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Shayne Gray
United States
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Thank you so much for the games! I have posted to the geeklist and you can see it here.

Item for Geeklist "2015 Edition of Look What My Secret Santa Sent Me... (10th Anniversary Edition)"

Thank you Santa, I hope that you have a great holiday season with lots of games in your future!


I am not at home yet, I am at work But I am excited to go home to the package that will be waiting for me!

Thank you Santa!


Good to hear from you again! I am excited to see what comes! No hints are needed as your brother also named Santa has let her know that he will wait to see what comes for me on the 18th

Thanks again Santa! I hope your experience is as good

Santa, I got your tracking information! So excited to see what it is!

My wife
Bridget Gray
United States
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was contacted by her Santa, and turns out I have forgotten to move the games that are on her wishlist to 5's on my wishlist. I am glad that you are quick and so her Santa will be able to see what I got when I get it so she will not get a duplicate.


Wow Santa that is really fast! Each previous year I've had to wait quite awhile! This is quite the nice change!

I am very excited to see what shows up!

I will certainly take some pictures and post in the Geeklist about it!


I thought it was a great joke I was trying to make a joke in return hehe I should probably stick to my day job!

I really hope that I fall into your nice list this year!

About Me:
I got into gaming when I was young, first playing the original D&D red box back when it first came out. Did some Car Wars, Twilight 2000 and a few others. Moved into AD&D and BattleTech. Then it was onto Magic the Gathering. I started playing a lot of computer games on the c64 and the later on an IBM clone. Ended up doing some online game on MUDS (EoTL was the one I played) then gravitated to EverQuest (where I met my wife).

I did not get back into board gaming till the 2000's and the first game was Settlers of Catan. My wife (GF at the time) and I started playing it online and we enjoyed it so I purchased her a copy. That was oh, around 2002 or so. Settlers is one of my favorite games and I do not think that I will ever tire of playing it. Our second game was Puerto Rico, which we got introduced to at the first BOGA (Boardgamers Of Greater Akron) meeting in 2007. Since then, we get together with another couple pretty much every Friday and play games, taking turns picking the games. A few times a year we also host a game night and have anywhere from 6 to 15+ people participating. We also go to BOGA meetings to play on the second Friday and fourth Saturday of each month.

My top 10 contain my current 10 favorite games and my hot 10 contain my next 10 favorite games.

Top 20 Games

Recently Played

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Top 10
#1: Hansa Teutonica
#2: Terra Mystica
#3: Puerto Rico
#4: Pandemic
#5: Agricola
#6: Ticket to Ride
#7: Catan
#8: Eminent Domain
#9: Kingdom Builder
#10: Roads & Boats
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#1: Battlestar Galactica
#2: Dominant Species
#3: Ora et Labora
#4: Stone Age
#5: Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
#6: Letters from Whitechapel
#7: Macao
#8: The Resistance
#9: Railways of the World
#10: Thunderstone
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