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Mike Ellis
British Columbia
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Gaming is a lifestyle choice.
Thanks Secret Santa! I love me some sci fi games and these ones are super cool. Also, rhino hero has been a huge hit with my kids I really appreciate that you did that. Have a very merry christmas.



I started out playing the steroetypical games of the '80's generation: Stratego, Risk, lots of chess, and Monopoly.

It wasn't until 2001 that I first played RISK 2210 when everything changed. I originally bought it for my roomate as a gift bc he was a hardcore risk fan but I soon realized this game was much better than risk could ever be. I wanted to play it constantly. This led me to pick up a copy of settlers of canaan (the Biblical version of Catan) and me and friends couldn't stop. A friend of mine works for wizkids and got me started on Mechwarrior and heroclix and pirates etc etc....and the boardgame obsession pretty much became my favorite hobby.

I also loved MERP (Middle Earth Role Playing) second edition but am now a regular D&D 4th edition DM. They really did a good job with 4th edition. If you have the time RPG's are awesome!

I'm also a member of the Science Fiction guild here at BGG. Its a great place for science fiction fans to share stories and other sites of SF interest. Check it out here:


I love sci fi and will purchase all sci fi games I can get my hands on. Science Fiction themes never, ever, get old.

Essen 2007 - You must attend this event. It was glorious. Essen is for buyers
Gencon 2011 - Gencon is rad. Just as good as Essen. Gencon is for players.
Fallcon '09'10'11 - Fallcon is small but really well run. Love the auction.
BigCon 2010 - This is still in its infant stages but fun nonetheless.
Gencon 2015! Sooo much games.

Really want to go to BGG.con & Kublacon...one day.

Lately I've taken to removing most inserts from my games (hence the banner on my avatar) and I've never been happier. Most inserts are a complete waste of space. I've also taken to adding the expansions of games to the original game box and then discarding the expansion box. The first one was tough but now I look forward to ways I can shrink the shelf space all my games take up.

I'm really looking forward to GenCon 2015. Got permission from the wife and its on! Can't wait for the AEG game night! see you there!

My Hot 10 are the games I most want to buy in ascending order. Please tell me if I am making a mistake.


Mike Ellis

Current Play by forum: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/13320031#13320031

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Top 10
#1: Runewars
#2: War of the Ring (first edition)
#3: Cyclades
#4: Agricola
#5: Torres
#6: Nexus Ops
#7: Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit
#8: Fury of Dracula (second edition)
#9: Tigris & Euphrates
#10: World of Warcraft: The Boardgame
Hot 10
#1: Roll for the Galaxy
#2: Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition
#3: Russian Railroads
#4: Space Cadets: Away Missions
#5: Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game
#6: Blood Rage
#7: Argent: The Consortium
#8: Risk: Star Wars Edition
#9: Specter Ops
#10: T.I.M.E Stories
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