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The die is cast.
You say OCD like it's a bad thing.
I've been trying to spread my game ratings out rather than have them all clumped between 6-8. Since 5 is average, I've been revising a lot of games ratings downward.

Daniel Karp's (Dakarp) alternative rating scale which helps spread out the distribution some:

10: Outstanding game. One of my all-time personal favorites.
9: Excellent game. Always a pleasure to play. Shines under most circumstances.
8: Very good game. Rarely disappoints me. High on my request/recommend list.
7: Good game. Usually willing to play. I might even request or recommend it.
6: OK game. Some fun or challenge at least. Enjoyable in the right circumstances.
5: Average game. I'm indifferent, but may be willing to play.
4: Below average game. I avoid playing and would need to be persuaded.
3: Poor game. Will strongly resist playing.
2: Very poor game. I refuse to play this.
1: Dead game. Seriously negative entertainment value. Black Hole of Fun.

My hot list are the games I'm most looking forward to playing. These games tend to be heavier games that I've been itching to play, because it's harder to find the time and people willing to play some of these. The easier shorter games eventually find their way onto the table and get off of the hot list. Score Four in my Top 10 is based on the fact that when I am with my niece Leandra, we will play at least five games of this every day.

Grew up in Alaska and spent a lot of time indoors playing boardgames during the winter. Still enjoy playing games with some of these same people when I go back home, and love the fact that I can introduce them to some of the newer games. To help confirm my geek credentials, my checked luggage on the last Alaska trip consisted of plastic 12 gallon totes filled with board games. And my friends were excited by this!

I have a great regular gaming group that I play mostly euros with, and play other games on an ad-hoc basis. With euros I play mostly for the social aspects, but for other games especially two player games, I am more serious about who wins. I enjoy history, and my weakness is for games with a strong historical theme. Expect to see several games in my rankings due to this that may repel most people.

Recently I've gotten into Vassal as a way to play longer wargames, and have really been enjoying the experience.

My 9 year old niece who lives in Munich/Munchen loves playing boardgames with me and I love playing them with her. In fact from her perspective most waking moments of my life should be dedicated to playing games with her. I've tried to give several games that I play with her alternative ratings based on how well she enjoys them.

My real life arch nemisis is Seth, aka Witheredhand, who is always up for some of the more direct conflict area control (non-euro) games. There are few things better than throwing trash talk at him during the game and giving him a good spanking in the end. Witheredhand is the originator of the "But it's a defensive attack" school of boardgaming strategy. Surprisingly enough, at least to him, this has resulted in the alternate strategy of "kill Seth" being taken by multitudes of his boardgaming opponents.

Latest Seth saga was a Napoleonic battle:
Seth meets his Waterloo

See Seth decisively crushed: Seth learns you need to do other things than attack in Wallenstein.

For those wanting more, see Seth go down in flames over France:
Wings of War - Seth augers in with his Albatross.

Most of my games are face to face, but I also log online Vassal games which are too long to play face to face in one sitting (typically wargames). When I play a game with an expansion I only log the expansion as a game played. I assume that the base game is played whenever the expansion played. This way I keep my total games played accurate.

My current rationalization is that I'm going to be able to get to some of these games when I retire, but every time I buy another one it puts off retirement that much longer. And besides, everyone takes up golf when they retire, don't they?

Games I spent the most time playing in 2008 (this is different than most played):

Mostly for my own amusement.
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2009 Feb 4th - Copper Geeklist award.

Alea iacta est - according to Suetonius, what Caesar said when he crossed the Rubicon. This translates as "The die is cast", or "the die has been thrown".

My current avatar is from Le Franc-Tireur and is used with the consent of the publisher: Xavier Vitry

For those still reading, here is a link to a webpage showing the annual Charles S. Roberts awards for best wargames designs.
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Top 10
#1: EastFront II
#2: Agricola
#3: Star Realms
#4: Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
#5: Twilight Struggle
#6: Friday
#7: Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #1
#8: Kremlin
#9: Eclipse
#10: Lost Cities
Hot 10
#1: Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization
#2: Fields of Arle
#3: Star Wars: Imperial Assault
#4: Castles of Mad King Ludwig
#5: Asia Engulfed
#6: Android: Netrunner LCG
#7: Terra Mystica
#8: Mage Knight Board Game
#9: Where There Is Discord: War in the South Atlantic
#10: Caverna: The Cave Farmers
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