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Raiko & Agnes Forever! Feel the Love and Feel the Warmth. Happiness is 2 hugs plus 3 kisses every hour...:D (http://mrboardgames.wordpress.com/)
Addicted Estonian gamer with big heart and direct winning attitude. Need any help with something, just ask. Need some GG for something, just ask. Need something to be translated, just ask. Meanwhile, behave! :D (http://mrboardgames.wordpress.com/)
For those who wants to use some of pics I uploaded on boargamegeek:
- If you want to use it on boardgamegeek website, let's go, you have my permission.
- If you want to use the pic out of boardgamegeek. Just ask (I never refused yet) and give me the link.
- If you want to use one of my pics to make ca$h, It could be fine, please ask in a geekmail and we will talk about it

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Hello to all, who have had pleasure of stopping by at my profile page here on BGG.

My Estonian blog I started in november 2010: http://mrboardgames.wordpress.com/
Update: Since of 10th. of December 2010, it will be in Estonian and English, because some people have shown their concern about it.

I have been user on BGG since 13th April 2008, 23:16:13. I found this place when I was looking information on some board games and some designers like Reiner Knizia. I was passive BGG user for a very long time, until I uploaded my first picture and added my first game here on to the database, which left me to add hundreds of games and thousands of pictures. My biggest problem when coming here was the game rules. I didn't care about any reviews at that time, but I needed rules for the games. When I found them here, even for not so popular games, I promised myself that I will add here rules for as many games as I can and in all languages possible, especially in Estonian.
The lack of Estonia on this site made me to add Estonian content as much as possible and now it seems that there starting to be more and more active Estonian users here on BGG.
I have been active about a year now.
As you can all imagine, I spend a lot of time here on BGG and since I registered here on BGG, my collection is grown to hundreds and it will keep growing and fast.
I'm addicted to microbadges and G4GG lotteries.

When I met Agnes (user LilyGirl) she asked me once, what is BGG. I explained her, and while we were playing so many games together, it went to the creation of her account as well. She isn't that active user as am I, but she is one of the most active Estonian users here.

Some of my contributions to BGG:

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13000th image: 2012-02-27

As can be seen by all who look, I cannot do great review yet, but since I'm growing every day, it will change one day.
The pictures I have uploaded here are mostly for the games I have added as well and lately, after my service, I have made tons of pictures of Agnes and my family with various games/game boxes. I still like to make those pictures, but it might change one day, like everything in this life.
I will plan to contribute to the site as long as possible to keep it as comprehensive as possible. Rules and games are my main goal in the larger picture, but all the other stuff as everyday means to interact and earn GG for microbadges and G4GG lotteries.
I have been able to get some of the awards here as well with the year I have been active.

My awards:
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Now little about me!

I was born in 29th of June, 1987 as a third child and only son into one Estonian family. I'm the youngest in my family.

