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Notice: I appreciate all trade offers that are made, but I do not trade single games, so please do not offer. The cost of shipping ruins any benefit of trading under those circumstances. Thanks!

Hi, and thanks for visiting my page. I am a married father of three, working as a scientist in the St. Louis, MO area. I'm originally from the Detroit area, but my family and I were transplanted here when my company closed the doors of it's Ann Arbor, MI plant a few years ago. I am the husband of one fantastic and amazing wife and the father of three beautiful and unique girls (who I am slowly turning into gamers). I've been married for 13 years and have been a committed Christian for about as many. My avatar is the image of benevolence, which I hope to share with others each and every day. I'm still quite human and quite fallible, but I really strive to serve my God, my family and those around me.

I got into this crazy hobby a few years ago when Mike P introduced me to it. Yeah, he's a scientist too. I met him when we moved out here to St. Louis. We worked together and talked often. He told me about some cool games he was playing at a gaming group, I expressed an interest, we played games at lunchtime, and the rest is history. I am now the proud owner of a small (by BGG standards, not my wife's) collection of games. I plan to increase that number, but also to whittle down my collection to only those games that will actually get played. There's so much out there to try, but I've figured out where my main interests lie, as well as those of my family. I mostly enjoy medium to heavy strategy games, but rarely have the time to play them My family usually enjoys lighter fare, which is common. Occasionally I can sneak in some heavier stuff. (Who knew the wife would like Cuba?) I'm working on honing my collection to those games that we enjoy as a family or I enjoy by myself or with my gaming group. I've got quite a few on my shelf that are still unplayed. I can't see buying a ton more without getting rid of just as many that I know we won't play.

I've been so bitten by this gaming bug that I've started desiging some of my own. I have four titles that I am currently working on:
Big Pharma - Research, development, production, efficiency bonuses, non-compliance penalties, auctions and contract manufacturing. It's about 80% done in terms of pre-design. I need to rework the board and get some better pieces to work with. I need to do a lot of play testing with this one to get everything to mesh well, but I think the concept is solid.
Construction Chaos - This is a dice game where you collect materials (similar to Stone Age) and use those materials to build sections of buildings in an office park. You score bonus points by incorporating advanced materials into your designs. Final scoring of your building is the length times the width times the height of your building plus whatever bonus points you have accumulated. Watch out though, your opponents can sabotage a single building section, or an entire column of your building. If they manage to split your building into two or more pieces, only the largest section scores.
National Park - This is a near-perfect information game that has some selece elements of randomness to it. You are in charge of improving a one of several national parks in the U.S., but are always trying to be the best. You make improvements to your park to bring in more visitors, but the more improvements you make the more nature fights against you (one of your adjacent opponents). If you destroy improvements or don't spend all of your improvement points, you get unruly visitors who wreak havoc in your park (visited on you by your other adjacent opponent). Improvement points must be spent or lost each round, but your neighbors may choose save your destruction points to use against you later in a more malicious manner. Every improvement has a point cost as does every action that nature and unruly visitors take. Plan carefully, and don't grow too fast too soon. If you generate more visitors than you can hold in your campgrounds, you gain more destruction points for that too! The winner is the one with the most visitor points at the end of the last round.
Takeout Taxi - in this game you compete against other players to drive around town (a 6x6 grid) and pick up food from various restaurants for your waiting customers. Be careful, though, as the more moves it takes you to deliver the food, the less you get as a tip. Successful deliveries give the players a one time ability to mess with other players (out of gas, construction, detours, etc.)
Colorfast - this is an abstract game for 2-3 players. Each player represents a primary color. Players take turns placing cubes in their color or replacing cubes of other colors with a cube one closer to their own color on the color spectrum. Five in a row wins.

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