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SANTA UPDATE 2015:[/b]
My fiancée and I opened the mailbox today and I could not drive home fast enough to open the Amazon box we found inside!
We totally opened the package, by the way. No regrets.
While she was extremely pre-occupied with the Adventure Time Love Letter and The Little Prince: Rising to the Stars, I made a mad dive for the bubble-wrapped copy of Abyss I found!
Ohhhh, sweet, gaming goodness..!
Santa, whoever you are (and I tried to find any information tidbits on your identity that I could, just so you're aware), you've made us the happiest gamer-targets this year...
From the bottom of our hearts, both my fiancée and I thank you, and hope that you have a spectacular holiday and a joy-filled new year...
Our Best,
Anthony and Heather

C We LOVE trading games!
I prefer a GeekMail instead of just a trade proposal, but I try my best to work something out.
Simply put, if it's on my For Trade list, it's available!
There's a red button-link to our trade pile under our avatar~

C We like keeping a geeklist of mini-reviews on every game we've played.
Nothing in-depth, but we know what we like, and we hope our opinions help other couples with their gaming decisions!
There's a purple button-link to that under our avatar as well~

~Our (Combined) Top 10~
The left side are her current favourites...
The right side are my current favourites...

~Our Hot 10 are the games we're most interested in acquiring~

And, because it was asked for in Secret Santa 2013...
(From the top-left, going clockwise)

Buttercup, Willow, and Cornflower
Rumble and Ten
Slater (R.I.P. "Bub" -2015)

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Registration Date: 2010-01-14
Last Profile Update: 2016-04-18
Last Login: 2016-05-04
Country: flag United States
State: Florida
Town/City: Clermont
Website: http://youtube.com/monochromechoes
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Top 10
#1: Octopus' Garden
#2: Magical School
#3: Takenoko
#4: Zooloretto: The Dice Game
#5: If Wishes Were Fishes!
#6: Kingsburg
#7: Tokaido
#8: City of Iron
#9: Above and Below
#10: Soulfall
Hot 10
#1: Waggle Dance
#2: Finca
#3: Terror in Meeple City
#4: Millennium Blades
#5: CV
#6: Dale of Merchants
#7: Kodama: The Tree Spirits
#8: Loony Quest
#9: Lanterns: The Harvest Festival
#10: Raptor
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