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My ratings are based on how much fun I have, not on how significant or influential a game is, nor on how "objectively" good a game is, nor on BGG's preferred system of how often I want to play a game as this tends to be very situation/group/mood dependent for me. I also only use 5 values (the even numbers) so a 2 is as low as it gets.

When rating video games I do take the platform into account so it's possible for Atari games to get 10's. My rating system, roughly speaking, is:

10: Awesome!!
8: I like this!
6: I like this... somewhat.
4: Not for me.
2: Bad

I'll occasionally rate a board game after a play or two if it makes a strong impression one way or another but I usually try to play a game at least four or five times before I "finalize" my opinion of it (in the negative case by selling it) and this is especially true if I'm on the fence about how I feel about it. I've found that a lot of board games are real growers and I would have missed out on some favorites if I had written them off after one play.

Board Games:

I've played board games pretty consistently since I was a kid. It started with such classics as HeroQuest and Fireball Island which I still own my original copies of. I then discovered Magic (just after Ice Age was released) and that pretty much took over my life. I finally quit around 2002 because of the money and time investment of keeping up with competitive constructed tournaments. Recent formats (Commander and Cube) have brought me back to Magic though and it's still an amazing game.

I also discovered Euros pretty early I guess. I purchased Settlers shortly after it was released in the US (1996 or 1997 I would guess?) and fell in love with that and other euros. I had some brief obsessions with Warhammer 40k and other Games Workshop stuff and some non-MtG CCG's but have generally stopped playing these. The non-MtG CCG's are dead (except for Netrunner which I play and which is awesome) and the Games Workshop stuff is too much of a time sink for me (I am a very sloooow painter and modeler, although I do think this stuff is cool and fun).

These days, I like pretty much all games. Deep down I'd probably classify myself as an AT guy, but I definitely like Euros- I've been playing them forever. And I've also been getting into war games recently- mostly card driven games.


I've always been fascinated by RPG's but have never had the chance to play much. I've been involved in some campaigns of AD&D 2nd ed. and the old Star Wars RPG. I've recently got into some older RPG's like AD&D 1st ed. and Traveler. Still need a group that is interested in playing these though. whistle Recently my friends and I have played some one-shot RPG's like Dread and have started a campaign of D&D 5th Ed.

Video Games:

As for video games, I inherited a 2600 from my cousin when he got an NES back in the mid to late 80's. Eventually I got an NES too and have been playing video games ever since. I had a SNES and Genesis, N64, Saturn, PSX, etc. Yes I was the kid who had all the consoles. cool I've been slowly replaying all my old games and then adding and rating them. I have a very strong preference for consoles but I do dabble in older PC games from time to time.

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#1: Magic: The Gathering
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#3: Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition)
#4: Dominion
#5: Ora et Labora
#6: Catan
#7: 7 Wonders
#8: Innovation
#9: Cosmic Encounter
#10: Android: Netrunner
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