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RAF: The Battle of Britain 1940
D-Day at Tarawa
Ambush! Move Out!
Ambush! Purple Heart
B-17: Queen of the Skies
Operation Jubilee: Dieppe, August 1942
Islands of the Damned
Phantom Fury
Soviet Dawn
The Kaiser's Pirates
Struggle for the Galactic Empire
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Robinson Crusoe: Voyage of the Beagle

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I was a board game fiend as a kid, but sadly, given that I was a kid in the eighties and early nineties, Eurogames were not an option. Even if they did exist in much quantity back then, I doubt they would have been on my radar. Instead, I played a lot of what today I'd consider pretty bad games. Risk was one of my favorites, and I always liked anything with money or that simulated economic functions. I can still close out a game of Monopoly in about half an hour (thank god). I got a little into Avalon Hill and Games Workshop stuff, but being an introvert who was not interested in venturing near RPGers (no offense), I didn't play many games from adolescence onward.

My then wife (winnerup) and I got into the thick of it again with Last Night on Earth, which we bought during winter break 2008. We both love horror and zombie themed stuff, and that led me back into the world of games, via BGG. Once we discovered BGG, I began to realize all those hazy Eurogames I'd heard about (mostly Catan, Carc, Puerto Rico) were just the tip of a huge iceberg. That was fall/winter of 2007/2008, we bought Carc, Arkham Horror, and Caylus while visiting my parents for an extended time, and that was it. I've been obsessed ever since.

How I rate

Recently I've revised my ratings to try to keep them in line with the BGG recommendations. I was tired of seeing everything rated an 8. Now everything is rated a 7. Oh well. There is simply no way to be consistent. Do I want to play my 10s all day every day? No. Will I play them whenever suggested? Probably not, because most of them are long and take some time and mental energy. If I follow this line of thinking, though, suddenly Roll Through the Ages becomes my number one (which needless to say won't be happening anytime soon). Compounding the problem is that the games I am most "excited" to play are my newest ones, and they are the center of my enthusiasm. But are they the best? Likely not, it's simply novelty that has me jacked up. So I've tried to rate in line with BGG, but taking into account my depth of history with a particular game. Would I play Agricola whenever asked? Probably not - most times I would, but would I be stoked? At this point, 40+ plays in, no, I wouldn't be stoked. I'd feel warm and happy, like slipping into a favorite sweater or sipping some fine scotch by my oil barrel bonfire. The games I've rated 10 are games I admire, have a history with, or find unique. Often they are my favorite games to play, but that doesn't matter as much anymore (now that I'm older in game-years and more jaded, that is).
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Top 10
#1: Manoeuvre
#2: Age of Steam
#3: Antiquity
#4: Caylus
#5: Le Havre
#6: Cube Rails
#7: Haggis
#8: Nations
#9: Commands & Colors: Ancients
#10: Ambush!
Hot 10
#1: Food Chain Magnate
#2: 504
#3: Conflict of Heroes: Eastern Front – Solo Expansion
#4: Gears of War: The Board Game
#5: Roll for the Galaxy
#6: Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island
#7: D-Day at Omaha Beach
#8: Age of Steam
#9: Navajo Wars
#10: Ambush!
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