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For the crew of the "Ruff Suspect" the one all-consuming goal of all our trips was the search for a 'grander'. A 'grander' in deep-sea fishing parlance means simply, a thousand pound fish. Specifically a marlin. The grander marlin is THE quarry of all who drag fake plastic fish behind a boat out at sea, and we were no different. To catch our prey, we resorted to all manner of Wile E. Coyote schemes (including one ill-conceived plot by two of the crew, (who will as always, remain nameless) to fill a wooden pallet full of dog food and wrap the whole thing in chicken wire, then set it alfloat, in the hopes that one of these highly intelligent creatures would desire to dine on purina puppy chow and then change it's mind upon seeing one of our fake plastic fish). This is the kind of thing grown men will consider (very seriously I might add) in order to hook a grander. And, just like the cartoon coyote, our schemes seemed to always end up with us running into the side of a metaphorical cliff, upon which had been painted a fake tunnel entrance. Indeed, had I read in one of the many fishing magazines I wasted my money on, that strapping rocket skates to my feet would have helped me catch a grander...I would have reached for the nearest Acme catalog and my credit card.

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