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Stephane Bassiaux
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As a kid, board games have been a great interest of mine, but the old-fashioned ones like Hotel Tycoon, The Game of Life, Scotland Yard, or later Trivial Pursuit, …
We were always taking numerous game boxes in the trunk of the family car when going on vacation.

Growing up, I played less and less, preferring video games. I enjoyed a game of Space Crusade now and then and mostly played RPGs like Call of Cthulhu (1st Edition), Vampire: The Masquerade, …

When I turned 20 (it was published in 1995), I heard about a new game called Settlers of Catan, but by then I didn’t want to involve myself with “children’s games” anymore, not knowing that the Board Game Revolution had just started, spearheaded by those cunning Germans

I eventually played it later in my 20s but it didn’t convince me more than that. It still is far from my favorites in the board game universe.
In the meantime, I bought some light card games like Elixir or Family Business, but they didn’t hit the table much.

For my 30th birthday, my sister-in-law offered me a card game named BANG!.
I was intrigued at first, then grew to like it, despite its flaws and started to organize game evenings at my place or at friends’. We played BANG!, the aforementioned light card games, Texas hold’em poker and the games my friends subsequently bought themselves, like Loot.

After a whole year spent addicted to a computer MMO (Atlantica Online), I finally kicked out of it and a good friend of mine,
mik kaze
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dragged me to the Outpost gamecenter in Brussels, where they host board game evenings every Tuesday night. There, I met a lot of very nice people and discovered, better late than never, the modern board gaming world.

I quickly fell in love with the hobby and acquired in three or four years a “modest” collection. I first bought the Great (and sometimes not so) Old Ones : Puerto Rico, Agricola, Caylus, 7 Wonders, …

However, my first purchase after joining the club and playing it there on a fateful evening was The Castles of Burgundy, which introduced me to Stefan Feld’s wonderful mechanics and multiple paths to victory.
He immediately became my hero, and I made a mission of trying all of his games. I now own many of his.

I became known as the club’s resident Feld fanboy but I don’t mind, I will wear that title proudly until he begins designing crappy games whistle

In the meantime, I became the proud father of two boys, Thibault and Julien, born in 2009 and 2013.
Thibault, my first kid, has seen me buying tons of new games and has always taken much pleasure punching out the tokens himself.
I’ve taught him very early that games components are fragile and he always handles them with much care, ever since he was 3 years old.

I’ve bought him some board games for his age and he couldn’t wait to be older to play with the grown-ups.
He’s been a big fan of King of Tokyo since he was 2 1/2 years old. I of course advised him which dices to reroll (and I always explain why), but he beats me almost every time by reaching 20 victory points, he’s so lucky with the dice

Oh, and my wife is by no means a gamer nor a geek, but she’s so nice to play with me once a week or so, and is very good at it, she beats me on a regular basis. She complains always having to learn different rules though, because, having a large collection, I like some variety in my gaming sessions.

My tastes in games have changed gradually, and although I almost can’t stand to play BANG! again - or many party games for that matter – I’m pretty eclectic.

You might have guessed, I love Euros, but I’m not against Ameritrash either. I own Arkham Horror and quite a few expansions, but I have trouble finding players who are not afraid to lose cool

I like co-ops as well as competitive games, but I always tend to play defensively and develop in my corner of the map. I don’t like direct conflict that much, I therefore see no point in games like Kemet, StarCraft: The Board Game or Small World for example. And I therefore don’t like wargames either. That’s why Feld is more my play style I guess.
That defensive/isolationist strategy of mine, more often than not, will cost me the victory in that kind of games, like Eclipse, but as long as I had fun playing, I don’t mind.

I’m anything but a sore loser. If I can win, I’ll do my best but otherwise, I’ll just have spent a great moment in the company of friends.

I also sometimes suffer from analysis paralysis, but I’m working on that (annoys the hell out of my wife, but she’s doesn’t play faster either anyway ).

Lately, I've been a Kickstarter addict and have backed no less than 44 board games and expansions. I'm trying to cut down on KS expenses though, also for lack of physical space at home...

My tastes have evolved again these past months, I play less Felds and I tend to look for games rich with theme. I also tend to favor games with dice.

In September 2014, I became an official reviewer for the French board games site www.ludovox.fr and I've been enjoying this tremendously, at last being able to share my love for games.
You can find me on that site with the same alias.

Favorite games (in no particular order) :
Puerto Rico
7 Wonders: Duel
The Castles of Burgundy
Stone Age
Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game
Lords of Waterdeep
Alien Frontiers
Super Motherload
Steampunk Rally
Galaxy Trucker
Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition)
Bora Bora
Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy
Port Royal

And there you go, that’s me in a nutshell.

Thank you BGG and cheers to the wonderful community of gamers !


Recently played games :

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