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Hello and welcome to my profile.

I've been a gamer of one sort or another my entire life. When I was younger I mainly played video games, and my board game exposure was limited to mostly Risk and Monopoly. I found that I was always looking for ways to make those two games more interesting (adding extra rules, more pieces, etc.) but I didn't have the design capabilities to come up with anything very interesting.

I dabbled with D&D in high school, but never really found anyone to play with. An orphaned DM is a sad, sad thing. Nevertheless, I was content just to read through the rulebooks and imagine worlds and campaigns. I think I had more fun creating the worlds than I would have had DMing the game. High school was also when I was at my peak for video gaming playtime. I played mainly console games because my computer was pretty old, but I had a few older gems installed that I would always come back to.

Enter university. I stumbled across a group of friends that enjoyed games as much as I did and never looked back. We played endless hours of video games, had some D&D every once and a while and, finally, I purchased Settlers of Catan from my FLGS (I had been in before, but never bought anything). That game is what forever confirmed me as a board gamer. We played an innumerable amount through undergrad, and picked up new games every so often to add to the collection.

I play fewer games now than I used to because my time is less available. I have a pseudo-gamer girlfriend that enjoys some board games, but not video games. As a result, my video gaming has gone way down, but my board gaming has remained at a moderate level. I am really happy that I found this site, as it provides me with an amazing amount of information on games that are around.

My Top Ten:

My Top Ten list is a metric of my favourite games of all time. I only include “mature” games on my list – games that I have played enough times to establish a consistent opinion.

VGG Specific Information

There are a number of franchises/series with several games that I adore. On VGG, my Top Ten list is a combination of series/franchises that I love and individual games where the franchise/series either doesn't exist, or is a letdown compared to the individual game.

My Hot Ten:

My Hot Ten list is my list of games that I want to play right now. I try and update it approximately once a month, but I never know if that schedule will stick around. It combines games that I want to try as well as those that I am currently playing.


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Registration Date: 2010-05-13
Last Profile Update: 2015-02-16
Last Login: 2015-08-28
Country: flag Canada
State: Ontario
Town/City: Ottawa
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Steam Account: Ziilch19
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Wishlist   152
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Board Game Plays 1844 Total | By Month | Last 30 Days | Chronological
Board Game Expansion Plays 66 Total | By Month | Last 30 Days | Chronological
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Board Game Ratings 301
Average Rating 6.14
10 5   (1.7%)
9 14   (4.7%)
8 42   (14.0%)
7 77   (25.6%)
6 92   (30.6%)
5 34   (11.3%)
4 25   (8.3%)
3 6   (2.0%)
2 6   (2.0%)
1 0   (0.0%)
Board Game Expansion Ratings 27
Average Rating 7.23
10 1   (3.7%)
9 4   (14.8%)
8 10   (37.0%)
7 5   (18.5%)
6 3   (11.1%)
5 4   (14.8%)
4 0   (0.0%)
3 0   (0.0%)
2 0   (0.0%)
1 0   (0.0%)
Top 10
#1: Twilight Struggle
#2: Agricola
#3: Battlestar Galactica
#4: War of the Ring (first edition)
#5: Commands & Colors: Ancients
#6: Dominion: Intrigue
#7: Race for the Galaxy
#8: Merchants & Marauders
#9: Thunderstone
#10: Pandemic
Hot 10
#1: Agricola
#2: War of the Ring (first edition)
#3: Twilight Struggle
#4: Battlestar Galactica
#5: A Game of Thrones (first edition)
#6: Pandemic
#7: Magic: The Gathering
#8: Commands & Colors: Ancients
#9: Survive: Escape from Atlantis!
#10: Thunderstone
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