Estonia itself is a very small country and I grew up in a small place even for us - 200 people total lived here when I was young. Now it is close to 600.
The school I started had 40 students in it and I spent there the first 4 years. After that I started school in the nearest city and that school had 1500 students, with my class having 44 students (4 more than in the last school I had), so I was pretty afraid at first. I had to take bus to the school and me independent. Was a little scary.
In the 5th grade I was declared as a child genius (my math, reading skills, memory) with progressive IQ of 140 (age 10).
That changed some things for me, like they made school much harder for me and so on.
Since Estonia didn't have (still don't) any special schools, then happened what the psychiatrist said will happen - I got bored. I was so bored that I started doing my own things in school. I learned card magic and used that to cheat people out of money. I used my skills to do other peoples home work for large money. I was able and still are able to write in a way that only some other person can. And with efforts can even change my hand writing as well. Even used that one in high school to earn some money from college kids.
I used that money to buy sweets and Playstation games like Crash, Spyro and Tekken.
After buying tekken, I got obsessed with it and I play this game until today when I'm undisputed champion. Not really a thing to be proud of - I know.
In 8th grade I were still doing those things. I came to school dressed as a girl, one day I only spoke in English and understood English as well and so on. That led to one teacher heart attack, as she though for some reason, that the wig I had as a girl and threw into the toilet, was a dead cat in the toilet. I guess these things happen.
Then I made paper planes and set them on fire while throwing them in to the teachers lounge, yelling that 9/11 has reaches Estonia...
Since I missed 97% of all classes, although I was in school, I was left behind a year.
The second time in 8th grade I turned the school upside down. Police and psychiatrist were involved. I had to visit psychiatrist three times a week. She was fun to play with. I actually spent all my money to buy the books she was reading and learning from while she was in college and I got all the info on her from her college pretending to be her nephew. Everyone has nephews..
The sessions with her were so funny. I knew exactly what she was reading from my words and my body language, so I manipulated her as I wanted. While I was in home I prepared myself with over 150 questions (possible questions) and answers I would give them (wrong ones). Reason for that was quite easy. When she would ask anything and I would try to lie, then I would have to create and move my eyes according (reflex), so she would know that I was lying, but when I would remember the wrong answer, then it would be a memory, and to her a truth...
I played a victim, bully, home violence, you name it.
She canceled me in two weeks.
I was signed to the new one, but she wasn't even psychiatrist, but sociologist. She was smarten than me, or more experienced. She was quite fun actually and she made me a new IQ test. This time it showed 169. The difference was so big between the two, so she had no idea. We were good friends after and she wrote with my help her final paper about me, as me being the first Indigo generation and so on. We went through series of test to see my abilities. We tested my memory (95% of numbers, 80% read text), reading speed (10 pages a minute (Estonian language, fiction), 8 pages (non-Estonian fiction), 5 pages (hard learning material)), math skills, emotional reading, far seeing and so on. Her paper later got published in various places, even on our biggest newspaper, but with on condition from my parents, that my name would be changed.
While she worked with me, I was thrown out from the school because I embarrassed the school on their 130th birthday with my striptease dance to the major and parents.
So I was called into Paldiski by my childhood best friend Martin (username estland). With him I started 9th grade in new school. Now I had an hour drive every day to the school and back.
That place changed me a lot. I grew up.
And there was this one girl who showed me love and what that can do to you. This was the time I started writing poetry (as all in love boys do) and some other stuff as well, like drawing. It seemed that I was very good at what I do, what ever that was.
I won several poetry contest and some of my plays were played on the big stage as well.
Drawing remained as my hobby to this day.
I still write and I love writing a lot. I can't write in English though, sadly, because Estonian has so much more words in it and we have a whole part of language that is untranslatable to any language. But I have one poem translated into English by my high school English teacher. She did her best with it.

First I'd like to add a poem I once wrote in the honor of a sculptor here in Estonia named Amandus Adamson! The picture on above is his sculpture named The Last Sigh Of A Sinking Boat and that is the name of my poem I submit here! The poem is translation from Estonian...

Last Sigh Of A Sinking Boat

I was to a museum once,
where a statue of a woman I saw.
I sat to look at this sculpture,
time stopped and so did all.
She opened her eyes and raised her head,
she looked straight at me and no one else instead.
I did not know, should I breathe or not
I did not move neither lips nor head.
She stepped down from her pedestal,
just a step towards me,
she took my hand, she sat me down
and said to me:
“It’s time to finish this story.
It’s time someone stayed still forever.
It’s time for you to know why and why for
tears so easily keep falling from the eyes of ours.
Now you’ll know what you were meant to become.
I’ll reveal you the beauty of my soul.
There is heaven, the sun and the moon.
There is love and hope in us all.
There are tears and a smileless mouth.
Last hope of the savior shore.
Just like all this –
we are there.
As past is seen in the sky
it is seen in us.
There is youth and old age,
but not for us.
There is purity and eternal life,
only for us.
Do you know what will happen to our thoughts
disappearing one day?
What happens to our feelings
when emptiness covers everything?
Then creation is born and we are born.
And you are born.
To be eternal and a miracle.
You’ll be an angel who’ll never fly.
You’ll be the heights to look up to.
You’ll be courage and memory.
And you’ll be the last sigh of a sinking boat.
Now stretch out your hands and your wings,
close your eyes and dream
and wait and see where they’ll take you.”
I closed my eyes and waited
still wondering if I was awake.
And when I opened my eyes, I saw the heaven,
saw my hands I couldn’t move.
Saw everything, but I couldn’t move.
And a man approached me, my father – Amandus,
looked at me and promised himself:
“You’ll be my honor and pride,
someone to greet both weak and strong,
you’ll be nameless forever, but let your rest begin now,
as you’ll be an angel – Russalka”

Raiko Puust
translation: Siiri Kärp

The poem is about a birth of another sculpture here in Estonia named Russalka after a boat with same name that sank! Here is a picture about that sculpture:

I have written over 400 poems over the years and short stories, plays and so on. I don't know about the future writing or if I even plan to write, but the talent is still in me, so we have to wait and see where does that lead me.
About my drawings. I started as a little kid, but took it up to impress one girl in high school and she was impressed. I found myself drawing birds and powerful bird to be exact, like eagles and owls. Also I like dragons.

