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Lefty / Happily Married / Parent of 2 Girls / Christian / OCBG Member
Smack dat Ghoulie, Mr. Trolla!
"You've just taken your first step into a larger world." -Obiwan Kenobi

Like many of us I grew up playing Chess, Risk, Monopoly, Clue, Sorry, UNO, Triple Yahtzee, Guess Who, Stratego, G.I.Joe: Commando Attack, Jenga, Life, Battleship, Boggle (and other word games). Me and my buddies thought we were "real gamers".

In college I discovered PIT, Rook, Milles Bornes, Marvel's Overpower, Apples-to-Apples, Mafia, and most importantly X-Men: Under Siege (variable roles/powers) & Hero Quest (cooperative play). I also discovered I was tired of having 6's beat my strategies in Risk. I helped put together a family game night with friends on Friday nights. (We played mostly A2A, X-Men, The Perilous Parlour, and Clue.) I was a gamer!

When I moved to Los Angeles in 2007, I met new friends. One of them, Zach, introduced me to Settlers of Catan which basically ripped my head open and poured salt and jacks in. How could I have lived my whole life and not known about this game?! these mechanics?! I had to get my own copy and COULD NOT stop playing it. I went looking for other games online and came across BGG...I didn't realize it at first, but it was more than a resource catalog for looking up games. It's the doorway to another culture, an unsung hobby, a network of ideas and opportunities. Shortly thereafter I got married and received Ticket to Ride: Europe from one of my wife's childhood mentors, and I stumbled upon Guillotine in time to ask for it for Christmas. Then I discovered game cons...I've been discovering ever since. Now I'm a gamer.

My "Top 10" are my favorite games of all time --->

My "Hot 10" are new or lesser-known gems I'm excited about --->

My 15 most recently played games: (most recent: top left)

My 14 most recently acquired: (most recent-to-oldest, L-R)

My Top 10 most-played digital/online boardgames:

Games I played the most before I began logging plays:
(Summer 2007-Spring 2011: #1-4 = 20+ / #5-8 = 15-20 / #9-12 = 10-15)

Born in 1978, I grew up on the Eastern Shore (of the Chesapeake Bay) in MD. Love both of my parents (and my now-married sisters) who reared me as a free-thinking, off-trend Christian. Went to college in the panhandle of FL for 8 years. Didn't graduate. Moved to CA to catch up on my life, get a job and pursue my girlfriend. The job worked out, the girl didn't. Then I met my wife on Match.com and moved to the L.A. area. I'm living by my wits (a freelance gig & a part-time job), married since 2008, and proud owner of a rescued tabby cat named "Match." We have 2 little girls--the "class bully" at pre-school and a toddler who is getting into everything, and oh, how I wish I lived closer to home and family!

As for gaming, I host a game group at the local Library and volunteer as a GM at local cons as often as I can. In the past couple of years I have also had the privilege to represent several publishers at local conventions, host sponsored tournaments, consult with local game companies (testing games, development/breaking, and rulebook editing.) I was honored to be asked to contribute to a DOW project in 2014, and my first published design came in 2013, thanks to Minion Games. Most recently, in 2015, I helped found Player Aides, a small cadre of GMs that have a passion for facilitating positive experiences, where new players meet new games. We serve (and bring excellence to) our local gaming conventions.

About Me (This is stuff I don't have to tell you if you know me outside of BGG.)
1. I think in lists. Therefore I commonly include my ideas in list form both in my journaling, e-mailing, forum posting, and even my conversation.

2. I'm the most intense mellow person you may ever meet. I think this is also the reason I like to play SO MUCH but still have fun when I don't win.

3. I'm very opinionated, but at the same time I really enjoy hearing other people's views. I try to put myself in their shoes when I can't put myself in their boat. Makes for great conversation, and intelligent debate when people are capable of that.

