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International Falls
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GO CRAWL IN A CAVE! When not playing games.
A Brief History of my Board Game Hysteria
I've been gaming since I was little tyke, mainly solo, though my mom enjoyed scrabble, and humored me with other games from time to time. In high school, my friends and I discovered Magic, Rail Baron, and Axis and Allies. That's when I fell in love with the hobby, and kept gaming when I could through college with friends and family.

It wasn't until I met my future wife, that my gaming addition started to throttle. She loves games as much as I do! While we each have different tastes in games, there is a large area of interest in which we overlap, and she's willing to try almost anything.

My wife and I have started our family, and we've already gotten our two daughters and son hooked, starting with Go Away Monster. My wife and I are just biding our time... Since we've moved to Minnesota, we've had frequent game nights with friends who also have kids.

Our current favorites are Arkham Horror, Agricola, Pandemic, Castles of Burgundy, Stone Age, Survive: Escape from Atlantis, and 10 Days in Asia.

For a while I met up with some very cool gamers in Hobbs, NM, who introduced me to many great game titles like Battlestar Galactica, Space Hulk: Death Angel, Lancaster, 7 Wonders, Race for the Galaxy. and many, many more.

I've recently helped to organize a regular game group in International Falls, MN. We've recently settled on the name BorderLakes Game Group. In you happen to move to the far reaches of northern Minnesota, send me a message! There are some great gamers in the North Woods. We now meet twice a month, and some of us get together other times too. We play Twilight Imperium once a year! Here's our yearly list of games played: BorderLakes Game Group Games Played 2014, BorderLakes Game Group Games Played 2015

I also enjoy gaming solo. Elder Sign, Arkham Horror, Pandemic, Death Angel, Red November are just a few I enjoy.

I currently work as a Park Ranger. As of March 20, 2016, I have accepted a promotion to Isle Royale NP in Michigan and will transfer there in early June. Working for the National Park Service is a dream come true. I work in some of the most amazing places on the planet. I have to keep reminding myself how lucky I am. If you're ever want to escape to the island of Isle Royale, send me a geekmail; I always enjoy meeting new gamers, and I'm more than happy to share my knowledge of the national parks.

Here's a list of the National Park units where I have worked:
Wind Cave NP(SD)
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore (MI)
Carlsbad Caverns NP, (NM)
Voyageurs NP, (MN) (transferring to)
Isle Royale NP (MI)

My wife and I have been inspired by this geeklist.

Here's our first challenge: New State, New Challenge: 50 Different Games in 50 Day

Here's our second challenge: End of 2012 Challenge: 100 Different Games in 100 Days

Out third challenge has started in September of 2013: End of 2013 Challenge: 100 Different Games in 100 Days

We've started our fourth 100 Games in 100 Days challenge: New Year! New Challenge! 100 Different Games in 100 Days

We successfully completed our 2014 10 games 10 times challenge too.

Here's my 2016 10x10 Solo Challenge

Happy Gaming to all.

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Top 10
#1: Arkham Horror
#2: 10 Days in Asia
#3: Elder Sign
#4: Power Grid
#5: Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island
#6: Pandemic: On the Brink
#7: The Castles of Burgundy
#8: Castles of Mad King Ludwig
#9: Tsuro
#10: Freedom: The Underground Railroad
Hot 10
#1: Arkham Horror
#2: Star Wars: Imperial Assault
#3: 10 Days in Asia
#4: Elder Sign: Gates of Arkham
#5: Castles of Mad King Ludwig
#6: Secrets of the Lost Tomb
#7: Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game
#8: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
#9: Unicorns in the Clouds
#10: Firefly: The Game
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