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2015/11/16 - part 2

Hey Santa!!

Yeah Imperial Assault is cool too, we started the campaign but we stopped playing for lack of time. I liked it, but I felt their was not enough customization possible for our characters and just couldn't understand how Vader had been in the corner of the room all this time and we just didn't see him there

4. Which color do you play if you have first choice?
Definitely green!

5. How do you decide who starts your games?
Usually use the suggested in the game. If there isn't one, a dice roll is classic. We've used Start Player also. Had some good laughs with this one

6. How do you break a tie game?
If the game specifies a tie breaker, we'll use it. If not, I'm perfectly happy with a tie game. One of my friend is ALWAYS looking for tie breakers ...

I'm really enjoying the BGGSS experience. Great first year!

Have a good day!




Hey Santa!!

You DO exist! I knew it!

Here are the answers you've requested!

1. Your first Eurogame
If you mean the first I bought, if I remember correctly it was Ticket to ride after a friend of mine introduced me to the hobby but 7 Wonders is the first one I bought without any "outside help"

2. Your favorite non-Eurogame
Right now ... I would have to say X-Wing, we play a lot. We even have small tournaments at work. Zombicide is not far behind. I'm waiting for the Black Plague version to come in

3. The game you last played
Last friday, we played "Nuns on the Run". Was my first time playing it and I wasn't very good. Apparently my brain thought some of the rules were not important Was still fun. Next game will be different

Hope my answers are to your satisfaction


Dear Santa,

This is my first year joining the BGG Secret Santa and I have to say I just can't wait for it to start! I'm not sure what I should tell you so I'll tell you a bit about myself. I live a Quebec City (Canada) with my longtime girlfriend and we have a 19 months old little girl, her name is Delphine (she looooooves dices!). Right now, we are selling our house in order to move back in the region of Montreal (where we came from).

I'm a business analyst that was lucky enough to work in a place where a large group of gamers also work. So we play almost everyday at lunch time. We played a lot of Zombicide and X-Wing. From time to time we bring some other games that requires a little more thinking, but not too much since we have to timebox to an hour. My college friends (yes, we still hangout after 20 years) are also gamers. We mainly play deck building and worker placement games. I'm also a huge Batman and Star Wars fan.

So ... my wishlist pretty much speaks for itself. I'm open to other games that I wouldn't have thought of but I don't like the Agricola type games (yes it's a worker placement but with all that ressource management it's just not fun for me) and games like Galaxy Trucker.

One last thing ... I really like promos. Anything that has an exclusive feel to it, I like ... it's the collector in me I guess

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