These are my drawings that I have scanned in the years! As you can see, my avatar is also here... I love powerful birds like eagle and owl and I like dragons because fantasy can be used as I want!
Each picture has a story, but that is for another time! I haven't drawn these (most) from my head, I always use a picture (photo, another drawing) to draw my own pictures!

I was loved in high school and my school work was exemplary. I won some fashion shows, DJ competitions, national math awards, theater awards (best drama, best comedy, best actor) and some sport stuff as well. It was all good to me, life held me well.
But in 2004, on the 17th November, 9:09 am my father (52) had a brain aneurysm and 12 days later on 29th of June 2004 he died as being only 52 years old. Last thing he saw was his second grand child named Märten, who were delivered by my sister on 23rd. These 12 days I didn't visit him.
That was the first time I had to deal with my own families death. I lost my best friend in 2000, who died by electricity, but losing of father was different. It still seems (6 years later) that he just might walk through the door.
I was numb until the funeral. This was the last time I actually was drunk as well and I promised myself that I'm sober now all my life (that doesn't mean that I don't drink).
His death inspired one of my poems called: "To my father" that won several important prizes and was selected the poem of season and sometimes I still see the poem used by some people when their father dies.
The poem talks about forgiveness and not being able to accept yourself as a man, when you don't have the approval of your father. It speaks about building a stairway with uncried tears into the heaven just to say some unsaid things. The poem is quite long and in 4 parts, as well it is impossible to translate it in English.
A year later I lost my history teacher as well. He was my mentor and the smartest man I knew. I was his favorite because of my original way of seeing and thinking. He also thought us philosophy.
He was killed by two Russian boys when he was taking out his garbage one night. They took nothing.
I wrote a short poem to him and this now stands on his doom stone. "World is now much less, with all your thing unthought..." - again, hard to translate the last row.
One video of my poem called: "Mängumees" (Playboy)

I graduated high school in 2006 after which I applied to many colleges. I went for literature, math, it, selling and Estonian. The final decision was to take math, info technology (java) and sales managing. I was in college for one year - all I needed.
While I was there, I was able to develop, with my friends, a security system that out army uses and to discover a new manual way to solve matrix's faster with LaPlace theorem. Got a Young Mathematician award for that.
In 2007 I went to USA!

I was in the USA for 4 months. I lived in Kentucky, near Cincinnati and Ohio river. I was there with a program for college students to sell SouthWestern books for children door to door.
This was one of the hardest things that I have ever done in my life. 14 hour days and strange climate as well. And speaking English 14 hours a day was very hard.
The whole adventure there will be a geek list one day. Until then I will not speak of it anymore.
I returned to Estonia at the end of the September, after which I started work.
Some videos to you from my time there:

My addiction to board games started in 2007, when my family gave me a board game as a Christmas gift and my collection went up to five. Then I started using my money (hard earned) to buy more and more board games.

I work in a company called AS VENSEN (www.vensen.ee). I was called to work there by my brother-in-law in 2007, right after I came back from USA. The first day was 1. October 2007.
When he called me to work, it was because of my mad math skills and math education, as well as my photographic memory. I knew the job as well, because I had worked with him before, earlier years in summers between high school classes.
The job I did back then was: plumber, but the one who places pipes outside (water, rain/waste drain). I'm sorry here now when I might seem like retarded or little stupid, but I just do not know the exact terminology in English needed.
My job back then was to read project and measure. I was responsible for the self flowing drain slope. I really hope that I get the words right here. The job was easy and with great hours: 8-17. I got payed really good actually and I was able to afford so many great board games. I got several wage.
Now I add here some pictures from the winter 2007. All the pictures are made with my Nokia phone I had that time.

