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Thomas De Wolf
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I am the Black Wizards
My hammer listened to Amon Amarth and became Mjölnir
My men are dying and I am crying but maybe if we throw more bodies at the enemy they will drown in our blood.

Top 5 genres

1/Cardgames (Living)
2/Wargames & Historical games
3/Civilization games
4/Thematics-Ameritrash & Dungeon crawls

Boardgame timeline

@7-15 : Heroquest, Space Quest, Key to the kingdom, Risk, Stratego, Chess, many other well known boardgames from Ravensburger and family of Monopoly, Hotel...

@15 year old I started playing Magic for a few years and picked up other ccg's : Vampire TES, Star Wars Decipher TCG .

@University i picked up playing Magic again. Played mostly with Mathijs.

I played Axis&Allies for the first time with Peter and Carcasonne with Ellen.
The point of no return started when I bought a copy of Settlers of Catan around 2004. I also replayed Heroquest with friends and tried a heavier game: Civilization the boardgame, but that one sucked.

@2005 i became bgg member.
Other better games followed in 2005 like Twilight Imperium , Arkham Horror , Age of Napoleon , Hannibal: rome vs carthage, Puerto Rico. Played mostly with Mathijs, Dries, Bram or Lawrence.
Dungeon Twister was a game we played frequently too.
Special mention goes to Twilight Struggle that I played many times with Dries.

@2006 I tried a new cardgame: Hecatomb but it didn't become popular and died. Also playing magic dwindled around 2006-2007/8.

At the end of 2007 I tried to pick up magic again with Heny but that dwindled too. I picked up some more heavy eurogames like Caylus and Agricola at that time. I played with Floris, Elisabeth, Bart, Bram, Mathijs, Dries.

@2008 Shadows over Camelot was really popular. I moved to a new appartment and so grew my collection too.

@2009 continued the trend with Le Havre, Descent...

@2010 the Red Ravens were founded with Ruben, Ben, Wouter, Erika, Jens. It all started with a game of Doom. Started collecting LCG like Warhammer Invasion. Most notable game: 7 wonders.

@2011 an exponential increase in playtime since I then joined the thunderbolts and met many other players. Took 4th place at boardgamechampionship in Lokeren. Visited Speltafel weekly. Played some epic nights at Jens old house.
Notable games: Yggdrasil, Lnoe, ghost stories, troyes, alien frontiers, small world, lotr lcg, space hulk, a few acres of snow, rattus, BoW, (notable game not owned: dixit)

@2012 The Ravens did a 24h boardgameplay. Regular play with hardcore boardgamers. Red Ravens grew with new players like Kim, Sascha, Seen (we lost Wouter though). Most fascinating game: Eclipse.
notable games: Yomi, Wiz-War, Cyclades, 1989, Hive, Descent, Rex, CO², Libertalia, Tzolk'in.

@2013 year started with addiction to Netrunner. Notable games : Android, Kemet, Polis, Mage Wars, the Great Zimbabwe, Manhattan Project, Trains, X-wing miniatures game, Star Wars LCG (notable games not owned: Terra Mystica, Concordia).
We have some new Red Ravens prospects : Jonathan, Alain, Irina, Jeroen, Gaetan.
A new boardgamestore in Ghent is opened and the owner Stefan is the best most enthousiast boardgameshop owner ever. Started with weekly game nights of the Spelgezel in july.

@2014 Notable games : Robinson Crusoe, Tash-Kalar, Earth Reborn, Archipelago, Warhammer Conquest, Sons of Anarchy, Patchistory, Mysterium (notable games not owned: Sekigahara, Lewis & Clark, A study in Emerald)
Visited spelclub 'De Strateeg' with much nice and funny people to play with. Will visit again soon. Did a 24h challenge with Jens. Started a RPG Dark Heresy with the Red Ravens.

@2015 Started Imperial Assault + Descent 2 campaign. Memorable plays : StarCraft, Eldritch Horror. Notable games : Abyss, C&C: Napoleonics, Armada, Marco Polo, Star Realms, Churchill, Blood Rage, Agot 2nd ed, Legend of the 5 Rings, Fury of Dracula, Trickerion, Claustrophobia, WHQ-cardgame ;
Worst 2015 : Castle Ravenloft, Hyperborea, Witcher

@2016 Notable games : Pandemic Legacy, Pax Porfiriana, Level 7 Omega Protocol, Race Formula 90, SW: Rebellion


In the mood for playing:

Agot LCG (2nd)
Warhammer Conquest
Race Formula 90
Level 7 OP
SW: Rebellion
Pax Porfiriana
Pax Pamir
Defenders of the Realm
Eldritch Horror
Twilight Struggle

Games in collection not played yet:

Fire in the Lake
Here I stand / Virgin Queen
Paths of Glory
Pax Pamir

Looking forward to:

Hands in the Sea
Chronicles : origins
First Martians


Raiders of the North Sea
Carson City Horse expansion
Myth journeyman
Defenders of the realms
Blood Rage
The Others

Might want to give a try:

Ashes : Rise of the phoenixborn

Boardgameclub - The Red Ravens

Chairman : Ruben
Secretary: Me
Soldiers : Ben, Kim, Jonathan, Jens, Wouter, Seen, Thomas K
Prospects : Alain, Sascha, Michiel
Visitors : Irina, Gaetan, Jeroen, Luc, Femke,
Abram, Caroline, Willem, Kevin, Sophany, Joris, Koerian, Vincent
Supporters : Eefje, Karim, Ruben dG
Honorary founder, lost in time and space : Erika

Base of Operation : Worlds End Comics, Gent

Member of The Thunderbolts Gent
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Town/City: Gent
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Top 10
#1: Android: Netrunner
#2: Twilight Struggle
#3: Chaos in the Old World
#4: Polis: Fight for the Hegemony
#5: Churchill
#6: Rex: Final Days of an Empire
#7: Kemet
#8: Commands & Colors: Napoleonics
#9: Warhammer 40,000: Conquest
#10: Mage Knight Board Game
Hot 10
#1: Pax Porfiriana
#2: Warhammer 40,000: Conquest
#3: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
#4: Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization
#5: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
#6: Blood Rage
#7: A Game of Thrones: The Card Game (Second Edition)
#8: Churchill
#9: Android: Netrunner
#10: Commands & Colors: Napoleonics
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