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Nuno Gonzalez
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Arrived late to the fantastic world of wargames.

I am essentially a fan of military history and see the wargames as an expansion of that enthusiasm. Nevertheless I value more gameplay than simulation and don´t care about games with intricate, complex and sometimes clumsy mechanics that supposedly wish to replicate warfare realities. When I want living detailed experience about a battle or campaign I read a good book or go elsewere.

Fond of elegant “EuroWargames” designs like Friedrich or 2 de Mayo.

Admirer of Martin Wallace thematic Games.

With some exceptions, fully fumbling multiplayer games incorporating diplomacy. I avoid them!

Currently, I am fortunate in having two playbuddies with I can play and who do not care to explore the same game / scenario several times in order to have a better understanding of the design.

Some defining moments of my BoardWargame Life:

1995: Bought my first wargame with beehive gride (hexes):White Eagle Eastward (S&T). Nobody to play with,

2005: Start playing miniatures wargames using DBM and DBA with local group,

2006: First contact with people (grognards) living near me that played the mythical games with grids in honeycomb form,

2006: Found a lot of games from Command Magazine (XTR)and buy all them 2nd hand,

2007: Discover of BGG,

2007: First contact with german games aka Euros (Puerto Rico, Power Grid, Caylus and many others),

2007: Hannibal. Rome vs Carthage (Valley Games ed.),

2007: Playing continuously all kinds of wargames in various systems (hex, area, blocks, card driven, etc, etc),

2008: Discovered an online boardgame store in neighboring Spain. Beginning of my wargame collection,

2009: Victory Point Games & discover of Napoleonic20 system,

2010: First contacts with old classics from SPI, Victory Games, Avalon Hill with games like: Blue & Gray (SPI), Napoleon at War (SPI), etc; lots of games using Ar, Dr, and Ex,

2010: Across Five Aprils from VG,

2010: Combat Commander (GMT)- A milestone in my wargame life,

2010-2011: Stonewall in the Valley (AH): Small scenarios and Campaing (several months playing it)

2011-2013: Playing lots of old SPIs in Hexwar,

2014-2015: Centenary of the First World War: Currently playing (and reading) a lot of WW1 stuff.

2015: Stumble in the Ted Raicer 2006 game: The First Word War published by Phalanx.

Twice a Month I play Euros (aka German games) with a couple of Ex Groganards who don´t play wargames anymore (sad fate, poor guys!).

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