In 2009, 29th. September I was called in to service, after which my contract with the firm were put on hold. Then one week before the end of my time in army I were contacted by the CEO of AS VENSEN. I was very surprised, because I hadn't spoken with him never before.
He asked me right away, if I wanted to be a project leader. i was actually quite shocked, because I skipped few steps in my career. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to go back to the firm, but the CEO actually came to the barracks and arranged a meeting between us through my superiors. We talked and I asked how he got to me. The answer for that was easy - my job before. He was looking for a new project leader and his eye caught on one of the done projects and how well it were arranged and measured, so he started asking about who was the guy and so on, and this is how he got to me.
He was very impressed with me. The good news with my new job: no hour salary anymore, I have employees, I have freedom with project money, can use firm to buy thing cheaper and so many many things more.
I started the job on the 31st. May and till now.
I add here some pictures to you.

This is my first project and the 7 meters high sign!

The problem was that I was behind 3 weeks at the very beginning. But I managed to get all the permits and traffic schemes I needed. The problem now was that the people I used to worked before with, were now my employees. Including my former partner. He actually was OK with me being new boss, but the other guys were little resistant. I understood the problem - I am so much younger than they are and I have been in the firm least time. But the army discipline I had about leading fixed that problem quite fast.
Some pictures from my last few days at work.

My job now is to monitor the project, visit the scene some times and take pictures for the docs and other paperwork. And I solve problems that come with the job and with the pipe work.
And I earn my money with simple formula: main salary + 30% from the profit + 5% from the circulation. I will not name any numbers, but that makes out very good to a 22 (soon 23) year old small town boy, with a little board game hobby...
PS! All the pictures should have some kind of explaining captions.

In 2008, on 2nd August, I was driving with my friends In Saaremaa (one island in Estonia) and we saw a cute girl hitchhiking beside the road. I took her on and now almost two years later we are together. Her name was Agnes (username LilyGirl).
She is the love of my life and I love taking pictures of her!
What ever you want to know about her, ask her...

All pictures of her: http://boardgamegeek.com/tag/lilygirl


The Beginning

In Estonia we have a law that sais: every Estonian male in age between 18 to 28 must go through army service.
I was 17 when I first received my invitation to the medical examination. This is always very hard and scary time for a young boy. Every guy who has done the service knows exactly what I mean by that.
The first medical examination was all the regulars: height, weight, blood, urine, x-ray, questionnaires and interview with the psychiatrist. After you have passed all of these then you need to speak with the head medical examiner, who then tell you - go or no go. It is no go when you didn't pass at least one of the tests. It is no go when you are still in school or you have a baby coming/under 2 years. These are the main criteria for postponing or not going.
As you can imagine, every guy tries everything they can not to go, because the conditions in army are like being in prison.
I went there, I was honest, passed all the tests and since I was in high school, they gave me two more years.
After two years I got another invitation. They do not send invitation if you are in college and apply for extension. The time is 15 days into the September, after that Estonia can take you in any time they want, telling you only 2 days before. I didn't made that request and they asked me to go again into the medical examination. This time I passed as before and since I was honest and healthy and smart, they just asked me, where I want to serve my time and for how long. The time you can choose is 8 or 11 months. I chose 8 months and as near as home as possible. I was signed to Communication Battalion in Tallinn, in our capital and since i lived near there, I liked that. The only catch was that they had the date for enlisting 29th. September 2009, three years after I was there.
So I had my life to live 3 years, knowing where I will be in 3 years. The time went fast. By the time I was working and I had met Agnes (user LilyGirl). She was very mad, that I hadn't done my service before I met her, because the usual rule here in Estonia is, that if you have a girlfriend when you go in, you do not have one, when you come out. So I was worried about that, but we made it. I think we made it because she lives 200 miles away on an island, so we saw very little before that.
Two weeks before I stopped my contract and just rested. Law tells that what ever you do or wherever you are, you will have that work after the service. Guaranteed.
And then the scary date arrived. Night before we said goodbyes with Agnes and next day, on 29th. my sister took me to the drafting place and I sat on the bus. This was very very scary moment.

