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I've created a geeklist entry thanking you again, Santa.
Item for Geeklist "2015 Edition of Look What My Secret Santa Sent Me... (10th Anniversary Edition)"
Thank you.


Dear Santa

An unmarked box arrived, and my wife was good enough to open it and check any contents against my wishlist.

Apparently it's a 100% match. (Which is too bad, any other number would tell me how many things are in there whistle )

So thank you. You are very VERY fast.



Hello Santa Claus

thanks for my note.
wow, you are fast! I will look for a package soon then.

How is your preparations going, for all the other kids in the world?

Hope we can stay in touch.
God Speed Santa




I love the fun you bring to the season and was especially blessed by a bunch of your crazy elves who took over when you had that rough patch with the business last year.

My gaming likes and dislikes are hard to define at times. I rate and comment on everything I play, so that should help. (Just look through my "rated" list in the collection bit over to the right.)

I would say I like thematic games. I do like to play economic or multilayer efficiency engine building games, but sometimes they seem like work, and I won't enjoy them unless I can both understand them AND do well.
Thematic games just provide a lot of fun regardless of whether I'm winning. Perfect examples of these are
1. Cooperative games like Pandemic and Mice & Mystics
2. Merchants and Marauders
3. Risk: Legacy
4. Xwing
5. Roll for the Galaxy.

I game with lots of people at different times.

My gaming group meets regularly and we just got Pandemic Legacy which is fantastic.

There's a group I've heard about recently which, when I get there, will let me try some of the games I've been wanting to try out for years like Descent and King of New York.

I game with my wife who likes euros and shorter games. We love Macao, Ticket to Ride, Puerto Rico, Catan,

I game with my kids and my older ones like lots of things, they are 11, 10 and 8. Shorter is better so we can fit it in, and things they've liked a lot are, King of Tokyo, Formula D, Stone Age, Dixit, Escape and Sherrif of Nottingham.

I have sort of rated things by the wishlist numbering, but I will not be upset with anything you can get me. I consider 'must have' to mean, I think I would like it just a smidge more than a 'love to have' or 'like to have'.

In all my secret santa times you've selected stuff that always goes down well. So no pressure, relax and trust your gut. I'll be happy no matter what

Have a great Christmas. Be blessed as you give.


P.S Thanks for participating and I hope your Santa looks after you well.

P.P.S One of my mates gave me a fantastic idea, please consider my friend's game collections to avoid getting me something that we already own as a group.
Their BGG usernames are shown down there a bit. (My wishlist does show 1 or 2 games that they own. This is an rare exception for when I'd like my own copy to play with my wife or kids.)

P.P.P.S Here's a website I use to find good prices on games in Australia - boardgamesearch
Recommended stores are gamesempire.com.au, ozgameshop.com and adventgame.com.au.


Here's a little bit about me.

Got into gaming a few years ago and steadily a few people came out of the woodwork who also love board games. Little did we know what we were in for.

I listen to some common and not so common podcasts.
Dice Tower
Flip the Table

and less regularly
On Board Games
The Secret Cabal
Not Just Another Gaming Podcast (NJAGP)
Plaid Hat Podcast

I love taking part in the BGG and AU/NZ Secret Santas and the "Jack Vasal Memorial Fund" auction when I hear about it.

The community here is great.
I'm good mates with a few geeks on here.

Juzzo Hawkins
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Giles Pritchard
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nathan gibbs
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Cameron Gibbs
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will kendrew
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Recently I've found out two ways to test if I'm feeling unwell.
#1 Am I looking forward to a game that night?
If I am not fussed either way then I'm almost certainly sick.
If I cannot stand the thought of a game and would rather go to bed, then call an ambulance.

#2 Do I feel like eating a handful of lollies? (sweets or candy in other languages)
If not, then I'm probably feeling dodgy in some way.
This is not to be confused with common sense and healthy eating, both of which I avoid like the plague!

Found this nerd test on another Aussie user's page and am proud of my scores.

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#7: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
#8: Risk Legacy
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#1: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
#2: Fill in the Blank
#3: Mice and Mystics
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#6: Pandemic
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#8: Merchants & Marauders
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