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I have been gaming for about 9 years now and I don't see myself stopping any time soon. I regularly game with friends and have run more than a few gaming groups over the past few years. I love to win, but I love just playing more than anything. I often will try a strategy, just to see what will happen.

I'm open to trades and actually quite enjoy making trades. I don't have much to trade at the moment, but maybe we can strike a deal. PM before making a proposal.

01. When did you join BoardGameGeek?


02. When did you start recording your game plays?
I don't record plays, I let history remember my victory.

03. Where do you live?


04. Where is the furthest place you have lived from your current home?

05. Do you have any pets?

Two little bunny rabbits. Buster and Ozwald.

06. Is anyone from your game group also on BoardGameGeek?

You know what, I don't know. I should talk to those guys.

07. What are your hobbies ourside of BoardGameGeek?
Little motor bikes, fitness, video games, disc golf.

08. What is your favorite reading material?

The Dresden files series by Jim Butcher. Terrific fun.

09. Where do you play your games?

My house. I have heard my friends own homes, but they never host game nights...

10. What is your current favorite board game?

Lords of Vegas, but Pandemic Legacy was pretty great.

11. What is your favorite game type?

Negotiation games with hidden information.

12. What is your favorite party game/activity?
Panic on Wall Street. It's deep enough for gamers and loud enough for non-gamers.

13. What is your favorite abstract game?
Not really a fan of abstract games. Does Hive count? I like Hive.

14. What is your favorite wargame?

Heroscape. I'm sticking to this answer.

15. What is your card based game?
7-Wonders. But in general I am not a fan of card games.

16. What is your favorite print and play?

Weilong, my copy is pretty good. The box needs work though.

17. What is your favorite game theme?
Sci-Fi for sure. Organized crime is a close second.

18. What is your most prized board game?

Niagara. I know it's an odd choice, but it is out a print and the waterfall board really pulls people to the table. My copy has seen some wear but I still love it.

19. What is your favorite RPG?

Sythicide. Hopefully it will make it to market some day.

20. What is your favorite Videogame?
Starcraft. I dedicated years of my life to that game. Almost failed college because of it.

Name: Darren is my civilian name. I don’t really have a nickname. Nothing has ever stuck.

Username: A subtle salute to my hometown.

Avatar: The pinnacle of culinary excellence. The Cincinnati Cheese Coney.

Age: in my 30’s. Look like I’m in my 20’s

Family: Just me, the wife, and our two elderly house rabbits.

Work: Professional project manager. That’s right, I play a real life Euro game every day.

Residence: A boring house, on a boring street, in a boring post WWII neighborhood. I love it.

The battle wagon, a 18-speed road bike, and occasionally a 1980 Dialex EZ-rider moped that runs like a can of angry hornets.

Beverages: coffee, coke zero, local craft brews. There’s so much good local stuff that I never drink the national brands any more.

Favorite food: Barbeque. I love smoked meat and bbq sauce.

Non-game interests: Cycling, I am a weekend warrior rider. I have ridden a century ride. Nearly everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. But I made it.

'Secret' obsessions: Men's fashion. I try to be the best dressed person in the room.

Facebook: yes, but I keep it small. Maybe 70 friends. My Instagram is for the world.

How I found BGG: I don’t even remember. Probably through “Board Games with Scott”

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