The First Three Days

Me and 200 other guys were dropped off the bus and the moment we stepped off, 12 guys started yelling and kicking us. They gave us 2 minutes to lay all our stuff on the asphalt. They we had to unrobe (naked) and stand in line to go through the medical check. Very ugly women made the examinations. I stood in the cold for 4 hours. And with 200 other naked guys. From that moment til the end I heard a millions gay jokes.

Then they made us go from one place to another. We ran like never before. The first day there we were placed into a small room where I slept on the floor with 40 other guys. I slept on my stuff.
The second day they gave me and all the others our uniforms and some gear as well. Then some guy pointed a finger to me and said: "You are now hairdresser!".

And I cut 200 heads that day. I saw 3 guys crying when I took their long and beautiful hear. I had never seen so many bald guys before. It wasn't problem for me, since I have been with short hair most of my life. The rest of the time was doing the first push-ups, marching and teaching the main things in army. And a lot of yelling and punishing. A lot.
The third day started 4:55 am, with pulling us out of our beds into the rain, in our underwear. We ran and tried to sing after the first guy. Made push-ups, and all other physical training. We were cold and hungry, angry and scared. All the muscles hurt and I missed home and Agnes, but for 3 months we couldn't see no one.
I learned the consequences of the morning checking and if you don't have correctly shaved beard, nails cur, hair short, washed and perfect uniform. Any miss in any one of those things would mean running and running and cleaning. During the third day, they suddenly told us, that we (100 guys, and I was one) are going somewhere else. We didn't know where or why, but like all things in army, they gave us 5 minutes to be on the bus. And I left Tallinn to some unknowing place...
I missed Agnes a lot.

The NEW place

While I was sitting there, in the bus, behind the bus driver, near the window, I met Marko. Who might have actually read some of my sessions, like Twilight Struggle, should know about him. By that time I had met only a few other people there, but Marko was the first friendly and smart one. While on the way to the new place, we became friends. I liked him from the beginning. While we were driving, I saw that we were going towards my home. Then I realized where we were going. Near my home there is a Peace Operations Center, where all the professional train for the missions (Iraq, Afghanistan etc.). I didn't knew that they took regular time serving soldiers. And they didn't, but they made a request to get the best new soldiers and after three days, we were sent.
The good thing was that the new place was closer to home than the last place. I went to high school next to that big military base. While we got there, we saw so many machines and soldiers. Some of them were running, some doing some other exercises, we didn't understand at that time.
The life there were so much different, because now we were trained by the soldiers who have actually been in a war. But what made the things harder for me, was the fact that I saw my home from the window. So near and so far. The first day there went by quite easy. We got all our gear (there were a lot of it) and we were assigned into the rooms. The barracks were I was signed didn't have any warm water or heat.
The beds in the rooms were two-floored (two beds on top of each other) and the closets were very small, with one big shelf on the left, 5 small on the right and one big at the lower part. The room size was about 5 times 7 meters. All we had was one small table and six stools, one for each bed.
Then I met my new roommates for the rookie time. In Estonian we call that time SBK (Sõduri Baaskursus - Soldier Basic Course (SBC)). My roommates for the first 3 months (SBK time) were Martti, Vaido, Mihkel, Rene and Toomas.

My Roommates

Martti - Martti is a cook. He is forever crazy and fun. If you watched him alone you would laugh. He would make faces, play with pencils, rocks, guns, whatever he could get. He was very energetic and that got him in trouble so many times. He was punished so many times that I lost count. And he got me into trouble also and all the others couple of times as well. But he is my friends and I spent my 8 months with him in the same room, so we are great frinds, although he might be little crazy.

Vaido - He was my bunk buddy. And we were like best friends. He is so funny. He made me laugh so many times. he had a special talent for like body comedy, the moves he made to enlighten the stories. That was so great. And he had iPhone as well, so the Internet into the world. I used that phone so many times to visit BGG. And he was the first one who asked me about BGG and about my board games. He played the first game with me as well...

Vaido on the left, Martti is the right one!

Mihkel - He is very sad little guy and I took him under my wing. He was a mystery to all of us. I protected him from others. He had so many problems - mentaly and physically. I were able to keep him safe and later he was like a glass man that no one would touch. But he had still the problems (that I will not talk about) and on the sixth week, he was sent away.

