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Simon Lundström
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Now who are these five?
Come, come, all children who love fairy tales.
Background / Board games
40 year old Swede, father of an 8 year old girl. I've been into board games as long as I can remember, and as a very active hobby since fall 2007. I started out as most people with Monopoly and Bondespelet (Swedish farmer game) but I never grew tired of them. I played some games now and then, but it was in 1994, with the introduction of Robo Rally, that I got into board gaming again. In 1998 (in Japan) I found out about Settlers and from thereon I bought a game now and then, perhaps some 5 a year. The interest laid latent, and was put on fire in 2007. It was during my searches then that I found BoardGameGeek.

Background / Video games
I was a fervent video gamer from the age of 10. My first video game memories are Colecovision and simple decathlon games for DOS. We had little money and I couldn't buy a system myself; I spent time in the arcade halls with Ghosts'n'Goblins and PacLand, and at times rented a NES. The first home computer I saw was a ZX Spectrum at my stepbrother's, where I played a lot of Jet Set Willy. I bought a Commodore 128 rather late (late 80s), and this was my big introduction to video games (it still works, too). With the introduction of the Amiga the video game interest cooled down a bit (I never bought Amiga nor PC), only to rekindle with Street Fighter II and Final Fantasy IV for the SNES. I bought games before I had the hardware, and was a Final Fantasy ultra-nut for years. (By this time my interest in Japanese comics had caused me to learn Japanese, so all my games and machines were Japanese releases.) My own SNES came late (1995), a PS the same year. N64 as soon as it was released in Japan. A Saturn in 1998, Dreamcast, and quite late a PS2. A year or so after the PS2 buy, my video game interest cooled down once more, only to be rekindled again in 2004 with the explosion of the market for Japanese home-made games. I became infatuated with the shooting game series "Shrine Maiden" and several other incredibly well-made fan-made games for Windows. From 2005 till 2006, I spent one and a half year playing World of Warcraft for hours a day, something I today consider as an important experience.
Currently favours WiiU as this generation's console, being more impressed with the gaming potential of a separate screen than by a thousandfold increased processor speeds and graphics engine of the PS4 (while that is very impressive too, but still).

Background / Role-playing games
RPG-wise I discovered Mutant when it was released in 1984, but never got a group. Played with one or two friends for years. Did touch some more during high school, but alas, never regularly enough. I still love that setting.
During my year in Japan 1998, I discovered the Japanese scene for RPGs and was fascinated my their game-oriented simplicity.
Shortly, I've always been wanting to play more RPGs than I've had the chance to. It's hard to get your pals together regularily now, at my age.

What board games do I like?
Board game wise, I am an omnivore, with a little weakness towards amerigames. Not that much a "take-that" mentality, though, I play for the immersive experience and the ride. I don't mind a completely random no-choice flavour game as long as it's a cool ride. Two-player no-luck abstracts is the only thing I cringe at, because I suck at them and I feel like an idiot when I lose at them. Favourites are Dungeonquest, the HeroQuest style games, Roborally, Galaxy Trucker and Agricola.

What RPGs do I like?
I have a weakness for RPGs that act more like games and less like simulations. I like general rules before specific rules, and interesting and non-intuitive die rolling systems where skill and stats play different roles. Not much fond of neither combat simulations nor games that focus on level'n'loot, more on narrative and an interesting setting. I prefer weird combinations of clichés, fairy tale or cute settings that don't have to resolve to comedy to work and that don't focus on combat. Give me an RPG where everyone plays furry animal spirits or decrepit old hags that can barely walk, and I'm on fire. Favourites are Monster Maker, Mutant and Blade of Arcana.

What video games do I like?
I've become tired of games that boast 100+ hours of play time; they start feeling like a chore. For non-instant games, my favourite play time for a game is 10-something hours. I love puzzle-action games, and the aesthetics of toned-down games that don't try to boast but are very well-made when you tilt the lid. Mastodont awesome coolness fail to impress me. Currently, I'm mostly playing stuff from the market of Japanese "dojin" (home-made) games for Windows, but I am back and forth replaying favourite games from my collection. Favourites are the Shrine Maiden series, Another World, Metal Gear Solid, Portal and Limbo.

My ratings
I rate on a 5 (6) grade scale:
5: Unforgettable Masterpiece
4: Amazing
3: Very entertaining
2: Good
1: Bad
0: Reserved for the utter piece of shits.

Comparing these to BGG's '7' is closest to my "Very entertaining", and BGG's '5' seems to be closest to my "Good". The rest is just extrapolated, so all my ratings are 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

My contributions here
Now and then I write some review for some obscure Japanese game that has no one's attention, but I think my most prominent contributions are my database additions, which in all three areas (BGG, VGG, RPGG) mostly consists of stuff from Japan (often home-made stuff, as I have a weakness for home-made things). I've also created some rules translations and some card pasteups/crib sheets for some of those games. Early RPGG I added quite some of the Swedish and Japanese RPGs, and I helped out during the VGG beta with C64 games and an unproportionally large amount of Japanese home-made video games.

Now, who are these five?
From left to right: Hikari Horaki from Evangelion, Hikaru Hiyama from Orange Road, Shinobu Maehara from Love Hina, Yu Morisawa from Creamy Mami and Akane Tendo from Ranma 1/2. During my time as a manga/anime fan, the five girls who have caught my heart the most.
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Top 10
#1: DungeonQuest
#2: Robo Rally
#3: Serenissima (first edition)
#4: Agricola
#5: Talisman (Revised 4th Edition)
#6: Return of the Heroes
#7: Galaxy Trucker
#8: Space Alert
#9: Space Hulk (third edition)
#10: Chicago Express
Hot 10
#1: DungeonQuest
#2: Galaxy Trucker
#3: Greedy Kingdoms
#4: Return of the Heroes
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