take a look at the latest version of The Pirate Code (FAQ) and these Reference Diagrams, but if you can't find your answer in either of those feel free to contact me.

While you're poking around over there, also be sure to check out the custom scenario/ruleset I created called The Pirates of Catan.
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Top 10
#1: Merchants & Marauders
#2: Vast: The Crystal Caverns
#3: Mage Knight Dungeons
#4: Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas
#5: Robo Rally
#6: High Frontier
#7: Mice and Mystics
#8: Kings of Air and Steam
#9: Battlestar Galactica
#10: Pirates of the Spanish Main
Hot 10
#1: Battlestar Galactica
#2: Pirates of the Spanish Main
#3: Container
#4: Crimson Skies
#5: Wings of War: The Dawn of World War II
#6: Primordial Soup
#7: Wasabi!
#8: Stronghold
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