Rene - His last name was Fox. And this was the nickname he got himself. He was very small, but large. What I mean, he was short, but wide. And he had very long hair when he came (and I cut), so he didn't like me at first, but later he changed his mind. He also had some fancy mobile we used for internet. His speciality was beat-boxing. We loved listening him doing his beat-boxing. His biggest problem was always getting on that upper bunk. We laughed a lot while he was climing. He was sent away 2 months into the service due to his healt problems (too high physical trining).

Toomas - he had the funniest last name. His last name was Blow (almost). Like full of air. He was the one the rest of us in our room didn't like. He were trying to get home pretending to be mental. This was annoying. He made himself 4 buddies like him, who made a group. They made silly things, they sang, they thought up so many songs (very good ones actually). We called that group The Saints. The reason for that - will not tell. And to mention - they were succesful in the end. We lost all Saints...

The Basic Soldier Course

This course lasts 3 months. And it is said that it it the hardest time. And, now after all that thing is behind me, I can say, that it really was the hardest time in army. We didn't get to sleep, although we were supposed to be sleeping 22:00 and wake up 6:00, but every time some superior walked around at night and saw a little dust somewhere or the toilet had smell and wasn't shining, then we were all woken up in the middle of the night. At first we all made some push-up and then we were on the push up position, but did no push up. You had to keep your body straight or else...well, you got to train a little more. We had so many nights when we just cleaned the whole building over and over again.
This was the time when I got to hold the gun for the first time. I cannot tell you which guns, (will go to jail if I do) but this was exiting. So many guns - big, small, heavy, light, you name it. And the first shots were quite frightening, but we did so many shooting exercises, that by the end of the SBK you knew your gun super well, and were able to shoot at running position to 200m. Best ones were able to do (and me) head shots from 600 without any optical. And took out all moving targets from 1400m, without flaw. Made some records as well, but we get to that little later.
The main idea for us was to develop routine. We went running every morning 6:02. 2 minutes from the yelling up until you need to be in formation outside ready for running. Firsts weeks we got to practice that - 149 times in two days. I know, I counted.
Then the order was very clear - no speaking, no loud sounds and everything is always clean and placed correctly. If any random time superior stepped into your room and started checking then bed needed to be made perfect (15cm fold, not 14.9 or 15.1) and also your closet. No dust nowhere and so on. as you can imagine, it is quite possible that every person in your room have everything in order. And now we back at Martti. He always had everything messed up and therefore we got punished.
The punishing system was easy - you screw up, the rest will suffer. So if Martti had messed closet (and by that I mean he had 0.2mm folding mistake), he didn't even get a bad word, but the rest 5 in that room got punished and bad. This was their way of making sure that we all obey. And it worked. If someone made too much trouble and caused us problems, then the payback would be bad. And when someone went to tell on others, that he was beaten or something like that, he got jail time. No telling allowed. Not at all. So the inside punishing worked very well.

We had one guy there, who was an asshole in any way and one night he was taken from his bed, tuck taped his entires body inside the blanket, like a baby, taken to the cold shower, and then got a little beat down with soaps inside the socks. But if someone reads this and thinks that this is wrong, then I might tell ya, that this is science fiction...
Sadly there are so many things I cannot tell you about, top secret stuff.


The very big and important part of army service is you physical. You need stamina most of all, so we ran a lot. All we did was run and run. We ran naked, we ran with 95 kilos on our backs, we ran in full gear (winter and summer). We ran in waist deep water, we ran in waist deep snow, we ran in mud. We ran everywhere. And also we slept everywhere as well.
We learned to sleep in every position and in every way. I slept in mud, on the tree, under the truck and so on.