4. My top 5 vocational pursuits are: Licensing, Game Design, Classroom Teaching, Singing, and Editing.

5. Character/Personality-wise I am: analytical, detailed, free-thinking, a question-asker, not a "joiner", love to dress up for stuff (think: ties, not costumes), love hosting at my house, taking care of my wife, goofing off in serious situations, love quoting movies & doing character voices. I always seem to be running 3-7 minutes late, have a massive self-inflicted "To-Do List", tend to collect stuff in sets, am great at packing trunks, enjoy solving problems from unique angles, appreciate clear communication, organization and planning, enjoy building teams & facilitating the "A-ha moments" process for people.

6. One of the guys I play with was nice enough to write this during his reign as GotW, and I think it's a pretty accurate observation:
SaiSaysPlayGo wrote:
Danny is...always enthusiastic about everything, and while he's quick-witted enough to win his share of heavy games, he prefers the lighter ones because of the joy and playfulness they engender.

The Microbadges I Have Designed:
For Christian Music Artists:
Chris Tomlin
Sara Groves
Casting Crowns
and MercyMe
Jeremy Camp
Tim Hughes

For "Cartoon Cereal" Aficionados:
SNAP! (Rice Krispies)
CRACKLE! (Rice Krispies)
POP! (Rice Krispies)
Toucan Sam (Fruit Loops)
Tony the Tiger (Frosted Flakes)
Cap'n Crunch

For My Wife:

Gluten-Free (For Celiac Disease & Autism/Aspergers)

My Microbadge Hem-n-Hawlist: (the ones I like but haven't yet taken the plunge with)
It's true, but...
Also true.
Probably I'd buy this if my stuff ever traded.
This is a nice looking mb, for an interesting life "development".
I have so many plays to catch up on, I may just pass this up for the 1000.
So many choices! Either this or this
Either that or this , but somehow I almost feel like this one says it best:
And while we are on the topic of authors...
And my new favorite (though not for his Sharpe books).
Well, yeah I'm a fan--half my collection is from there!
For me this is the same as saying "plays games with wife". LOL
And there's that or this
Love my S60!
One of the only shows I watch (plus it could be useful as my initial.)
or this Of course, my favorite show has to have more than 1 great mb.
My favorite publisher.
This time it's a pop-culture conundrum...
...Transformer fans always have to choose between that and this.
Why doesn't this MB have a wiki entry? That's total crap. And why is the freakin' duck pink? I still want it.
I'm at 36 and that's about all the traveling I've done.
This or this ??? Because my current game design is about sheep and all the research I've had to do has given me quite a soft spot for these guys (BTW, these are both Suffolks, primarily used for show lambs.)
And a couple random ones.

Video/Computer Games (and logging plays):
Just a brief word here to connect the dots. I played NES growing up, like many kids my age, but due to the time it consumed and the money it cost, my parents didn't buy every new thing that came out, so I didn't keep pace nor did I learn to define myself by this hobby. What stayed with me was a love of games, and while in college I discovered Warcraft II, Tiberian Sun, Heroes III, Majesty, Sim City 2000, Starcraft, and Lords of the Realm (as games transitioned from DOS-based to CDRom). I still play them, but since my "conversion" it has been in rare spurts only.

Nowadays, I also play boardgames online or on my iPad, etc. I do not log those plays* here on BGG, only actual plays I do at the table. But I do take them into account for purposes of my "Top 10 (most played)" list, above. I did not begin logging plays at all until the Spring of 2011, but obviously I did a lot of gaming from 2007-2011. (You'll just have to trust me on that.)
*I started logging Puerto Rico plays in December 2011, and I occasionally log my 1st online play of a game (if it is also the 1st time I've ever played the game at all.)

My Avatar History:
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Top 10
#1: Small World
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#9: Shogun
#10: Chaosmos
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#3: Hawaii
#4: Concordia
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#6: Migration: Book II – A Saga of Conflict
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#8: Chaosmos
#9: Versailles
#10: The Road to Canterbury
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