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Gaming history
I started gaming seriously in 1979 when I saw Avalon Hill's Battle of the Bulge in the local store (or rather THE store in Sweden). I bought it and learnt the rules by myself. I got hooked up with the local gaming scene during the 1980's, and played a lot of games. In 1991 I moved to another city in order to study and finally do a Ph.D. While moving back I decided that enough was enough and I eventually got rid of most of my games. Some five years later I changed my mind and got back into it. Now the hoard is piling up again...

Tastes in gaming
Wargaming in general, with some small doses of other games as well. I go more and more for lighter games in preference. In fact, I hate reading overlong rules. All of the gaming groups I engage in play huge games, so that is a problem. Recently I have played A World in Flames, Europa Universalis, Fire in the East, Empires in Arms and Here I Stand in my gaming groups.

As for gaming companies I hold an affinity of Avalon Hill, SPI and GDW. As for contemporary publishers GMT is at the top, with honorable mentions for MMP, OSG and Clash of Arms.

I have recently moved towards CDGs and area movement games from the Arnhem family. And I do believe that there are far more good games out now than ever before.

Top designer: Ted Racier.

The avatar
The logo for my favorite soccer team in a Pax Baltica unit. Had to go for the russkies as the colors match. Besides, I am not very nationalistic.

Outside life
I work as a professor in a Swedish university, season-ticket holder since 1994 with my soccer team (not very good unfortunately), spouse, son and daughter (soon to become geeks I hope).
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