The training was hard. I was in good shape before, but the standards there are so much higher. The push-up, sit-ups and so many other things were designed in a way to make us all fit. You were need to carry 50 pound weapon for 50 km ( and we did that) - half way running. By the end of the service I made so many things I thought I could never do in my life, but if you only train you can manage anything.
For measuring our physical condition they used a test called NATO test. It is used world-wide and the goal is to get 190 points to pass, while 300 is max (but you can do more, just won't score).
When we went, they made us all do that test. I can tell you that from 100 guys, only 6 passed the 190 mark, and one made 300 (athlete).
the test has three parts: push-up, sit-up and 2 mile (3.2km) running. For each you can score 100 points. Seems easy? Well, not exactly. For 300 points you need at least: 82 push up (2 min), 92 sit-ups (2 min) and run 2 miles in 11:20.
My first test when going in was 60 push ups, 30 sit-ups and 18:18 for the running time! 132 points total! Little sad. But the thing is, I was average, there were so many worse. Some made only 7 push up or ran with 25 minutes...
After the hard three months we all made the test again. This time my score was 238 points (115 push-ups, 55 sit-ups and 15:02 time). I passed the test and I felt great. I started liking running very much and I actually went to run by myself at night and so on. After the SBk time we were able to visit home at weekends as a reward for good behavior. So this was something everyone wished to get - city pass. I got out every time there was chance, because - well, I was perfect soldier like they told me there.
It was somewhat easy for me, except some physical stuff, but I managed them all and came out with great results.
The last test before getting out was the best one. I scored 300 points (120 push, 100 sit, 10:30 run). As you can see from the results, I was in a very good shape.


This was very big part. Always everything super correct. You had to be clean - wash three times a day - with ice cold water. Shave your beard morning and night, brush your teeth, cut your hair and nails, wash all your clothes, shave the back of you neck and so on. Every morning we had check ups. They checked everything. Our beds and lockers as well. And as with everything, if they found one single bed made little wrong, we made bed all day. This was designed, so that we would help others do get the things right, so that we wouldn't get punished.
One way they "trained" our bed making skills was to yell - heavy grenade, then where ever you were, whatever you were doing, you had to jump down, hold your head and pull your or some other madrats on you. Then they yelled - BEDS, and you had 3 minutes to get the bed back. No one were able to make the bed in three minutes like you were supposed to do - except me. Slowly I got to be the guy to turn to and I slowly became a leader and I didn't have to wait long for to be promoted to corporal.

Playing cards weren't allowed at all nor gambling. We played once and got caught. What happened? Well, let me tell you. He yelled that room 211 (my room) out in 2 minutes in full winter gear and sleeping bag in your hand. While we were using our 2 minutes, he took some tape and made a start and finish line into the corridor (80 meters long). Then after we were ready, he asked us into the sleeping bags, he then zipped us into so only our noses and eyes were seen and taped us in like little worms. Others placed us at start line and the first one crawl to victory will not get punished. Well, I got second place that race, bloody nose as well and all the others got laugh and hard. I cannot post any videos here (they were made) because it would be in violation with our secrecy laws.

One other example of losing your gear. On forest training one guy lost his shooting classes. What happened? We ere all put into one line, with 5 meter between us (about 500 meter long line), we laying down on our bellies and started to crawl and look for the classes. We crawled 2 and a half days, sleeping in the same position, under the sky and little rain. And we found them eventually. I can tell you, that no one lost their stuff anymore.
We all had to look the same as well. If one lost a glove, then we all had wear only one glove. And to practice that they asked us all to take naked and then took something out of that pile and gave us 3 minutes to be all dressed the same. In 2 weeks we got it.
And one example for you all, that you would all see, what would happen when you don't clean your room. One day one of our superiors steps into the room next to us and finds a little dust. He makes the whole room run 10 miles. Then while they were running, he asked us to trash the room. To turn over all the lockers and bed through them around. Then we needed to collect all the trash from the entire building and throw that into the room everywhere. When they game back, they had 20 minutes to clean everything up. We helped of course.
And one another great example of practicing waking up. Since we all live in room, so the lieutenant didn't see us waking up he had a plan. the reason why he wanted to see was easy - we were too fast one morning to get outside and he thought some of us woke 2 minutes early (you cannot do that). So he made us all to take all our room interior into the parking lot outside (into the rain) and we made our room out there like they were inside the house. We went to sleep (glad I was the bottom bed) and then he yelled - wake up and timed us. We did that some time out there. That night we all slept in wet beds...


It seemed that the whole army thing suited me very well. While being there and learning I were able to make some records, and not just for the Estonian army, but to all armies (UK,USA,Russia). We had the best training. We had soldiers from all over the world there. Now little about the records.
I have had always some talent or so to make records or just to make things good, or better than I were supposed to.
My first record was to take gun apart and to put together. I broke the record with 7 different guns. So now I have 7 out 21. I had only 9 guns there.
Then shooting. This was something I was very good. US soldiers once asked, after watching me shoot: "Hei, boy...are you a human??".
I were able to shoot with every gun and with every weather. I has so many people filming me and taking pictures as I took head shots from 1000 meters, without any optical and made shots behind the mountain with heavy machine gun (1,5 km). I'm not kidding.

