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Hey there Santa!

I'm excited to speak with you again and I just wanted to leave you a friendly message just to say Hi and let you know a little more about me. Since the last BGG Secret Santa alot has happened.

By the time you will read this letter my Daughter Lydia will have turned 4 years of age and will be starting school next year. She's a brainiac and such an adorable little girl. I've also got her started playing board games like Candy Land, Mouse Trap, Cardaline The AMAZEing Labyrinth and Tsuro. Mind you we don't always play by the rules where some are more advance than others but I'll have her playing half my collection in no time.

Also my wife and I are got married July 11, 2015 which is real exciting. We've known each other for 8 years and have been together for 5. She's my everything and thankfully also a gamer. Not to the same levels as me but she plays and lets me collect

So here's a teeny bit of additional info about me outside of the BGG site. I'm 34 years of age, I've spent 13 months in 2009/2010 hitchhiking across Canada and America reaching every province in Canada 1 of the 3 territories and 10 of America's 50 States, which also lead me to GenCon 2 times in a row which was flippin sweet! I have about 30-40% of my body tattooed. I also play RPG's but not many I've played DnD but only with a small group of friends. I'm trying to GM a game of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other Strangeness which I'm so pumped for.

I've also started my own youtube channel dedicated to gaming, right now it's only PC based video games and I still need to find my own comfort levels on cam. I will eventually be adding tabletop games but I just don't have the recording resources for that right now. However it has been coming along. Right now I'm trying to get scary videos up for the Halloween month. Feel free to give them a look. If you like what you see feel free to give me a thumbs up, comment or even share. www.youtube.com/ZomBenDerranged

I have to admit I have been a bit naughty this year though. If you look at my 2014/2015 involvement with BGG I've slacked off. I usually just get too caught up in the fun of gaming and it's too late for me to log my plays let alone lift my head.

Though I have rated every game I own I have filled out the comments later for everything on my wishlist. Hopefully that will help you and your elves with the shopping.

Some game styles I'd like to increase in my collection is games that can also be played solo because sometimes I can't get anyone to play a game and I'm always content to play solo if necessary, Co-op games are always fun, strange themed games, Modular board games, micro 5-20 minute games and anything similar to Betrayal where there is a lot of replay value such as multiple endings or a vs. element into it.

Anyway. Have a very merry Christmas Santa and I hope your Santa treats you well. Happy Holidays to you, your friends & Family.

ZomBen Deranged


Be ruthless with the taunting, it's fun on both sides. I'm one anxious person and if I know something is coming in the mail. I refresh my browser on my tracking numbers 5-10 times a day and check my mail box 3 times a day... OCD or ADD I don't know.

Also if you a fan of riddles. I suck at them, I'll probably have to cheat and get some help from somebody. More than likely good at
riddles but not gamer nerds.

I'm all for a challenge but a brain aneurysm is something I don't want for Christmas.

That being said...

ZomBen Deranged


2012 Secret Santa Haul

2013 Secret Santa Haul

2014 Secret Santa Haul

2015 Secret Santa Haul

Video Coming Soon


Also this is not so much special instructions, just extra info to possibly make me a more easier, affordable and manageable target.

If you choose to purchase locally for me to pick up myself I'm completely cool with that. My favorite comic/games shop locally is listed below.

Also I'm also fine with 2nd hand games that are in a fair condition. Especially where some of the games on my wish list are older, rare or out of print titles.

Downtown Comics
141 Duckworth St.
St. John's, NL
A1C 1E9

Owner and Operator:
Jason Conway
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