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Jason Carter
United States
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My name is Jason and I love boardgames

Heres a bit of info on me:

I'm a long time gamer, it started when I was young and we would have family board game night. We would play Clue and Monopoly and I fell in love. Gaming continued as I got older, I got into some RPG's, Cyberpunk 2020 and Call of Cthulhu being my favorite. During high school I was introduced to the Milton Bradley Gamemaster series. My friend and I spent hours playing Axis and Allies, Shogun, Fortress America and Conquest of the Empires. When I reached college all of my gaming stopped as I went off to school and it wasn't until years later that I got back into the hobby.

It all began again when I moved to the Washington DC area and discovered the DC Conscripts, an ASL club. I began to learn ASL and got back into board gaming. ASL got me started but I followed it up with Burning Blue, Flying Colors and many other games. Soon I was buying up all the old games that I used to play. Lately I have been playing games that are more accessible to non-gamers (read: my wife). With games that are a little less complex I have been able to get her playing. Yay for me!

I am a native Mainer that is currently residing in Waldorf MD. I work as a government contractor (me and everyone else in the greater DC area). I enjoy all kinds of music, but mostly rock or blues, movies and reading (currently reading the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time novels, I'm also a big William Gibson, Patrick O'Brian and H.P. Lovecraft fan).

Football (or soccer) is another interest of mine, I follow the English Premier League and Major League Soccer and can never watch enough games! Chelsea and D.C. United are my teams and I am always hoping for more silverware!

My blog:
The Drunk Umber Hulk - My Gaming Blog

Microbadges I have designed:
mb - Raaco User
mb - Les Claypool Fan
mb - Red Dead Redemption Fan
mb - White Dragon Enterprises, Inc. Fan

Some of my contributions:
-Advanced Squad Leader - 109 Driel Team VASSAL Replay

-Flying Colors - Cape Ortugal VASSAL Replay

-Car Wars Arena Guide

-Ranger, First Mission Replay

-Downtown - Surfin' Bird VASSAL Replay

-Ludus Gladiatorius Campaign

-Red Soil - an RPG created for the 2011 24 hour RPG competition.

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#1: Car Wars
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#7: Habet, Hoc Habet!
#8: Conquest of the Empire
#9: Fortress America
#10: The Awful Green Things From Outer Space
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#1: Skirmish Sangin
#2: Federation Commander: Klingon Border
#3: Car Wars
#4: Commands & Colors: Ancients
#5: Pandemic
#6: Ticket to Ride
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#8: Arkham Horror
#9: BattleTech
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