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Updated 12/13/2015

Secret Santa Update 11: Forbidden Dessert arrived on Friday and I'm super thankful. I've had my eye on that for so long but just never budged for some reason. Thanks again for making this a special holiday.

Secret Santa Update 10: Hey Santa. No, I'm very happy with my gifts but it's been a trying time these last few weeks with my family. I really do apologize for not updating as I am very thankful. I haven't even been able to take the shrink wrap off the two games. Once again, I'm very sorry I haven't updated here or the main geek list. You really didn't have to send another gift but I genuinely do appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Secret Santa Update 9: St. Louis shipping address means one thing: Miniature Market. Cant wait.

Secret Santa Update 8: Yay! Super excited! Are they shipping all the way from your country or did you go with a US seller? Just curious so I can anticipate their arrival (I'll be out of town here and there over the next month). I'm sure you chose well with your gifts so I'm certainly excited!

Secret Santa Update 7: Never mind, I've figured it out!

Secret Santa Update 6: I'm just lost now. I thought maybe Florida when you said alligators, then I started thinking about Costa Rica (because its close to Panama and that brings up Panamax), and then I started thinking about your avatar and user name and still can't figure it out. I also tried every potential microbadge including the dogs not kids one. Kanban is a Japanese thing but the designer is Portuguese. Madeira is also a river so I thought maybe Brazil. I feel like an idiot at this point. I don't know.

Secret Santa Update 5:

You've thrown me for a loop! I've determined you're from Portugal given the location of Madeira and the fact the other 2 games' designers are from Portugal as well. Let me first say that I'm incredibly jealous! Lisbon is up there in my top 5 places I want to visit. I've heard nothing but great things about your country.

However, now that I've determined where you're from, I'm still having trouble determining who you are! I went through every single page of people with the secret santa microbadge (there are 60 pages if you were curious) and then looked for the Portugal flag. Then, I opened each of those profiles to see what games they owned or how high they rated Trajan. Then I got to thinking that you mentioned that your username/ avatar are sort of related to Iceland and that really threw me off. Then I looked for people who had NHL related microbadges, then people with X-Files microbadges. Still, nothing.

Long story short, even after going through all of the profiles and spending nearly an hour digging, I still haven't figured it out! I'm usually really good about investigating but the lack of search criteria for users has made this a tough task, santa!

Secret Santa Update 4:

You have Endeavor!? I decided to look at the list of all of the people who owned Endeavor and then I tried to look for people who didn't live in the United States, moreover, somewhere warm. Unfortunately, there are nearly 2000 people who own the game so I gave up after about the 10th page of users. I found one person who I thought might be you but they didn't own Trajan, which was disappointing. That said, I still have no idea who you are! I'm not sure if you're posting in the Secret Santa threads at all and if you are, I'm so lost! Lol.

Really jealous of your warm climate. It's getting really cold around these parts and I'm sure snow will be with us in the next week or so. I can't stand the snow!

Looking forward to seeing what the leprechauns are up to!

Secret Santa Update 3:

Leprechauns eh? Hmm....Well, elves and leprechauns are probably friends so I guess that works. My wishlist should be finalized now with a couple of last minute changes thrown in after some thinking. Now I'll try to decipher your clues:

1) My native language is not english

- I had a feeling this was the case. Your English is great but there were a few sentences that made me wonder

2) My favorite game is Trajan

- That's a very solid choice! I definitely put Trajan up in my top 5 as well. I've played it well over 100 times but I still haven't solidified a perfect strategy. Easily Feld's most unique design.

3) I went to Essen Spiel this year but i had to cross the Atlantic.

- I'm jealous! The Atlantic eh? That means you're either French Canadian, Mexican, South American, or from Africa. Well, at least I think those are the only possible places.

4) My favorite book is Lord of the Rings

- Another solid choice. The Hobbit was always near and dear to me growing up.

5) My BGG avatar and nickname have strong connections with Sigur Ros and Bjork but i live far away.

- My guess is a picture of Iceland or something similar but gosh, finding that on BGG sounds impossible! Maybe I'll try some digging tonight.

Thanks Santa!

Secret Santa Update 2:

Well, well. I'm not entirely sure if you wanted me to reply to your e-mail directly, update my profile, or answer the questions on the Secret Santa thread so I'm going to do all 3. Here are the answers to your questions:

1)Which animal do you prefer? Whale or Chinchilla

- The answer here is Chinchilla! As much as I love whales (and I'm sure you did some digging and found some questionable names) it's in a joking matter. They're majestic animals but I have a genuine love for chinchillas. I had a family of 4 of them until recently (moving stinks) and they were all great. The softest, friendliest bunch you'll ever meet.

2)Where i can find the ancient book of Necronomicon?

- If you still have a local video store, may I suggest renting The Evil Dead? Your answer lies within that film.

3)Best inspirational music: Bjork or Sigur Ros?

- Ooh, good question. They're both pretty inspirational in their own right but I feel like Sigur Ros played over the top of a montage of people doing inspirational things makes way more sense. Bjork tends to scare people, unfortunately.

4)Pick a movie: Sunshine or Never Let me Go?

-Sunshine, without a doubt. Absolutely love Danny Boyle films. Carey Mulligan is really great in Never Let Me Go, however.

5)If you decide to move from South Dakota: Florida or Oregon?

- While the weather is more my style in Florida, my heart has always been in Oregon. Some of the nicest people I've ever met and some of the best scenery I've ever....seen. Love, love, love Oregon!


Well hello there Santa!

I don't chat a lot? Hmm... I guess I'm a little off and on with my forum posts but I'm around! Speak when spoken to, right?

Thanks a ton for sending a message right away! My 3rd year doing Secret Santa and you're the first person to send a message within a week. This makes me oh so happy!

My wishlist should be up to date but I'll do a quick look over this afternoon to double check. As you can tell, I'm a bit of a Euro head (Feld fanatic) but I do branch out a bit too! Glad to hear we have similar tastes.

Lastly, I should mention that I'm not opposed to used games so long as they're in good condition. I'm someone who doesn't have much expendable income so I've come to appreciate all forms of board games. laugh

Thanks again and taunt away. I love it!

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