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Check out my class: https://www.canvas.net/courses/game-design-concepts
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Play This Thing!

I write video and board game reviews for a independent video game site, Play This Thing!. We highlight video games that are crazy creative and fun but lack the marketing and distribution budget to get noticed. It is sort of like how most people don't know about Eurogames. Come check out Play This Thing!, the games are high quality because they are made from passionate artists who want to give something beautiful to the world.

I am a game design instructor and I use board games to teach design. Programming is hard and design is hard, so teaching both in one class is difficult. Board games have a transparent systems that are well documented and easily understood by students. I have been teaching paper prototyping, basically making a board game version of a video games.

It is amazing how fun board games are, while the whole time you push little wooden and paper pieces on cardboard. The fun, much like a book, happens in your mind. Therefore, the boards, bits, and the story are merely imagination aids to help you visualize the joy and agony of making the the tough decisions. The game designer, like an author crafts the tone, scene, pace, and more, while you become character in the world of the game designer. The best games will keep throwing realistic and tough decisions at you at a steady pace--that is the JOY of board gaming.

I started with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) role-playing game in my youth then moved to computer and console video games and now an avid board gamer. I occasionally play independent PC games. I especially enjoy shoot-‘em ups and text adventures. I find PC games to play at www.gametunnel.com and www.playthisthing.com. Playthisthing.com has many free games for download. I find that indie PC games, like indie movies are far more creative and interesting than mainstream games. Which then leads to my other love, indie movies. After attending couple Sundance Film festivals, I tend to watch more indie and foreign films again they are more creative and interesting not so "samey" as mainstream movies.

I stumbled upon boardgamegeek.com while doing research to find more games that teach business skills and money management to supplement Cashflow 101 board game by Robert Kiyosaki. The sheer numbers and quality of European board games amazed me. I could not resist, I started game buying 4-5 games monthly. It was not until I reached over 100 games that I started stop the game buying binge. Now I trade away games I don’t like, and add games that I consider the greatest in its category. Thus I try to own great games not, good or, okay games.

Using games as a teaching tool intrigues me, especially in the area of business and money management. I feel that the teaching methods of today seems outdated and looking for a new paradigm for teaching and learning. Modern board games have great potential to be used in education.

I plan to design my own games in the near future, thus I play games to learn how and what makes games fun. I am now busy playing all sorts of games, face-to-face, play-by-web, and solo with PC version of board games of different genres. I want to design game that teaches something about personal finance in a fun way.

As an active member of my local gaming groups, I get to play my favorite games on a regular basis. One of my favorite gaming groups is LA Games. LA Games meets twice a week for Euro gaming and regularly have 15 plus gamers. I also play wargames at Los Angeles Wargamers.

I ran a business board game group, Executive Board Gamers. We play games that teach business skills, mainly these games:

aristocrat Best Educational - Economic - Business - Financial Games

When not playing board games, I practice dream interpretations. After taking a few workshops on dream interpretations, I lead a team of dream interpreters. We worked our way from parties, at the beach, and at a local grocery store to regional events. I also get invited as a member of other dream teams for national and international event. I have performed at American Film Market, Sundance Film Festival, Burning Man, and at the Mind Body Spirit Expo in London, UK.

More recently, I became a life coach. I am still in training, but I am released to help clients with their life. We’ll see where this goes.

Truly creative and entertaining stuff comes from independent artists and these are the places I go to find them.

corn I enjoy watching highly rated independent movies with or without big name stars:

coffee I enjoy trance and love the live shows from around the world, especially Trance Around the World by Armin Van Buuren. I can listen to it all the time. Trance is beautiful....

Screen Name--chaosbreaker is a magical, demon slaying sword from an Advanced Dungeons & Dragon module named Bloodstone Pass, from the 80’s. Chaosbreaker sword was akin to king Arthur's Excalibur.

Avatar--it is the portrait of a computer player in the El Grande the PC game.
The yellow computer player that I named Cyrix 4x86 is my avatar in this screen shot.

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