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Bruce Gibson
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Never refuse to do a kindness unless the act would work great injury to yourself, and never refuse to take a drink-under any circumstances.
I've been taking a picture a day for 4 years now and it became a bit of a chore to find one thing of interest every day, so this year I'm doing the games I play, the beer I drink, places we go on vacation and random other stuff. Check it out ,if you want.

An Open Invite
If you're ever spending time in Southern Alberta and looking for a game or two , give me a shout. Cindy and I are always willing to share our time..and games..and beer.

About My Avatar It's a picture, done by an artist from Haida Gwai, of Raven Stealing The Light. Ever since we traveled there,back in 1992, I've had a fondness for the trickster Raven. The legends and mythology of the Haida are rich, colourful and entertaining.

About Me Youngest of five children and only boy; my sisters always told me I was spoiled.

True enough.

I've lived in southern Alberta all my life and I can't imagine not seeing those lovely Rocky Mountains only a couple of hours away.

After working steadily since 1976, I now work part time (31 hours/week) and spend more time doing things that make me smile. Playing games, hiking in the mountains, watching old television shows on DVD, playing golf and especially just spending time with my wife.

Oh, and drinking beer. Yeah, drinking beer is good too.

When not playing games, I'd like to travel. We've only managed to get to Europe for a 3 week trip to Wales and Scotland and Normandy, but we plan to return this summer and spend a little Tim. Hawaii is a favourite winter destination. We've been to the Big Island ,to Maui and to Kauai and love the land, the climate and the people.

New Zealand, too, was a great place. Enjoyed the places and the people. Played games with some great Kiwis!
And BGG.Con, of course. We have gone for 8 years now and we plan on being there every year.

About Family I met my wife on the first day of a part time job I took while I was in school and a few years later , we were married. That was almost 40 years ago. My how time flies.

She recently was "retired" from a career that had lasted almost 30 years at one consulting company, so she is adapting to life without deadlines.

We have two daughters; one having completed her Masters in Occupational Therapy and is continuing her previous work with children with Autism.

The younger daughter is working as a project manager for the same consulting firm her mother used to work at(in a different city and on her own merit). Surprisingly, she even worked on a project that entailed cleaning up 1950's construction sites in the Arctic that her Grandfather had actually worked at!

I even have a grandson now,Lucas Henry, and am looking forward to gaming with him as he grows up.

Two daughters as loving and caring and intelligent and giving as their mother.

How we manage to produce children that exceed us is a fascinating thing.

About Games Firstly, I have two good friends who have been gaming with me since time began. Or at least since the early 1970's. I remember playing hours of table hockey, running the NHL schedule and tracking stats.

I remember marathon games of Milles Bornes and Stock Ticker and then the discovery of Avalon Hill. Games of Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and Panzer Blitz eventually gave way to wife-friendlier games like Fortress America.

These two friends have continued to play games with me through four decades (maybe because I don't win that often) and even some of our like minded adult children (and their significant others) have become part of our monthly gaming group.

So our gaming tastes have changed over the years but no matter what; Euro or Abstract, Plastic or Wood, our goal is to have fun.

But it's my wife who is my main gaming partner and I've been lucky in that she'll try just about anything.

She is as much a collector as I am, refusing to leave a gamestore without at least one game. And when registration for BGG Con opens, she is checking to make sure I register in time. Great people, great fun.

I've also been lucky enough in the past couple of years to have met several different couples with an interest in games and have begun to game with them on a semi-regular basis. Without games I probably wouldn't have met them and my life would have been less because of it.

Isn't it great what joy comes just from playing games?

My Top Ten are games I really would like to play this month. My Hot Ten are what I had the most fun playing last month.

But things change...don't they.

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Top 10
#1: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
#2: Orléans: Invasion
#3: The Gallerist
#4: PitchCar
#5: Concordia: Salsa
#6: TurfMaster
#7: La Granja
#8: Kraftwagen
#9: Scoville
#10: Inca Empire
Hot 10
#1: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
#2: Grand Austria Hotel
#3: Istanbul
#4: Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game
#5: Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 5 – United Kingdom & Pennsylvania
#6: Deep Sea Adventure
#7: The Gallerist
#8: The Golden Ages: Cults & Culture
#9: Favor of the Pharaoh
#10: Tsuro of the Seas
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