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Things I Look For in a Game:

*Theme - light monsters & scifi win the day. Nothing too dark. Death Angel is about as icky as I'd go. Mix scifi into alternate history? sounds great. Monsters invading London? I'm there.
*Building/Evolving - Let's build a simple empire or evolve a mutant dinosaur today!
*Push Your Luck - Quick, easy, lots of shouting and fun.
*Plays well solo or with two players. Most of the time it's my wife and me playing, or it's just me.
*Great bits. Yep, I'm a sucker for cool bits and pieces.

Games I have that I'll play again and again:

*Survive - Fantastic theme, fun bits, and a good bit of messing with your neighbors. Just love this game.
*Galaxy Trucker - A good bit of chaos, but you're building something out of that chaos. Then watching it get destroyed. Fun!
*Flashpoint Fire Rescue - Great cooperative, easily accessible by all, and a crazy amount of theme.
*Arkham Horror - another co-op my wife likes. Even though it's a long game. Fun creepy theme.
*Tobago - Reverse deduction, kind of. Fun strategy in this one, and extremely cool theme/bits.
*Kingsburg - Dice dice dice. Lots of dice, worker placement, and civ building. And great art. Love it.
*King of Tokyo - Giant monsters and battling dice and super powers! Wow.
*Lords of Waterdeep - Worker placement with warriors, rogues, and dragons. Very fun.
*7 Wonders - Quick, simple empire building, scales down and plays well with 2 players. Love it.
*Pandemic/Forbidden Island - My wife and I both enjoy these. Cooperative, with varied roles, and lots of theme (love the bits in Forbidden Island). Hey, you can play solo on these too. Nice.
*Can't Stop/Incan Gold - Push your luck wins around here too I guess.
*Say Anything - Terrific party game. Laugh laugh laugh.
*Werewolf - I love to moderate. When I'm a player, they kill me right away every time. Sigh.
*Heimlich & Co - A very smart kids game. Hidden roles and lots of bluffing. Easy to explain, fun to guess who is who.
*Roborally - Chaos. With lasers. Just enough planning/thinking, followed by…chaos.
*Perry Rhodan - Improve your ship, mess with your neighbor, or deliver your goods? Or manage to do all three…lots of fun decisions here for two players.

Games I have that are begging to be played, but sit on the shelf:

* Descent & Descent Second Edition - Haven't gotten the right group together yet
* Heroquest, Ravenloft, Ashardalon - Want to play these more, but I need more dungeon crawl people to play with
* Battlestar Galactica - Big investment of time for a theme that my friends are losing interest in. Too late to the party on this one maybe.
* Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Ditto to BSG. May be too late to get my friends excited about playing this.
* Fury of Dracula - Hidden movement hasn't proven popular around here. Love the theme though. Looking for the right opportunity to bring this out.
* Castle Panic - A bit too simple maybe for my friends? There always seems to be something else we'd rather play.

Games that have just fallen flat or I've shied away from:

*Panic Station - Horribly written rules. Confusing 'theme-contrary' mechanics. And cheap components with very dark artwork. Really really wanted to like this. Can't get anyone to try it again. It just sits there.
*Cards Against Humanity - Fun, but a lot of it is just too topical or rude for me. I'll play it if others want to, but wouldn't choose it myself.
*Onirim - It's supposed to be a great solo game with a neat theme, but it just is so flat and boring to me. Tons of shuffling, game feels mechanical, not fun or exciting. Huh.
*GUBS: A Game of Wit and Luck - Really disliked this one, bought it on a whim to support a local game store. Love the theme and the artwork. Game is completely random. All of your work is wiped out with a single card. Same feelings about Killer Bunnies. I can have fun with Fluxx though. I think that's because you have no expectation of strategy/planning with Fluxx.
*War games. I'm not big into war games, especially if they come with a hundred little cardboard counters. I'll thrift them sometimes, but I don't keep them often.
*Abstracts. I'm just not an abstract or puzzle guy. I think I need either social interaction, theme, or story. Abstracts have none of this, they're exercises in brain burning strategy. Just not something that gets me going.
*Mr Jack - Really thought we'd like this. But it was a deduction puzzle thing that just didn't go over well with my wife. Oh well!
*Strazzi vs Medici - Too much direct head to head competition in this one for my wife to enjoy. So it doesn't get played, there are too many other games to try.
*A Brief History of the World - Felt kind of flat and mechanical again. No strong sense of accomplishment for me in this one. Didn't like the 'penalize the leader' mechanic either. Dry and not enough fun.
*Nuns on the Run - I like the game, very clever. But the hidden movement baffles my non-gamer friends. They seem to really miss the player interaction, there's very little in this game. I want to get this out more, but when I do it tends to fall flat.
*Agricola - Blasphemy?! I find it to be an extremely unforgiving game. You must play every turn perfectly or you're out of it. And it's obvious that you're out of it. But you still have to slog through to the end with no hope of catching up. I think this is a perfect game for perfect players. I'd rather have fun. And while I really like games that 'build' environments over time, this theme just falls flat for me.
*Reiner Knizia Games. They just tend to fall flat for me more often than not. Too mathy. It feels as though the game mechanics poke out from a thin layer of theme too much. Star Trek Expeditions & Lord of the Rings are both very guilty of this. Although I'm starting to enjoy LotR a bit more with the Foes expansion. But still a pasted on theme. But we really like Lost Cities and Pickomino. I must admit, the camel-eeples of Through the Desert tempt me too, we don't have that one.

Games I've Seen Thrifted I'd Like to Try:

*Escape from Colditz
*Dice Town
*Skyline 3000
*Witch's Brew
*Campaign Manager 08
*Ghost Train
*Lost Treasure
*Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries - Any of the TTR line except the base set, Switzerland, or Marklin. This is one of the games we got before I knew how broad gaming was. My wife's favorite game (the base set).

Games I Was Drooling Over at the Game Shop Today (sorry for the drool):

*Finca - Great reviews, looks cheerful, and it has a rondel.
*Cosmic Encounter - FFG edition. my current thrifting for you request.
*Glen More - Shorter than Agricola, with whiskey. Hmmmm.

Games I fondly remember from childhood:

* Which Witch - spooky theme ftw
* Winnie the Pooh
* Battling Tops - the classic version. So much time spent playing this.
* Green Ghost
* Jaws - snap snap snap!
* Radar Search
* Ka-bala
* Crazy Clock
* Tennis

Game bits I'd like to find (see Parts Wanted list):

*Missing jewels for Dragonmaster
*Poker Chips - I don't own a set! A nice set of heavy clay chips might be handy to have around.

I get a lot of games thrifting. I love the hunt! That does mean though that I only get to look at the boxes for new stuff most of the time, or play a friends' copy. That said, I'm not hung up on a game being shrinkwrapped, I'd rather have great used games than a shiny new so-so game.

November 2012
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