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OMG Santa!

This is too overwhelming! I just received all 3 packages today. Two were delivered to my office by World of Board Games and Boardgamelifestyle.

Airlines Europe and Lords of Vegas are wonderful additions to our collection.
Santa has great taste indeed!

We collected Tumblin-Dice package from the post office after work just now. The biggest package and surprise was the Tumblin-Dice. My wife and I are elated! Never in our dream do we expect such a generous gift. We have been looking to buy this for very long time and we even had our USA friend to try to help us buy from USA and he also couldn't find in his local stores.

Tumblin-Dice comes just at the right time as we have a gathering with my wife's ex-schoolmates this Sun at our house. I'm sure everyone will love it! Can't wait to play!

Santa, you are so very wonderful1 and kind! Thank you is not enough to express our heartfelt appreciation. It's so very generous of you! I'm very blessed to have you as my 2nd Santa after my first Secret Santa back in 2009. I took a 4 years break as we were running out of space but we have since added another 2 more shelves.

Nevertheless thanks a million, Santa! Hope you will have an equally or even more awesome Secret Santa and may you and your family have a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wishing you a blessed 2015 from us to you!

Started gaming in 2006 when attending a singles event at local boardgames cafe where I met my wife, Michelle. She is the one who will faithfully clock all our games plays under her profile -
Michelle Sim
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and she usually buy and pay for most of the games. I will help to review and research on the games before we get any games and after the purchases, my next job is to read the rulebooks and teach her and our friends cos she does a lot of speed reading when she is reading her story books so much so that she tends to miss some critical points in the rules so it's better that I digest the rules instead. Anyway she said she didn't like reading rulebooks...she prefers reading her romance story books...hahaha.

Work wise, I'm in the manufacturing engineering industry.
Beside gaming, I also enjoy conducting pantry raids (cooking with whatever ingredients I can find in the pantry and refrigerator). I love to cook for family and friends. Actually I pick up cooking only after getting married as my wife can cook so she gave me some pointers and encouraged me to try cooking. I'm proud to say that I can cook pretty well now.

I love games with great themes and fantastic artworks.
I enjoy Asymmetrical games eg. Race for the Galaxy, Day and Night game and Aldo games with different paths to victory most eg. Aton, Chaos in the old world.

I dislike games that require bluffing in the face or negotiations without conditions as I tend to fare poorly in such games.

I volunteer being game host to singles events at our Government Social Development Network as well as to the public at local community centres and libraries. This is because I find great pleasure in teaching games to newbies as I was also once a newbie who was shy and felt inferior. Gaming allows me to open up and expand my social network.

In addition, my wife and I also regular host games sessions for friends at our house which often include a pot luck lunch or dinner as gaming and cooking are our two greatest pleasures in life.

I recognise the importance of explaining a game in clear and patience. Someone once told me he was very glad that I was the one who taught him the game and he had a wonderful experience comparing to others who tried to explain the same game to him previously.

Never thought of my favorite designer until I started to write my BGG profile. I guess Eric Lang's style of games will best suit my taste.

By the way, this is my 2nd time participating in BGG Secret Santa. My first time was back in 2009. Decided to take a long break in between until we finally did some re-painting and re-furnishing of our own apartment with our very own game room and more games shelves for our beloved games! I had a good time giving and received some great games from my generous Santa in 2009. I hope that this BGG Secret Santa event would be a great one for everyone this Christmas.

Tips: Santa can save from overseas shipping by buying from our local online stores in Singapore.

*Our board games shelves @ Aug 2014*
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