To regular targets I was able to shoot 20 shots into 3.5 cm radium in 12 seconds. It might not seems like a big thing, but i can tell you, it won't get any deadlier than this. Military made me so many offers to go pro, but I declined.
And I made SBK record with not losing a point in a single test. And some time records of solving some puzzles and so on. As you can imagine, I was quite popular and it wasn't a long time until I made board games popular as well.


Although the training and the hard discipline, we still had some free time (after SBK). We watched a lot of movies in the class (using projector). We had a library and a TV room. And we had a ping-pong table (in which I was unbeatable) and we had a gym. We had no board games.
Oh, we had a Internet class and pool table as well. We had all those things, but only very little time to actually use these things.
I played a lot of ping-pong when I was little and became quite good. I was unbeatable in our battalion, so I was sent to overall competition. I came fourth!
At the winter time, since I'm quite good skier, I was sent to overall competition. Since our pro skiers are also required by law to do the army service, then this was competition. I lost 12 minutes with 10km. Very sad...

After SBK time, I wanted to play board games. I started bringing board games into the barracks and they became quite popular. Then one day I started thinking, that I should make a geeklist about my plays in army and 100 last days, one game for each day. I have all the plays done and written down on my note book, but haven't gotten around to do that yet. You can find that geeklist on my geeklists or CLICK HERE.
Through the board games I made some new friends and new roommates as well. My new room mates after the SBK time were Henrik, Priit, Taavi, Ivan and Martti. They all are frequent in my sessions. And they all were now board gamer...
Besides guitar and books, we had no more entertainment.

When Things Go wrong

While handling explosives and ammo, some thins are bound to happen. I cannot go into details, but there were some injuries and some shots were little wrong.
The very bad thing for us was Cold Camp. We had cold -35 C and with 16m/s wind, it was equal to -55 C. This is killer cold and so many of us were hospitalized after those four days. I almost lost my nose, one friend almost lost his fingers. Now not something for the faint of hart - two guys lost their testicles. There was this law suit, but again, no details here.

We had broken bones and bloody noses and such, well, boys are boys.
Some more serious things link falling down a stairs, getting hit by a grenade. What shocked me the most was the last and biggest training we had - 3 weeks in forest doing battle simulations. Then one day my friend (cannot say name), made food on those little things you burn with alcohol. He thought that the flame was out and started to pour some more, when the flame went into the bottle and it exploded, throwing the buring alcohol all over and to my other gaming friends face. He was on fire and ran around, using his hand to get the flames out. We all rammed him down and took the flames out in like 4-5 seconds. But he was burned and bad. He was taken to hospital.

Since his favorite game was Neuroshima Hex, I got him one and they allowed me to go to visit him in hospital. And so I did. It was aling ride from were we were to the hospital, so i had a army driver and one of my superiors with me. After the visit we were heading back and sadly the driver was little absent minded and hit a car infront of us - full speed. I hurt my both legs bad and was taken back to the same hospital that I just came. So thing happen, like they say. My legs still hurt, but I can walk now, not yet run though.

The End

Sadly there are so many great stuff I cannot tell you about or use pictures here that show some things I cannot show. Hush hush stuff, you know.
After all that experience I have grown up. This all thing forces you to grow up. And I'm now very deadly and dangerous board game geek. I actually like that we have that law here in Estonia. This is something that every man needs to do, because after all that we have to endure, you are a real man. You come out scared, but strong in every way. People say that I'm more confident and more bold. Well, I have more muscle and speed now...strength too
I can say, that the feeling to shoot 30 rounds in second or blow up a car, or do ambushes that last three days, to stand on place 45 hours and all the running and constant self pushing and discovering new limits, it gives you a new life perspective. I don't want to be pro, but I'm happy that I did all that. I was selected as the best soldier after SBK and on 23rd February I got prompted to corporal and on now I'm sergeant.
Agnes and me are now very happy and we made the 8 months without breaking up, like most in there went.
Well, this is short version of my adventures in army, telling what I'm aloud to. Hope you enjoy it, if you even bother to read it!

Thank you all for visiting!

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